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As we get into Salem, Evan is meeting with Orpheus in prison after a stint in solitary. Orpheus suggests that next time his son breaks out, maybe he’ll work with “dear old dad” to plan things better. Evan thinks the devil was a test that he failed. He was blinded by revenge against Ben and Ciara. “If I were a better man, I could be with my son now. But, no, I had the opportunity to get to David and I wasted it.” He wishes he would’ve just gone on the run with his son.

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That wouldn’t have worked, Orpheus insists, then tells him that Zoe and her ex got back together, and they all moved to New Zealand. Evan flips out, but his dad says he should focus on family matters closer to home.

At home, Ben faces Ciara while holding a yellow box

Elsewhere, Ciara finally hangs up with her mom, with Ben cracking that she was on the phone for “hours, possibly days.” She was busy filling Hope in on the Jan/Shawn saga. Ciara’s mom isn’t thrilled about Jan, but excited to meet her grandkids. As the two start getting hot and heavy, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Allie, apologizing for kidnapping their baby and asking for forgiveness.

Ciara and Ben don’t even hesitate in forgiving her. Then Allie asks how they beat the devil and Ciara admits she had help from Bo Sr. They talk about dads, and Allie wonders what she’ll say to Lucas when she see him. It’ll be the first time since Abigail died. She leaves, and Ciara informs Ben that Hope has a very special gift for them. They’re now proud owners of a boat. Weird, Ben thinks, but Ciara explains boats are “a thing” in the family and tells her hubby about Bo’s boat, “The Fancy Face.”

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In the hospital, Jan’s salivating over the chili burger that Shawn got her but can’t help but notice he’s upset. He admits he ran into Belle, and she’s more upset than ever. He then opens up about how fed up she got after learning he’d advocated to keep Jan out of prison longer. Just then, Julie barges in with, “And can you blame her?”

From her hospital bed, Jan looks to Shawn and Julie hugging

Julie calls Jan a conniving snake and tells her to “slither back where you belong, behind bars.” She then goes off on Shawn, telling him he’s being naïve. Jan and Julie snipe a bit more, then she tells Shawn about Ben and Ciara’s boat. She reassures her grandson that he and Belle will have lots of adventures yet, and that there’s no power in the world that will keep them apart… as she glares at Jan.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tries to pick up where they left off, but Belle’s not comfortable after Sami’s visit. She says things were different when her sis was out of town. But jumping bed now seems like a bad idea. He disagrees, but she insists them going upstairs wouldn’t be about them, but “about sticking it to my sister.” Not at all, EJ insists! Belle admits that while she told her dad there was no way EJ was using her to get revenge on Sami, she still wonders. EJ throws it back at her that maybe she’s using him to get back at Shawn.

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He points out that every time she fought with Shawn, she ran to him. She went out of her way to involve him in their separation. Is it all a game to her? “Just because you’re articulate,” she responds, “doesn’t mean you aren’t also petty as hell for calling a conflicted woman a tease.” She starts to storm off when EJ stops her and asks her to stay. “You can’t walk out now, it would be cowardly.” He backs up and says they should talk it out.

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They both admit that there were parts of them looking to upset their significant others, but he says that’s not all there is. EJ points out that if he cared more about hurting Sami, he’d have thrown this in her face when he had the chance. Their feelings are complicated, but that’s life. He wants Belle.

Lucas and Sami, meanwhile, are celebrating their impending nuptials. Sami waxes on about how much she loves her engagement ring. “It’s the best one you’ve ever given me.” But no matter how many times they’ve done it before, this time will work out because, she notes, she’s not keeping any secrets.

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But she can’t keep focused on them, annoyed that Belle’s defending the man who kidnapped her. Lucas, though, insists they’ve always had a rough relationship and Belle has a good reason to be ticked off at Sami. He mentions unleashing Jan on them… and trying to sell Belle on the black market as a baby.

They almost start arguing, but then kiss and decide to let their family know the good news. In the Horton Square, they run into Allie, the first the family’s all been together in ages. Lucas and Sami let her know they’re getting married again. Allie asks when it’s happening and Lucas cracks that he wants it done ASAP. They leave for the pub to break the news to Kate and Roman.

At Ben and Ciara's, Julie hands the couple a yellow box

In the show’s last few moments, Julie drops off the keys to the boat and wonders what its name means. “Living In Cin.” Ciara explains that it’s their “squish name,” and Ben says he’ll love “living in Cin.” They decide to take a trip around the world with Bo. Belle admits she isn’t ready and goes to walk out with EJ’s understanding. Then she turns around, declares she knows what she wants, and locks lips with EJ. Sami’s disappointed by Kate’s lack of enthusiasm, having thought they’d gotten past undying hatred. They then start to make love as across town, EJ and Belle do the same.

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Jan promises to she’ll be a great mother and that Shawn will be a great father. In prison, Orpheus informs Evan about his “other son.” The one he conceived with Jan Spears.

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