In the park, Lani tearfully looks to Eli
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After Lani confesses at the wedding, Eli and Paulina urge her to stay quiet. She stares at TR’s ghost and says she can’t. Julie declares TR got what he deserved and Abe suggests it was justifiable self-defense. Lani explains why it wasn’t and breaks down in tears over the guilt weighing on her. She notes Paulina took the rap out of love for her and now she has to return the favor. “I shot my father,” she says through sobs. “I am guilty.” TR’s ghost disappears.

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In the park holding cake and campagne flutes, Paulina, Abe, and Olivia look shocked

Lani apologizes to Eli for not keeping it a secret. He says they’ll figure it out. Next, she apologizes to her parents for doing this at their wedding, but she couldn’t keep it inside any longer. Lani plans to go to the station and turn herself in, but Julie exclaims she’ll do no such thing. She orders Lani to think of her kids growing up without her. Paulina implores Lani to let her to continue taking the rap.

Julie proposes they all take a vow to keep the secret. Julie asks who’s with her. Everyone raises their hands. Eli holds Lani as she cries. After she composes herself, Lani declares she is an officer of the law and shot an unarmed man. She has to answer for that. She hugs her family and thanks them all, but speaking her truth today is the first time she’s felt right since the shooting. She asks Eli to drive her to the station and they leave.

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Later, Allie suggests she and Chanel box up the cake and Johnny offers to help. Meanwhile, Theo and Julie depart to relieve the babysitter and Olivia tells Paulina she’s never been prouder of her. Paulina laments leaving Abe in the dark, but he relays he initially suspected Lani was guilty.

In the interrogation room, Lani writes her confession. Eli tears up. He doesn’t know how to live without her. She asks him not to make it harder than it already is. He points out there’s no going back once she signs her statement. If she won’t do it for Paulina, will she do it for him? Will she do it for their kids? He offers to rip up her statement and pretend none of this ever happened. Lani can’t let everyone lie for her. She doesn’t want to be separated from him or the kids, but she wants Jules and Carver to be able to say their mother did the right thing. She loves him so much. He stands and wraps her in an embrace. Lani sobs in his arms. Eli assures her he loves her and he’ll be by her side the whole time. They’ll get through it together.

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Eli sits at the interrogation room table glaring

After dropping the food off at the shelter, Nicole, Eric, Kate and Roman bring supplies back to the Pub. As they all sit to eat, Kate brings up Nicole’s wedding. She explains they postponed it because Rafe’s leading the investigation into Abigail’s murder. Kate thinks it’s a sign for Eric and Nicole. Roman tells Kate to cool it and Nicole insists she and Rafe are happy. Besides, Eric doesn’t want to be with her. Kate wonders if she’s asked him that. Of course she hasn’t, Nicole says. Kate asks for her. Eric avoids answering, which Kate duly notes.

After Eric walks Nicole out, Roman demands to know what the hell that was about. Kate was just trying to bring joy by playing matchmaker. Besides, it’s obvious Eric still loves Nicole. Outside, Eric assures Nicole he had nothing to do with that. She knows and says she’ll see him later. He’ll look for the wedding invite he says, and then rolls his eyes after she walks away.

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At Brady's Pub, Eric grins broadly at Nicole, who looks down with a smile

Johnny and Allie carry the cake into Paulina’s apartment. Johnny apologizes to Chanel for bringing TR into their lives in the first place. He’s assured it’s not his fault. Allie cuts a slice of cake to freeze for the couple to have on their first anniversary. Johnny wonders if that happened for him and Chanel in Italy. Allie rolls her eyes. Chanel gets a text and leaves the twins to bicker over who she wants to be with.

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In an outdoor setting and wearing a floral dress, Allie glares at Johnny, who wears a suit jacket

At Eli and Lani’s, Theo wonders how Eli will manage with the twins on his own if Lani goes to prison. Julie assures him family will rally around him. After Theo offers his condolences for Abigail, Theo gets a text. There’s somewhere he needs to be.

Back in the interrogation room, Lani signs her statement. Eli stares at it and says Rafe gave him the okay to escort her to booking. He takes her hand and leads her to the squad room, where the family is waiting to express their love and support. Lani hugs them all while expressing how much she loves them. Eli leads her away.

At the interrogation room table, Lani furrows her brow and leans forward while making a point to Eli

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