In the SPD squad room, Eli and Lani hold Jules and Carver
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At the SPD, Lani has a moment alone with Paulina. She thanks her mother for helping to make her deal happen and hopes she understands why she had to confess. Of course, Paulina does and she’ll forever be grateful Lani saved them all from TR.

At home, Julie assures Eli they will visit Lani in prison every chance they get. She goes to check on the kids as Rafe comes by. Rafe tells Eli that Vivian is eager to even the score with Lani once she’s in Statesville. It’s not safe there. So, a facility out of state is Lani’s best option. He looks at the list of prisons Rafe presents him with and, offscreen, shares an idea. Rafe hates it, but he will make some calls to try and make it happen.

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In his living room, Eli dances with Julie

After Rafe leaves, Julie returns and Eli breaks it to her that Rafe is trying to get Lani transferred to a facility near D.C. He plans to move there and get a job with his old mentor, Billy. She tells him how much he reminds her of his father and how much it means that they bonded. She knows him leaving is right for his family, but it’s going to hurt like hell to let him go. Before they leave to see Lani, Eli puts on a record and asks for one last dance. She notes the song was one of David’s favorites. He says she better come visit them. She promises to be the houseguest from hell. They hug as they sway together and exchange I love yous.

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In her cell, Kristen is surprised to see Brady visiting. He reminds her she called. She was hoping he’d bring Rachel, but Brady doesn’t want his daughter around her. He’s just there to ask if she framed him for Philip’s disappearance. She insists she didn’t but wonders why he cares. Oh, right. If Philip’s alive, he could come between him and Chloe. Kristen vows not to give up on their daughter or on him. Chloe may have won this battle, but she will win the next. Brady declares this isn’t a war. They’re done.

Brady rails at Kristen for what she did to Sarah, who is now hallucinating. When she dismisses it, he laments her having zero empathy for the people she hurts. He has to decide if it’s a good idea for Rachel to ever be around her. He pulls out a Valentine that Rachel made for her. He didn’t know where to send it, so he just held on to it. He hands it to her and says they’ll talk after she’s been transferred to Statesville.

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At Brady's Pub, Abe sits at a table with Theo

At the Pub, Abe and Theo discuss how despite Lani not being biologically related to them, nothing has changed. Abe couldn’t love both his children more. Family is what you make of it. They get up to go see Lani, but Abe needs to make one stop along the way.

Chanel passes Xander eating alone in the Square. She apologizes for blurting out they were married to Sarah, but Xander says she’s fine with it. Out of nowhere, Sarah rushes up yelling for Chanel to get away from him. As Chanel huffs away, Sarah grabs a knife and aims it at her. She has to protect Xander from Kristen. Xander grabs the knife and tells Sarah that’s Chanel, not Kristen. Sarah’s face crumples. She apologizes to Chanel, who leaves. Sarah can’t believe this is still happening and falls to his chest. She’ll never get away from Kristen.

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In Horton Square, Xander and Chanel gawk at Sarah who holds a knife

Rafe happens by and relays that Kristen has been arrested. After he’s gone, Sarah declares she needs to go see her. Xander wants to go with her, but Sarah needs to do this alone. Kristen can’t hurt her behind bars. She kisses him and leaves. Xander is more worried about what Sarah could do to Kristen.

After Brady’s left, Sarah comes to Kristen’s cell. Sarah rails at her for destroying her life, but at least she’s behind bars where she can’t hurt anyone else. She eyes the Valentine in Kristen’s hands and says she hopes they never let her out.

In Horton Square, Xander holds Sarah, who crumples against his chest

Abe joins Paulina and Lani in the interrogation room. He tears up as he hands Lani papers to sign. She looks at them and says, “You want to adopt me?” He says she’s his daughter in every way that counts. He just wants to make it legal. Lani happily signs the papers and then turns to Paulina, who she declares is her mother. Paulina is touched she has come to think of her like that.

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Tears stream down Lani's face as she looks at Abe in the squad room

Chanel comes to the station and hears from Theo that Abe is adopting Lani. That means she’s his sister again. Chanel notes they were always siblings. But what does that make them? Theo responds, “Family.” They lock pinkies.

Later, Eli and Julie join the rest of the Carver/Price family and learn Abe is adopting Lani. Eli calls it great news, but he has news as well. As he fills them in, Rafe shows up to declare the transfer is done. Lani can’t believe Eli is giving up his life in Salem to move to D.C. for her. Eli responds that everything he does is for her. Rafe says his goodbyes and leaves to oversee the transfer.

At the S P D, Theo watches as an emotional Lani cups Chanel's head

Eli and Lani say their own goodbyes to Chanel, Theo, Abe, and Paulina, who asks Lani to say it one more time. Through tears, Lani says, “Mom.” Abe vows they’ll get through this together. The twins are brought out of their stroller and Lani tells them she’s going on a trip, but she’ll never stop thinking of them. Even when they’re apart, they’ll be together in their hearts. She turns to Eli and they hold hands. Eli leads Lani out of the station.

At the police station, Abe clasps a hand on Eli's shoulder

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