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Leo visits Gwen in the prison visitors’ room. He gently relays that Abigail was stabbed to death in her bedroom. Gwen leans in and asks, “Was it you?” He insists it wasn’t and asks if it was her. She reminds him she’s locked up 24 hours a day. They snipe at each other over their motives and opportunity until Leo leaves.

At the Salem Inn, Lucas wakes up with a pounding head next to an empty bottle of booze that he stole from the Pub. “What the hell did I do last night?” he wonders. He yells at himself for being a complete loser and reaches to throw it the bottle. He winces in pain from a gash on his palm.

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In his Salem Inn room, Lucas grimmaces as he looks at his palm

With his hand wrapped, Lucas rushes into the Pub looking for Kate. Realizing he hasn’t heard, Roman tells him Abigail was murdered. Roman tries to comfort Lucas as he sobs and then notices the wrap on Lucas’ hand. Lucas says it’s nothing, but asks for aspirin. Roman gets up, and Lucas cries, wondering what he did.

In the hospital lobby, Kayla wonders to Steve how this could have happened to their sweet beautiful niece. Jack and Jennifer (played by Cady McClain) walk off the elevator into Steve and Kayla’s embrace. Jennifer asks to see her daughter. Kayla leads them to her. Steve stays behind, teary-eyed.

In a hospital room, Kayla pulls the sheet down from Abigail’s face. Jennifer crumples in Jack’s arms as she cries out, “No, no, no, no!” She composes herself and Kayla leaves. Jennifer sits next to Abigail’s body and strokes her hair, noting her strength and fighting spirit always reminded her of Laura. Nothing Jennifer ever did, or will do, will make her as proud as she is to be her mother. She looks skyward and says, “Take care of her, mom. Take care of my baby.” Jennifer dissolves into sobs and falls into Jack’s embrace.

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Standing side-by-side in a hospital room, Jack gapes, and Jennifer's face crumples

Jennifer urges a stoic Jack to go to their daughter and say whatever is in his heart. He slowly sits with Abigail, holding back tears. He apologizes for never being the father she deserved. But mostly, for assuming they had all the time in the world. He was just getting the hang of being a good dad. She made him so proud — as a journalist, a mother, and a human being. She was his light, but now, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find his way out of this darkness.

Later, Jennifer and Kayla arrive at the Pub. Jennifer cries as she hugs Lucas. Meanwhile, Jack pays his other daughter a visit in prison.

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In a blue and black patterened dress, Abby lounges on the DiMera couch

A dazed Chad returns to the mansion, still in his blood-stained shirt. He enters the living room, where he sees Abigail on the couch. His face crumples and she says, “What’s wrong? You look like you just lost your best friend.” He chokes out, “That’s because I just did.” The doorbell rings and Abigail tells him to get it. She’ll wait for him. He looks toward the door and then looks back. Abigail is gone. An anguished Chad cries out, “Abby, come back, please.”

When the doorbell rings again, Chad composes himself and answers it to Rafe. Chad demands to know who did this to his wife. Rafe explains everything from the crime scene is being tested right now, but there are no immediate suspects. Rafe has more questions and needs Chad to go to the bedroom with him whenever he’s ready. If it helps send whoever did this straight to hell, Chad’s ready now.

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In his bedroom, Chad wears a blood-stained shirt and glares at Rafe

In his bedroom, Chad flashes to his last night with Abby. Rafe notes her jewelry box has been tampered with. Chad opens it and discovers it’s empty. Rafe asks for a list of things that were in there. Chad wonders if this was a robbery gone wrong. Rafe notes someone could have just wanted to make it look like one. When Chad recalls all the blood, Rafe says it might not just have been hers. The killer could have wounds of their own. Rafe vows to get justice for Abigail and leaves.

Alone, Chad imagines Abigail again. She sits on the bed and says, “Come here, my love. Let’s make a baby.” He cries. He wants it so much, but she’s gone. How is he going to tell the children they do have that they’re never going to see their mother again? She promises it will be okay and he asks to hold her one last time. He reaches out, but she is gone. Chad is destroyed.

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In the DiMera doorway, Kate looks to Chad with concern

The doorbell rings as Chad trudges down the staircase. He opens the door to Kate, who is so sorry. She reaches out to hug him, but he backs away, scowling. “Are you?” he spits out. Of course, she is. She’s heartbroken. He angrily shushes her. Kate is so lost. What did she do? Chad shouts, reminding her how scared she was that Abigail was going to rat Lucas out. He demands to know if she killed his wife. Kate can’t imagine he actually believes she did. He suggests that maybe she didn’t plan it, but things could have gotten out of hand when she confronted Abby. Kate declares she would never hurt Abigail and neither would Lucas. Chad wonders why she would mention him. Lucas didn’t know Abigail knew he kidnapped Sami and set up EJ… or did he?

In a baseball hat, Leo digs his bag out of the bushes by the park bench. He pulls out a wad of cash, as well as a string of pearls and gold necklaces.

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