With a view of the night skyline in the background, Jack and Jennifer flank Chad on the couch, as he looks at his wedding band
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In prison, Clyde tells a dumbfounded Evan he got Jan pregnant and she gave birth to their son. Evan flashes back to entering a medical room in Statesville, where Jan was waiting to be examined. She shared how terrible her Christmas was because she just lost the love of her life. He asked if there was anything he could do. She told him there was and pulled him into a kiss.

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In the prison visitors' room, Orpheus cocks his head at Evan

In the present, Evan reels over getting Jan pregnant from that one time. Clyde points out that’s all it takes and then recounts running into Jan himself. She told him she might be pregnant and the father was Shawn Brady. However, he knew she was lying and offered to help her. To start with, he switched the paternity test. Now, she’s on the outside with the baby and right where he needs her. She doesn’t know he’s Evan’s father and is going to help him with a favor. Evan is furious with Orpheus for doing all this behind his back and not even filling him in on the favor Jan’s doing for him. Orpheus explains he’s in the middle of a high-stakes game and he needs to keep his card close to the vest.

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In her hospital room, Jans arms are wrapped around Shawn's neck as she kisses him. His shoulders are tense and his hands grab her arms

Jan and Shawn return to her hospital room. She’s upset they wouldn’t let her see the baby, but Shawn knows it will happen. Jan doesn’t know what she’d do without him and kisses him. Shawn pulls away, but Jan forces another kiss on him as Brady and Chloe walk in. Brady asks to talk to Shawn privately and they step out of the room. Chloe stays behind with Jan, who insists to a skeptical Chloe that having a baby changed her. Chloe warns Jan this won’t work out the way she hopes and Shawn will never stop loving Belle. Jan retorts that Shawn may never forgive Belle though for all her infidelities. Chloe flashes to learning Belle almost slept with EJ.

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Shawn and Brady face each other at the hospital coffee cart

At the coffee cart in the lobby, Shawn rails at Brady for butting in about his marriage. None of this is his fault and Belle is shutting him out at every turn. If Brady’s trying to save Shawn’s marriage, Brady should be talking to his sister… not him. He stalks off as Chloe approaches. Brady tells his girlfriend he needs to talk to Belle now. Chloe suggests he wait until the morning. He shouldn’t go to the mansion tonight. A look of realization washes over Brady’s face and he says, “Son of a bitch.”

Shawn storms into Jan’s room and yells at her for kissing him. Jan knows he felt something for her when it happened. Shawn won’t listen to this and storms out as Jan declares he’ll come around.

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In her hospital bed, Jan smirks at Shawn, who glowers and holds up a finger at her

On EJ’s bed, Belle climbs on top of EJ as they rip each other’s clothes off. After sex, EJ expresses how wonderful it was, as Belle lies in his arms. She thanks him for being there for her the past few months. He wants to be with her and get to know the real her. He asks her to share how she feels right now. “Happy,” she says, “and also, very, very guilty” over breaking her marriage vows. EJ counters that Shawn did the same thing with Jan by knocking her up and moving her into their home. Belle corrects him — Jan tricked him into it. No matter. EJ calls what Shawn did abandonment.

Belle thinks Shawn might have been right and she only filed separation papers so she could sleep with EJ. He thinks this night should be just about them, not guilt. He wants to spend the night with her and wake up to her. Belle isn’t ready to spend the night… yet. EJ will hold on to that yet. She leans in to kiss him and gets out of bed. She tells him it was wonderful and he wishes her a good night.

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Leaning against the headboard in bed, a shirtless EJ looks to Belle, who is wrapped in a sheet

A devastated Chad answers John and Marlena’s door to JJ. They immediately embrace and JJ sobs. Jack and Jennifer soon follow and Chad leans into Jennifer’s arms. After Jennifer checks on the kids sleeping peacefully, Chad apologizes for not going to the funeral home with them. Jack assures him he just needs to focus on the children.

Jennifer explains the service will be the day after tomorrow. She asks if he’d like to pick out what Abigail is buried in. Chad’s face contorts and he chokes out that he doesn’t think he can do that. He hasn’t been in their room since… Jack and Jennifer assure him they’ll take care of it. Jennifer tells JJ to take care of Chad and she leaves in tears with Jack.

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On John and Marlena's couch, Jennifer leans into Chad's shoulder. They both cry

Alone with JJ, Chad wonders who would do this to them? JJ wonders if it was Gwen. Chad reminds him she’s in Statesville so it couldn’t have been her. Chad thought they were over all the crap. They were finally happy. He can hear Abigail laughing and he can see her smile. Chad knows JJ was never his biggest fan and that he was probably right that he wasn’t good enough for Abigail. JJ says he changed his mind after time and anyone who was good enough for Abigail is good enough for him. His parents only have one son, but he has a brother. The men hug.

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In Chad and Abigail's bedroom, a somber Jennifer looks to Jack. A garment bag is draped over her arm

At the mansion, Jennifer and Jack slowly enter Abigail and Chad’s room. Jennifer pulls out a flowy, floral dress. She recalls being with Abigail when she bought it during her separation from Chad. Despite not wanting to talk about him, Abigail noted that Chad would love her in it. When they got back from the store, Chad was waiting for them and they went back to Salem the next day. Jack knows that’s the dress they should bury her in. Jennifer zips the dress into a garment bag and declares they just have to get through the funeral. Jack says they’ll do it the same way they did this — together.

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