In Horton Square, Chad reaches across a table to clasp Abby's hands. They share a tender look
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In the prison visitors’ room, Gwen makes a desperate call to Leo. She orders him to find the nearest, sharpest object and stab Abigail in the heart with it. Leo thinks it’s a little extreme, but Gwen needs real revenge, not just sleazy planted articles in the paper. After Leo’s phone dies, he picks up his breakfast knife in the wine cellar and puts it in a bag.

Upstairs at the DiMera mansion, Belle is aghast over EJ’s suggestion that Jan’s baby dying would be a good thing. As upset as she is over the situation, she doesn’t wish the baby dead. She’d never forgive herself if she wasn’t there for Shawn, so she leaves. Alone, EJ talks to Stefano’s portrait, about needing to make things right with Belle. Once he’s gone, Leo emerges from the tunnels. He asks “Stefano” what he should do about Abigail. Or, rather, to her?

Shawn sits by Jan’s hospital bedside as she worries it’s too soon for the baby to come.

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At the hospital's nurses hub, Sarah and Marlena face each other with serious expressions

At the nurses’ hub, Sarah runs into Marlena. She fears the antidote is wearing off because she had a hallucination while visiting Maggie. She thought Kristen was coming after her again, but it was just Victor holding a pen in his hand. She didn’t tell anyone, but she worries she’s losing her mind. Marlena suggests her medication just needs to be increased. She encourages her to talk to Abigail since she’s been through this. Sarah thanks her and leaves.

At the hospital, Belle crosses her arms as she faces Marlena.

Belle walks off the elevator and sees her mother. Marlena updates her on Jan, as Shawn runs out to relay Jan just passed out. He and Marlena rush off. When Shawn returns, he tells Belle that Jan is in surgery. She had a placental abruption. Belle knows he must be scared, and hugs him. EJ walks off the elevator, as Belle assures Shawn she’ll be there for him. Shawn spots EJ and orders him to leave. Marlena returns to report Jan is fine, but she had to give birth. The baby, a boy, is small, and in the NICU. Shawn thanks Belle for being there and goes to sit with Jan in her room. Teary-eyed, Belle asks EJ to take her… anywhere.

After dinner, and two bottles of wine, Belle returns to the mansion with EJ. He apologizes for what he said about the baby earlier. He just wanted to make her feel better. She so wants to. “Please,” she pleads, “help me feel better.” She kisses him.

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Outside the DiMera mansion, Belle wraps her arm around EJ's neck, as they kiss

Kate enters the Pub, demanding to know if Lucas is drinking again. He insists the glass in front of him was Clyde’s. He didn’t touch it. Kate picks it up and takes a sip. Lucas freaks out, reminding her Clyde drank out of it. Kate doesn’t care, she needs it because Chad told Abigail Lucas is the one who kidnapped Sami. Lucas panics. Kate assures him Abigail will keep quiet about it, but suggests he tell Sami the truth. Absolutely not, he responds. She knows Roman will never forgive her if finds out, so it’s fine that he doesn’t fess up. She just hates seeing the secret eat away at him. Lucas doesn’t have a choice. They agree to meet later for dinner and she leaves.

Alone at the table, Lucas sits with a drink worrying about his kids hating him and ending up in prison. He steals a bottle of booze from behind the bar and scurries out.

In the Square, Abigail tells Chad about her visit with Gwen, and he recounts his meeting with Kate. Chad again apologizes for putting her in the position to keep secrets from her family. She assures him she’ll always be on his side. She loves him a whole damn lot. Also, she took her temperature this morning and she’s ovulating. He smirks and suggests they get out of there. They run off.

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In the prison visitors room, a glaring Sarah faces Gwen

Sarah pays a shaken Gwen a visit in the prison visitor’s room. Sarah rants about what Gwen did to her, but Gwen blames Abigail for leaving the syringe around for Kristen to use on her. Sarah rails over having to grieve her baby twice, and for, now, having hallucinations. Gwen declares that she’s paying for it. She’s lost everything. Sarah gloats over reuniting with Xander before leaving.

Alone, Gwen makes a call. She says, “It’s Gwen. I need your help.”

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In their bedroom, Abby and Chad are wrapped in each other's arms. Leo peeks through a cracked open door

At the mansion, Leo sneaks into Chad and Abigail’s bedroom, with his bag containing the knife. He hides in the bathroom when he hears the flirty marrieds approaching. After sex, Chad and Abigail high-five over feeling like they made a baby. She suggests they take a trip as a family to visit Jack on his birthday. Chad thinks it’s a great idea but they should wait for the morning. She doesn’t think one night will make a difference.

Chad and Abby sit on the foot of their bed, looking to Thomas. The little boy stands next to them, peering up

After Chad and Abby dress, Thomas and Charlotte enter their parents’ room. When the kids hear about their trip, Thomas worries the Tooth Fairy won’t be able to find them should a tooth fall out. When Abigail assures him she will, Thomas corrects her — it’s a he. Chad makes plans to take the kids to a movie while Abigail finishes up some work. Before Chad heads out, he asks Abigail about the Tooth Fairy, but she’ll tell him when he gets back. “I love you,” she says. “I love you,” he responds. Leo watches from the cracked-open bathroom door.

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Leo peeks his head through a bedroom door. Chad and Abigail's photo sits on a shelf nearby

Back at the Pub, Kate sits at the bar with a martini. She checks her watch and then texts Lucas, wondering where he is for dinner. At the Salem Inn, Lucas lies passed out across his bed holding an empty bottle of booze. He groggily stirs.

Gwen returns to the visitors’ room to find a guard wondering where she’s been. She says she fell asleep in a corner of the library. Elsewhere, a sweaty Leo runs to a bench in the park. He gapes as he grips his bag.

Chad returns to his bedroom to find Abigail lying lifeless on the bed. He frantically runs to her and rolls her over. Blood oozes from her side.

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In their bedroom, an anguished Chad hovers his hands over Abigail's lifeless body sprawled over their bed

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