In Brady's Pub, Roman smiles and reaches across the table to Lucas
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At the DiMera mansion, Belle wakes EJ up from his sex dream about her. She was hoping she might be able to borrow some of Abigail’s clothes. He suggests she change into a robe and then send for her things instead.

From home, Marlena leaves a message for Belle, when Kate drops by. She invites Marlena to a going-away breakfast for Will at the Pub. Marlena accepts and then shares her worry about Belle, who is furious with her and didn’t come home last night. They debate the Jan situation, as Marlena gets a message from Belle, who says she’s with EJ. Kate asks if something is going on between them. Marlena insists they are colleagues and friends, but Kate knows EJ doesn’t have friends. Predators seldom do. Marlena agrees, but Belle won’t listen to her. However, she’s more concerned about Sami’s reaction.

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Back in EJ’s room. Belle bemoans being a failure to her parents. EJ thinks she’s too hard on herself, but she fears her mother doesn’t think she’s capable of making good decisions. He tells her how amazing she is and offers her a room to stay at in the mansion. She accepts.

Sonny jolts awake in bed from a nightmare about finding Will and Leo in bed together. Will tries to calm him, but Sonny can’t help but worry that Leo isn’t done getting revenge. They wonder who he’s going after next. Sonny is just so tired of Leo getting away with things. He needs to get the creep out of his head. Will thinks he can help with that and kisses him.

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Lucas sits on a stool at Brady's Pub, and ices his hand. He turns to look at a glaring Roman

At the Pub, Roman finds Lucas icing his hand at the bar. Lucas explains his fight with EJ, who had the gall to accuse him of kidnapping Sami. Roman still has a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. He’s not convinced EJ is guilty of that crime, but he does consider him a creep. Lucas says Amen to that. Lucas stammers as he moves on to a new topic. He wants to get things right from the start this time and asks Roman’s permission to marry Sami.

“Like Sami wouldn’t do exactly what she wants to do whether I bless it or not,” Roman quips. Lucas says it’s not about Roman and Sami, it’s about Roman and Lucas. “Do you think I’m good enough for your daughter? Your opinion matters to me.” Lucas admits his history isn’t the best, and Roman agrees. “But you’ve also been a great dad to Will and Allie,” says the older man. “I love Sami very much. You’re good for her. I think you understand her in a way that nobody else does. So yes, you do have my blessing.”

When Kate and Marlena arrive at the Pub, Kate gets Lucas alone to urge him to come clean about kidnapping Sami. Lucas thinks he’s in the clear, as long as she and Chad keep their mouths shut.

At Brady's Pub, Lucas glowers at Kate

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells Chad she has a lead on who kidnapped Sami. She excitedly tells her stressed husband she tracked down the guy, who was holding Sami, to Wisconsin. He was arrested on completely different charges. She’s going to Milwaukee today. Chad says, “No you’re not.” When she questions his caveman response, he clarifies that he’s just worried about her. Besides, everyone seems to have moved past it all. She declares she’s going to find out the truth. Chad tells her she doesn’t have to go anywhere to find out who kidnapped Sami. He knows who did it — it was Lucas.

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Abby and Chad relax at home on Days of Our Lives

Abigail doesn’t believe it, but Chad explains everything, including his involvement in setting up EJ. Abigail is stunned. Chad knows he has no right to do this, but asks her to keep it between them. Clad in robes, EJ and Belle come downstairs. EJ wonders what they were talking about. Chad panics when Abigail pipes up, but she just says they’re trying for another baby. Thrilled, EJ embraces his brother.

Later, Belle notes it’s nice to see EJ and Chad getting along. EJ is working hard to make sure he doesn’t screw things up with his brother anymore.

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Elsewhere in the mansion, Abigail tells Chad she hates lying, but she doesn’t want to upset all the family dynamics. She assures her husband she loves him and that they are a team, always.

In the DiMera wine cellar, Leo gets a call from Gwen. He thanks her for the tunnel directions, where he’s holed up with a cot. He’s not sure what his plans are, but when he’s through, Chad will know exactly how he felt when he lost the love of his life. After hanging up with Gwen, a starving Leo heads out to find food. He opens the door to Thomas, who asks who he is. Leo says he is the tooth fairy, but he needs to be kept a secret, especially from his parents. If Thomas tells anyone he’s there, he’ll lose out on future money for his teeth. Also, if he wants the magic to continue, he needs to get him some breakfast and orange juice for his mimosa.

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At Brady's Pub, Marlena, Roman, Lucas, and Sonny turn their attention to Will

Will and Sonny finally arrive at the Pub. As the family greets them, Kate gets called away. After she’s gone, Will says his goodbyes and promises to come home soon. Roman says they’ll have to have a big party the next time he’s back and knowingly smiles at Lucas.

Kate meets Chad in the Square. He tells her Abigail knows Lucas kidnapped Sami.

Back at the house, Abigail sees Thomas coming out of the tunnels. She tells him it’s too dangerous down there, but he says no one was down there but the Tooth Fairy.

Upstairs, a clothed Belle enters EJ’s room to return her robe. She gapes as he walks out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abigail confronts Gwen, and Marlena might start to regret her decision about helping Jan.

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