At the DiMera mansion, Belle and EJ share an intense look while standing very close to each other.
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Outside Brady’s Pub, Leo runs into Chloe and Brady. When he expresses sorrow over Abigail’s death, Brady calls him out for wanting payback against Abigail and her family. Maybe he thought they didn’t pay enough? Leo acts offended, but reminds them that Chad and Abigail started it by destroying his relationship with Craig. Brady calls him a child, but wonders why Leo hasn’t come after him yet, considering he put the whole thing in motion. Leo insists he’s lost his taste for revenge. He’s trying to move on with his life and huffs away.

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Outside Brady's Pub, Chloe and Brady face Leo

In the park, EJ asks Clyde what’s in the paper bag he’s holding. Clyde retorts it’s none of his business, but EJ points out it could be a weapon to finish him off. Also, if he finds out he did anything to Abigail, in order to send him a message, he will go outside the law to exact vengeance. Clyde insists he didn’t kill her. If he wanted to send a message, believe you him, EJ would have known who it was from. Clyde wonders if EJ is suspicious because he went back on their deal and told someone Clyde shot him all those years ago. EJ flashes to telling Belle, but insists he didn’t. Clyde says EJ has nothing to worry about then and leaves for a date.

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In the park, EJ confronts Clyde who holds a manilla envelope

At home, Maggie and Victor talk about Abigail’s murder as Bonnie brings Nancy in to look at Maggie’s figurines. Bonnie grabs cards for them to play cards in the conservatory, but Maggie says they’d love to join. Victor groans, but joins the ladies at the table. As they look at their cards, Victor makes digs about Chloe, which riles up Nancy. Nancy gets up to meet Clyde, who Victor disparages. Irritated with her caustic husband, Maggie walks Nancy out. Victor and Bonnie continue playing cards and bond over their disdain for Jan. Victor is surprised by her unexpected depth.

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At the Salem Inn, Sami, who is on crutches, demands to know why it looks like a tornado hit Lucas’s room. A stressed Lucas tells her he was looking for jewelry. Sami asks what kind, but he can’t tell her. She urges him to talk to her. She’ll love him no matter what. Lucas says he was looking for a ring to ask her to marry him. He explains he asked Roman for his blessing and even got a ring, which he can’t find now. He wants her to be his wife, but Sami says she can’t marry him. It’s not that she doesn’t love him, it’s that she’s still married to EJ — because he tore up the divorce papers. She tells Lucas to keep looking for the ring and she’ll confront EJ. Lucas grows more rattled as he watches her leave.

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In front of the hospital coffee cart, Shawn and Belle have an icy exchange

At the hospital, Shawn thanks Belle for being there for him when Jan gave birth. He felt hope for the two of them, but wonders if she went home with EJ that night. Belle admits she did, but then they found Abigail. Since he’s on the case now, Shawn vows to find out what happened. She’s surprised to hear he’s going back to work considering Jan is headed back to prison and he’ll have the baby to take care of. Shawn informs Belle he helped get Jan’s release extended. Belle’s incensed, but Shawn insists he’s just trying to do what’s best for his son, who Jan named Shawn. Belle tears up and walks away.

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On the park bench, a pensive Leo holds an open notebook

On the park bench, Leo looks over his list of enemies. Brady and Chloe’s names are the only ones not checked off yet. Though her name is checked off, he crosses out Abigail’s name.

Outside the Pub, Nancy runs into Brady and Chloe who update them on Leo’s new outlook. Nancy warns that they’re on Leo’s list. Clyde arrives and takes Nancy in for their date where he gives her a diamond bracelet. Back outside, Chloe worries to Brady about her mother’s new beau and then Shawn arrives to worry about his marriage.

When Belle returns to the mansion, she tells EJ about her interaction with Shawn. EJ asks what he can do. She suggests they go upstairs and finish what they started the other night. She kisses him, as Sami’s finger hovers over the doorbell.

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At the Pub, Nancy beams over a diamond bracelet on her wrist. Clyde leans over the table acros from her.

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