In the S P D squad room, Eli holds Lani's hands. She's dressed in prison blue denim
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Chanel and Theo get coffees to go from Brady’s Pub. Outside, they discuss Lani’s predicament, as well as Abe and Paulina’s Juneteenth wedding. When Theo notes Chanel caught the bouquet, he says now all she has to do is decide which twin she wants to be with. Chanel says she’s not leaning either way. It’s too complicated. He suggests she dump them both… and reunite with him. After a beat, he smirks and tells her he’s joking. He’s happy with Claire. Chanel gets texts from both Johnny and Allie. She gives Theo her phone to respond to them. “Let them have it,” she says.

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In an office, Justin leans in across a desk from Melinda

In Melinda’s office, Justin arrives to finalize Lani’s plea deal, which includes a manslaughter charge and a stint in minimum security prison. However, Melinda changes her mind. She can’t let Lani skate on killing an unarmed man. It’s just one more crime on top of her killing Stefan and helping Kristen escape. Justin asks what she plans to charge Lani with then.

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On her couch, Paulina canoodles with Abe and then presents him with breakfast. She takes a bite and spits it out. She fears she overcooked the eggs. Abe understands that her mind is on Lani. Paulina makes frozen waffles for them, as Beth comes to the door. She heard what happened to Lani. She’s sorry for not speaking up about TR when she should have. She recounts how he beat her before she left town. Paulina knows what it’s like to be in that position — it’s not her fault. Abe agrees. Beth doesn’t think she deserves their kindness, especially since she knew what TR had planned for Paulina.

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After Beth recounts TR’s ultimate plan offscreen, Abe gets a call from the D.A.’s office. He hangs up and tells the women Lani’s deal went south. Paulina declares they need to go and make things right.

At home, Eli updates Julie on Lani’s situation. He beats himself up for blurting out that TR was the one who shot him, and for letting Paulina take the rap. Julie tries to reassure him. She stays behind with the twins, while he heads out to see his wife. Later, Doug joins Julie to give her support. When they can’t get Jules to sleep, Doug starts to sing and Julie joins in.

In the interrogation room, Lani waits for her visitor, who is Susan. Something told her Lani needed to see her best friend. Susan’s voice morphs into Kristen’s as she peers over her glasses. Kristen’s there to bust her out. She won’t let Lani spend one more minute away from her children. Lani loves her for risking everything for her, but she’s at peace with her decision.

In the interrogation room, Eli handcuffs Kristen, who is dressed as Susan. Lani looks pleadingly at the convict.

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Eli shows up and Kristen pretends to be Susan again. A frustrated Eli shouts, “Shut up Kristen! I know it’s you.” Eli orders her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. Kristen glares at him before obliging. However, Justin enters and Eli hides the cuffs. Kristen keeps up the Susan pretense, as Justin relays that Trask is charging Lani with murder one, life without parole. After Justin leaves to work on the case, Eli rails at Kristen. This is all because Lani helped her escape. Kristen details her plan to bust Lani out, but Lani orders her to stop.

Abe and Paulina confront Trask in her office. Trask confirms that she’s going after Lani for murder one, but Abe doesn’t think she can prove pre-meditation. The D.A. says, watch me. Paulina won’t let her railroad her daughter and Abe opens the door to Beth, a.k.a. the ace up their sleeve. Even after hearing Beth’s story about TR planning to swindle and kill Paulina, Trask remains firm on her decision. Abe warns Trask that when the good people of Salem realize she had the chance to stand up for abused women, but took the side of an abuser and cop shooter, they will demand her resignation. And if the photos of Beth’s bruises get out, it’ll be even worse for her.

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In the interrogation room, Kristen, disguised as Susan, cups a distressed Lani's face

Back in the interrogation room, Lani tells her friend she’ll never feel free on the run. She questions if Kristen feels free being a fugitive. From the squad room, Justin motions to Eli through the window. Eli and Lani rush out and learn that Trask is backing off. Lani will get minimum time for involuntary manslaughter. The relieved marrieds embrace. Kristen pensively watches them through the window. Justin leaves to prepare for the hearing and Eli tells Lani he has unfinished business in the interrogation room. Lani knows. She’ll wait for him.

Eli returns to the interrogation room where Kristen has taken off her wig. Lani was right. She’s tired of running. “So put on the cuffs,” she says. “I’m ready to face the music.”

In the interrogation room, Susan holds out her clasped hands to Eli. A brown wig is on the table

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abe stuns Lani, and Sarah targets Chanel.

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