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In Horton Town Square, Kate asks Chad why he told Abby that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad explains she was making who kidnapped Sami the topic of her next investigative piece. She tracked down the other henchman who kidnapped Sami and he had to stop her from going to confront a violent criminal. Chad promises she won’t tell anyone, and Kate doesn’t have to worry about Lucas.

Kate Chad discuss Abby Lucas Days

Outside the Brady Pub, Lucas tells Marlena that it will be nice to eventually have the whole family back together. Marlena notes that Will said the same thing, and Roman mentioned a party. Marlena is paged to an appointment and tells Lucas that he’s off the hook for the moment.

Marlena questions Sami

Lucas heads into the pub and spots Clyde behind the bar. He can’t believe Weston is working there. Clyde explains his parole situation, and that he’s a changed man. Clyde overheard his dust-up with EJ the other day, and notes any enemy of EJ is a friend of his. Lucas asks if he has a problem with EJ. Clyde explains he offered him a lucrative business proposition, and he turned him down. He was disappointed, especially since they got close in Statesville. Clyde reveals EJ used to rant about Sami’s kidnapping and blamed Lucas for it.

Clyde makes Lucas an offer DAYS

Clyde thinks since EJ turned down his offer, perhaps Lucas would make a good partner. Lucas assumes the opportunity isn’t legal, and he’d like to stay out of prison. Clyde tells him he knows where to find him if he changes his mind. He also gives him advice that with EJ going around saying he’s committed a crime, maybe he could help him deal with the DiMera. Clyde leaves and Lucas eyes the glass of booze he left on the bar.

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Kate enters and finds her son staring at the drink and asks, “What the hell are you doing?”

At Belle and Shawn’s, Jan fluffs the pillows on the couch and tells Shawn today is her first appointment with Marlena and she wants it to look nice. She is determined to get better and be the mother their baby deserves.

Marlena arrives for her session with Jan, who promises to be the best patient she’s had. Shawn decides to give them privacy and plans to go to Marlena’s to talk to Belle. Marlena explains Belle isn’t there. Marlena continues that Belle was upset she was treating Jan so she spent the night at the DiMera mansion. Shawn rushes out as Jan holds back a smirk.

Jan goes into labor DAYS

As the session starts, Jan asks if Belle and EJ are together now. Marlena points out that this conversation is not about Belle. Jan apologizes and says she’s just a little nervous, she needs this to work to be a good mother to her baby. Marlena warns her she’ll end the sessions if she sees signs she’s up to her old tricks. Jan promises she just wants to get better just like Ben did. Suddenly Jan’s overcome with pain. Marlena tells her to stay calm, but Jan thinks she’s in labor. She begs Marlena to help her and focuses on her breathing.

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Belle returns EJ’s robe to his room in the mansion, only to find him wet, in a towel, and fresh out of the shower. She thinks she should go, and he should get dressed. EJ asks if she got the breakfast tray he had sent up, but she explains it went missing. EJ jokes perhaps a fairy stole it. EJ realizes the day is getting away from them. Belle would love to help him strategize about both his Gabi problem and Clyde. EJ has a plan to exact his revenge on Clyde, but Belle would like to bring him to justice legally. EJ suggests they talk over brunch.

Belle and shirtless EJ DAYS

In the living room, Susan tells Abigail that she has a feeling there is a presence among them, someone who isn’t supposed to be in this house. Abby jokes perhaps it’s the tooth fairy as Thomas said he ran into her in the basement. Susan is on bad terms with her because she still owes her for her wisdom teeth. Abby decides to head down to the basement to look because Thomas told her that the tooth fairy made him keep them a secret. Suddenly Abby gets a call from Gwen in Statesville.

Susan Abby talk Tooth Fairy DAYS

In Statesville, Gwen tells Abigail that she needs to see her and it’s extremely important. Abigail hangs up on her.

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Back at the mansion, Susan asks who was on the phone. Abby reveals it’s her sister who wants her to visit her. Abby admits now Gwen has gotten in her head, and she heads out.

Gwen calls Abby Days

Belle and EJ arrive in the living room and find Susan trying to feel the vibes of the tooth fairy. Susan heard that Belle spent the night, and then begins to sense something is going on between them. Shawn storms in and would like to know what is going on as well. Belle feels she’s under no obligation to tell him where she sleeps given there is a psychopath in their house. Shawn again asks what is up with her and EJ. EJ tells him that Belle needed a place to feel safe and comfortable, and they were about to have brunch, so he can see himself out.

Shawn accuses Belle cheating

Shawn fumes that EJ has been trying to steal her from him and now he’s succeeded. He asks if she’s sleeping with him too. Belle swears she’s in the guest room, but he thinks she knew what she was doing coming here as it sends a clear message. Belle cries she was dealing with feeling betrayed by her entire family and wasn’t thinking about where to spend the night. Shawn’s phone rings and he notes it’s Marlena. He answers and asks the doctor if everything is okay. He responds he’s on his way. Shawn has to get to the hospital and reveals Jan’s in labor.

Belle EJ talk Sami DAYS

Susan decides to shove off but reminds her son that Belle is still married, and he’s still married to Sami. While Sami has moved on, Susan isn’t convinced that EJ has or is over Sami. Alone, Belle can’t believe this is happening, and this baby is going to be very premature. EJ notes, “Maybe there is a bright side, and this baby won’t survive.”

Back in Statesville, Gwen is surprised when Abigail shows up. Abby thought perhaps she was going to finally admit that she murdered her grandmother. Gwen says this isn’t about Laura but Jack as it’s his birthday tomorrow. Gwen made him a gift she’d like Abby to deliver to him. She shows her a poorly made mug with the word dad on it, which she made in art therapy. Abby laughs at Gwen’s terrible attempt at ceramic making and calls it pathetic. Gwen just wants to show Jack her gratitude for having Justin get her a reduced sentence. Gwen knows Abby hates her, but Jack doesn’t and he’s all she has left. She begs her to do this one favor for her. Abigail agrees, picks it up, and drops it on the floor saying, “Whoops!”  Gwen asks why she did that. Abby claims she put it out of its misery. Gwen seethes, “What’s wrong with you?” Abigail screams, “You ruined my life and have the audacity to ask me for a favor.” As Abigail walks out, Gwen vows to make her pay for this.

Abby ruins Gwen's mug Days

Shawn meets Marlena at the hospital, and she tells him that Jan’s in a room up the hall. He enters the room and finds Jan afraid because it’s too soon and the baby may not survive. Shawn takes her hand and says he’s here for her.

In Horton Square, Abby fills Chad in on her visit with Gwen. Back in Statesville, Gwen makes a call to someone to talk to them about Abigail. If she doesn’t get to spend her father’s birthday with him, then neither does she.

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