Outside at the Bistro, Lucas and Brady share a table
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At home, Ben marvels over how good Clyde is with Baby Bo. A solemn Clyde can’t help but think of Abigail’s kids losing their mom and then leaves for work. Later, Ciara comes home to Ben who can’t believe Abigail is really gone. He laments his own attempt to take Abigail away from her family. Ciara assures him he was a different person back then and that everything is going to be okay. Not for Chad, Ben retorts. His whole world just fell apart. Ciara invites him along to visit her new nephew at the hospital.

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At home, Ciara talks with Ben on the couch

In the Square, Brady approaches Lucas, who flashes back to getting black-out drunk. Brady wants to know why Lucas left their AA meeting early. Lucas explains he had to pick up Sami at the airport but her flight was canceled. Brady wonders what he’s not telling him. Lucas admits he went on a bender. Brady understands if Abigail’s death sent him into a spiral. Emotional, Lucas admits, that yes, his bender is due to Abigail.

Brady informs Lucas the cops are looking at the person who stole her jewelry as the culprit. He also suggests that if Lucas feels the urge to drink again, he should reach out. “Anything you say will stay between us,” he promises. But Lucas says there’s nothing to tell. Alone, Lucas wonders if he took the jewelry and begins searching his hotel room.

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Outside at the Bistro, Lucas and Brady share a table

EJ finds Chad lying on the couch in the darkened DiMera living room. He turns on the light and asks if Chad slept there all night. A stoic Chad replies that he hasn’t slept at all. EJ tells him he was at John and Marlena’s last night and the kids are fine, but they need their father. Chad shouts that he knows, but he can’t do this right now. EJ understands, but they’re asking for their mother, too. Chad can’t do this without her, but EJ knows he’ll find the strength to go on. He’s their father and they need him more now than ever. EJ cradles his brother as he sobs.

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EJ sits with a glum looking Chad on the DiMera living room couch

Chloe drops by John and Marlena’s as Belle watches Charlotte and Thomas. The kids were hoping she was their mommy and run off to play with John. The friends talk about Abigail and then move on to discussing the Jan situation. A sheepish Belle confesses she almost slept with EJ. Chloe asks if that means she and Shawn are over and that she’s moving on with EJ — who walks in with Chad.

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At John and Marlena's, Belle raises her shoulders with a sheepish expression

After Chloe extends her sympathies, Belle walks her out. Chloe comments on Belle’s clear chemistry with EJ and warns her to be careful. Chloe also expresses her displeasure with her mom dating Clyde. Belle flashes back to learning Clyde is responsible for EJ’s shooting and then rejoins EJ and Chad. When the kids come rushing back to their dad’s arms, Belle and EJ excuse themselves.

At the hospital, Shawn sits with an emotional Jan. She cries over how tiny their baby is and that she can’t comfort him. Shawn gets a text from the warden wondering when Jan’s being brought back to prison. Jan declares their son needs her and she needs Shawn to do something about that.

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After Shawn talks to Kayla, she arranges for Jan to stay until the baby is better. Jan embraces Shawn as Ciara, Ben and Baby Bo walk in. They explain Jan isn’t going back to Statesville just yet. Jan laments not being able to hold her baby and asks if she can hold theirs.

A reluctant Ciara agrees and Jan declares that Little Bo and Little Shawn will grow up to be best friends. Ciara and Shawn are taken aback by the name, especially when Jan adds that she wants the middle name to be Christian. “So we’re going with Shawn Christian?” Shawn asks (an obvious wink to actor Shawn Christian, who played the late Daniel Jonas on Days). Jan says yes, the baby will be named Shawn Christian Brady.

Alone at their apartment, Ben and Ciara talk about how weird the whole visit with Jan was. Hope calls and Ciara shares the news about the baby’s name. Jan, meanwhile, tells Shawn she’s grateful for everything he’s done, then asks him to run out and get her a burger. On his way, he crosses paths with Belle.

At Brady's Pub, Clyde holds a bus tub as he stands at Leo's table

In the Pub, Leo reads an article on his phone about how the stolen jewelry could lead to Abigail’s killer. He notes he has to dump the jewelry before he’s busted. Clyde drops by his table with a bus tub and admires Leo’s fancy money clip. Leo says if he likes jewelry, he has some items he could sell him. They plan to meet in the park.

In the park, Clyde immediately realizes that the jewels Leo brought are stolen. Clyde says he might be able to help. “I do have friends who deal in this kind of thing,” he says, offering to get Leo 50 cents on the dollar while taking a third of the money as his own cut. After hammering out the details of their arrangement, Clyde tells Leo to check back with him in a couple of days.

On a bench in the park, Leo looks to Clyde who holds up beaded jewelry

In the final moments, Chad breaks the news to his children. Outside the pub, Chloe and Brady wonder what kind of scum would murder a woman with two children, as Leo approaches. In the park, EJ finds Clyde with the stolen jewels. And in his hotel room, Lucas realizes that despite not finding the jewels, he still could have killed Abigail. Sami enters, on crutches, clearly wondering why the room has been torn apart.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Shawn pushes Belle further into EJ’s arms, and Chloe and Brady face off with Leo.

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