In Brady's Pub, a grimmacing Lucas looks across the table to a concenred Kate
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Gabi wakes up in Li’s bed at the Salem Inn. He gets off the phone and solemnly starts to tell her something. An alert on Gabi’s phone interrupts him, informing her of Abby’s death. Gabi tears up as she tells Li how close they used to be. She recalls how nice it felt to be on the same side again when they went after Gwen. He holds her as she cries. She quips this probably isn’t what he signed up for. He reiterates that he’s all in — the good and the bad.

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In the prison visitor's room, Gwen clasps a distraught Jack's hands across the table

In the prison visitors’ room, Gwen tells a devastated Jack she knows about Abigail. She wonders if he’s there to ask if she did it. “Of course not,” he exclaims. She tells him about their last visit and how it sealed both of their fates forever. When he questions her, she clarifies that they’ll never reconcile now.

Gwen tells Jack why Abigail came to visit her, but leaves out the part about Abigail destroying her gift for him. She lies that she dropped it. Much like her and Abigail’s relationship, it was broken beyond repair. When Jack grows emotional, Gwen expresses how sorry she is that he’s going through this. “I’m so, so sorry.”

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In the DiMera doorway, Kate looks to Chad with concern

At the DiMera mansion, a furious Chad demands to know if Kate told Lucas about Abigail learning his secret. If she did, then Lucas could be her killer. Chad shouts at her when she doesn’t answer. Kate eventually lies that she didn’t tell him. Chad sobs. “Who would have done something so horrible to my wife?” Kate wishes she could give him the answers he needs, but she can’t. All she knows is her heart is broken for him and his children.

Chad apologizes for lashing out at Kate and hugs her. She’s sorry she can’t be more of a comfort to him. No one can, he remarks. He remembers the last thing Abby said to him: “They had a knife.” The only person he can think of who would do this is Gwen, but she’s in prison, so she couldn’t have done it.

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At Brady's Pub, Jennifer reaches across the table for a crying Lucas's hand

At a table in Brady’s Pub, Jennifer wonders to Lucas what kind of monster would attack her precious daughter in her own home. Lucas chokes up and looks at his bandaged hand. He cries, blaming himself. When she questions him, Lucas says he should have kept a closer eye on Abigail for her. Jennifer assures her brother he’s not to blame.

At Jake’s place, Tripp tells Ava he’s going to Seattle. He needs to clear his head after all the Allie and devil drama. She understands, but wonders what she’s going to do without him. She gets up and hugs him. He knows the timing isn’t ideal considering Abigail was killed last night. Ava furrows her brow, wondering if they have any suspects.

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In Jake's apartment, Tripp sits at the table, a bandage on his forehead. An emotional Ava wraps her arms around his shoulders

Back at the mansion, Kate urges Chad to focus on his family now. Chad doesn’t know how he’s going to tell the kids. She points out he has a strong support system. She tells him she loves him and turns to leave. She opens the door to Jake, who overheard Steve talking on the phone about Abigail. When Kate leaves, Jake asks if he can come in. Chad stoically walks to the living room. Jake follows.

As the brothers sit, Jake tells Chad how much it meant to him that Abigail made an effort to welcome him to the family. Chad hates that he made assumptions about his friendship with Abby. He was an idiot for falling for Gwen’s lies and betraying his wife. He thought he lost her for good, but they worked it out and were happy. He chokes up as he tells Jake they were planning to have another baby. Jake walks over and rubs Chad’s shoulder as he sobs.

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After meeting with Lucas and Jennifer at the Pub, Steve offers to take Jennifer home. As they head to the door, they run into Kate, who offers her condolences. Kate sits with Lucas and tells him about Chad’s accusations. She asks her son if he hurt Abigail. Lucas is gutted she thinks that, but she points out he has a motive. She notices his bandage and he explains he doesn’t know what happened because he got blackout drunk. She asks if he thinks he could have… “Killed Abigail?” he finishes for her. “I wish I could say of course not, but honestly, I’m not sure.”

In the Square, Steve and Tripp have burgers and beer. They hold up their bottles as Steve says, “To the best son a man could ever ask for.” Tripp promises to come back soon and they clink bottles.

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In Horton Square, Steve and Tripp sit at a table, toasting with beer bottles

After Jack’s left, Ava visits Gwen at the prison. She asks, “Did you do it?”

Jake leaves the mansion and runs into Gabi. They snipe at each other over Ava and Li before Jake departs. Gabi heads inside and tells Chad how sorry she is. She vows they’ll find the son-of-a-bitch who did this and make them pay.

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