In their bedroom, an anguished Chad hovers his hands over Abigail's lifeless body, sprawled over their bed
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After Susan invites Johnny to Marlena’s for gumbo with his grandmothers, she suggests that there’s something going on between Belle and EJ. Marlena and Johnny scoff, but Susan declares, “She’s not camping out at Chez DiMera for the ambiance.” Johnny worries about Sami finding out, and then suggests they change the subject because Marlena’s worried enough about Belle with Jan’s baby and all.

Susan pulls out the Sweet Bits cupcakes Johnny brought, and he asks his psychic grandmother who Chanel will end up with — Allie, or him. She uses the cupcake to pull vibes off of since it’s connected to Chanel. After focusing on it, she flinches and puts the cupcake down with a scowl.

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On her couch, Marlena and looks to a distressed Susan. Johnny leans over the back of the couch, with an arm on Susan

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Outside the DiMera mansion, Belle asks EJ to make her feel better and kisses him. She asks him to take her upstairs and make love to her. He pulls away, but she wants to forget about everything. She wants him. She backs him into the house and up the stairs, kissing him.

Chad returns from movies with the kids to find Abby sprawled over the bed, stabbed. She stirs and he frantically calls 9-1-1, while pressing a towel against her wound. Abigail chokes out that her assailant had a knife. Chad hangs up with 9-1-1 and screams for help.

As they make out in the hallway, EJ and Belle hear Chad and run into his bedroom. With blood smeared everywhere, Chad shouts for them to find his kids. They run out and Chad begs Abby to hold on. He replaces a blood-soaked towel with a fresh one to try and stop the gushing blood. EJ returns to report Belle is taking the kids to Marlena’s, and then runs off when they hear emergency vehicles arriving. A weak Abigail tells Chad how cold she is. She closes her eyes and he screams, “Don’t you die on me, Abby!”

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In his hospital room, Tripp tells Steve and Kayla he’s leaving to spend time with Stephanie and Joey in Seattle. He got some clarity about what is important, and, for him, it’s family. He wants to know his siblings better. That makes Steve happy, but he’s going to miss him. Tripp promises to be back. Kayla assures him a place will be waiting for him at home and at the hospital. She gets paged away for an incoming stabbing victim.

In the lobby, Kayla sees Chad’s blood-stained shirt. He begs Kayla to help his wife. Later, Kayla returns and says, “I’m sorry, Chad. We did everything we could, but we lost her.” Chad adamantly says, “No. That’s not true.” He thinks Dr. Rolf can fix this, but Kayla says even Dr. Rolf cannot help her because she lost too much blood. EJ holds a devastated Chad, who repeats, “It can’t be.” Chad needs to be alone with his wife and asks EJ to check on his kids.

At her place, Chanel tells Allie how much she missed her at the bakery. Allie hopes that means they can at least still be friends. When they discuss their romantic situation, Chanel suggests Allie might need time to focus on herself considering she was just about to marry Tripp. Allie says they’re over and she knows who she wants to be with.

Back in Tripp’s room, he jokes to Steve he’ll tell Ava he’s leaving after his bags are packed and the car’s running. As for Allie, “That is a good question.” He calls his ex and asks her and Chanel to come to the hospital.

Back at Marlena’s, Susan panics. She needs to call Elvis. Belle comes over and Susan says, “Oh, boy, this is bad.” With the kids and the nanny in the car, Belle tells everyone about Abigail. Johnny needs to be at the hospital and leaves. After the kids are settled and Susan goes to make tea, Belle cries to her mother. Marlena covers her with a blanket and holds her.

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Wrapped in a blanket on Marlena's couch, Belle leans over crying to her mother's arms

Steve leaves Tripp’s room when Chanel and Allie arrive. After hearing about his plans, Chanel jokes he’s the only friend she made there she didn’t sleep with. She then leaves the exes alone. Allie asks if Tripp’s leaving because of her. He assures her he just wants to go do something new while he recuperates. He reiterates that he wants her to be happy.

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Johnny and Chanel embrace in front of the coffee cart at the hsopital

Johnny runs off the hospital elevator to EJ, who relays that Abigail didn’t make it. Johnny tears up and the men embrace. EJ doesn’t know how to tell the kids. Johnny says he’ll stay for Chad, as EJ leaves. Chanel finds Johnny and consoles him after hearing about his aunt.

A devasted EJ arrives at Marlena’s. Belle can tell by his face that Abigail is gone. She hugs him, as Susan runs to Marlena’s arms.

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In her living room, Marlena hugs Susan, while EJ embraces Belle

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Back at the hospital, Kayla leads Chad to Abigail’s lifeless body. Kayla leaves him alone and he dissolves into sobs. He slowly walks to his wife and says, “I love you, baby.” He kneels down to her, stroking her hair. “I love you so much. I’ll love you forever.” He cradles her body, sobbing. “You are my whole life,” he says through tears. “Thomas and Charlotte… you’re everything to us.” He sobs, asking, “Why?”

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