In John and Marlena's doorway, Sonny puts a hand on Chad's back as he embraces Will
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As Jennifer’s voice reads Abigail’s obituary, Chad somberly looks at his tablet. He then opens the door to Will and Sonny and falls into their arms. At the Horton House, Jennifer embraces JJ as Jack gets a call from Statesville. EJ reads his tablet and then greets Tony and Anna at the mansion. Kayla joins Steve at Brady’s Pub as he reads from his own tablet. And Lucas’ brow furrows in his Salem Inn room as he reads as well.

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A somber Chad sits in chair while looking at a tablet

At the Pub, Steve reads aloud the obit to Kayla. She tears up noting every sentence Jennifer wrote is perfect. She worries that Jack asked her to speak at the funeral. She doesn’t know how to put her feelings into words. Steve encourages her to just say what’s in her heart. All Kayla can see when she thinks about it is Abigail lying so still and pale at the hospital. It’s not how she wants to remember her. She keeps asking herself if there was something she could have done to save her life. She can’t accept that she’s just gone. Steve wraps an arm around her.

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At John and Marlena’s, Chad recalls to his friends how Abby thought he was a total jerk when they first met. He thought he couldn’t be that bad if she chose him. Will vows they’ll get through this together. Chad is so glad they’re there. Sonny and Will offer to drive him home to get changed for the service.

Kate drops by Lucas’s hotel room. He wonders if she’s there to ask if he remembered killing Abigail. If he’s in trouble, Kate says, she needs to help him. Lucas declares he wouldn’t hurt Abigail drunk or sober so he doesn’t need her help. Will knocks on the door. After greeting her grandson, Kate leaves them alone.

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Wearing a suit and tie at the Salem Inn, an intense Lucas makes a point to Kate

Will wonders to Lucas if Abigail’s murder had something to do with Sami’s kidnapping. After explaining how Abigail reached out to him about it, Will theorizes that her digging could have triggered the kidnapper, who then killed her. Lucas says that means it’s EJ. Will reminds him EJ was framed for kidnapping Sami. Besides, Abigail was his family. Lucas relents and suggests they go to the church. Will says he’ll meet him there and leaves to meet Sonny.

At the Horton House, Jack talks on the phone, as Jennifer asks JJ about a necklace Abigail gave her. She knows she packed it, but she can’t find it. Jack hangs up and relays that Gwen thought the obituary was beautiful. Jennifer says that was very nice of her, but JJ shouts, “That bitch can take her fake sympathy and shove it!” He rants about all the things Gwen did to Abigail until Jack yells, “That’s enough!” He leaves to get some air.

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JJ tells Jennifer he didn’t mean to upset Jack, but Gwen was horrible to Abigail. Jennifer agrees, but she decided to support Jack in regards to Gwen. That doesn’t mean she trusts her though. Jenn says when you’re a parent, nothing your child does will ever make you stop loving them. JJ quips he’s come close a couple of times, but Jennifer assures him that’s not true. But when you lose a child, you lose a piece of your heart. She sobs in JJ’s arms.

Jack storms into the Pub and sits with Steve and Kayla. He needs to know who Steve thinks killed his daughter. Steve is sorry, but he doesn’t have anything yet. Jack melts down and pleads for his brother to give him something. They discuss the robbery angle, but Steve doesn’t think that was the motive. Nothing was taken from the house and her attack seemed personal. Jack wonders who would want to hurt her as Kate walks in.

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At Brady's Pub, Kayla and Steve look with concerned surprise at Jack

Kate offers Jack her condolences and tells him how much she admired Abigail. She says she overheard them talk about the investigation and digs for info. Kate then suggests they celebrate Abigail’s life today instead of discussing the case. Jack says she’s right and stands to leave for the service.

Chad enters the DiMera living room as EJ recounts the scene he walked in on the night of the murder. Tony and Anna hug him and offer their condolences. Anna asks how the kids are. Chad relays they’re getting ready with John and Marlena, who thinks going to the funeral will help Thomas and Charlotte grieve. EJ offers to have Harold get his suit, but Chad knows he has to face that room sometime. He goes upstairs to do it.

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Sitting on his bed, Chad clutches a brown and black patterned dress

Chad enters his bedroom and scans Abigail’s belongings. He somberly walks to the bed and touches her purse and dress that are draped over it. He sits and clutches the dress to his chest.

Jack returns to the house where both he and JJ exchange apologies. JJ cries as he says he’s angry about Abigail. He misses her. Jack grabs him in a hug and says, “Me too, son. Me too.”

Back at the Pub, Kayla resumes fretting over finding the right words. Steve holds up his hand to sign ‘I love you’ to her. It makes her realize there are many ways to express your feelings. She decides to recite E.E. Cummings’ poem I Carry Your Heart With Me, one of Abigail’s favorites.

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Sitting at a table in Brady's Pub, Steve holds an emotional Kayla

As Kayla recites the poem to Steve, Jennifer holds out her necklace to Jack. He clasps her hands and leads her out of the house with JJ. In his hotel room, Lucas looks at a photo of Abigail and then at his bandaged hand before leaving. In the Square, Will meets Sonny and they walk away hand in hand. At the mansion, Tony and Anna toast and look at photos of their sister-in-law. Upstairs, EJ finds Chad dressed in an all-black tux. Chad picks up a black and white scarf and neatly folds it into a pocket square. He stuffs it in his pocket and walks out of the room.

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