Outside Brady's Pub, Lucas punches EJ. Allie gapes behind her father, and Johnny's arms are wrapped around EJ as he falls backward
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At home, Shawn brings Jan spinach and feta cheese, with a side of a healthy smoothie, but she wanted a greasy burger. Shawn encourages her to try it and feeds her the spinach. Marlena enters and narrows her eyes. “I hope I’m not interrupting,” she says. Shawn awkwardly stands as he explains he’s just looking out for Jan’s health, but Marlena thinks Jan is capable of feeding herself. Jan asks if Dr. Evans made a decision about being her therapist. Marlena has. She can’t help her. She believes she’s concocting a plan to hurt Belle. Jan swears that’s not the case. When Marlena sticks to her decision, Jan pontificates about wanting to be a good mom for her baby. Doesn’t her baby deserve that? Marlena confirms it does and agrees to help her.

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At the Bistro, an emotional Belle sits with John and Marlena at a table

While drinking wine alone at The Bistro, Belle thinks about EJ, and orders the whole bottle. John joins her. He heard she filed for a legal separation and wonders if she really wants to take that step. Belle can’t think of any other solution, as long as Jan and the baby are in the picture. When John hears EJ is handling her paperwork, he expresses concern over her involvement with him, especially where Sami is concerned. He thinks EJ is trying to get back at Samantha by sniffing around her baby sister. Belle’s offended by the suggestion.

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At a table at the Bistro, a wide-eyed Marlena looks to a concerned John

Marlena arrives and shares her daughter’s offense. However, she further upsets her daughter by relaying her decision to help Jan. Belle explodes at both her parents for worrying about Jan and Sami over her. She storms out, assuring them she’ll call a cab. Marlena thinks she should cancel Jan, but John encourages his wife to trust her instincts. Besides, a healthy Jan is good for all of them.

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Outside Brady's Pub, Lucas glares at EJ, who stands with his back turned, rubbing his hands

Outside Brady’s Pub, EJ and Lucas make terse small talk about their children being possessed by the devil and then argue about the twins being in love with the same woman. EJ thinks Lucas’ daughter should step aside so his son can repair his marriage. Lucas responds, no way in Hell. After more bickering about Johnny and Allie, EJ warns Lucas he knows he kidnapped Samantha. When he proves it, there won’t be a rock big enough under which to hide from his wrath.

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In Horton Square, Chanel stands between Johnny and Allie

After Allie tells Chanel she wants her back, Johnny pops up in the Square. He wants his wife back, too. The twins argue until Chanel shouts they’re fighting like her opinion doesn’t matter. Johnny says she’s right and asks who she wants to be with. Chanel feels put on the spot and lashes out at them for fighting over her like an expensive toy. She loves them both and won’t choose between them. Johnny says she’ll have to eventually. Well, then, “I choose me, damn it,” she says, quoting 90201’s “queen” Kelly Taylor. The twins assure her their relationship will survive no matter who she chooses. The siblings are each other’s constant. Chanel’s happy they’re solid, but she needs to figure out what she wants for her life. They allow her the space to decide. Chanel agrees to let Allie come back to work at the bakery and leaves.

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Johnny and Allie exchange wry looks in Horton Square

Alone, Johnny snipes at Allie for using her job to stay close to Chanel. Allie reminds him they aren’t letting Chanel come between them. Johnny wonders how they do that. Allie suggests they go for fries at the Pub like when they were kids to hash it out.

In bed, Sarah lies in Xander’s arms, as they rehash her kidnapping. She hates thinking about him all heartbroken and alone. Xander confirms he was heartbroken, but he wasn’t alone… not the whole time. He confesses he was engaged to be married. She asks if he was in love with her. He admits he was and delicately details his relationship with Gwen. He apologizes for Gwen’s involvement in her sabotaged rescue and recovery, but thinks it only matters that they found their way back to each other. Sarah responds, of course, with a thin smile. He asks if they’re okay. She’s trying to wrap her mind around everything, but yeah, they’re okay. She’s just glad he and Gwen didn’t actually tie the knot. They hug, and both their smiles fall.

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Xander and Sarah sit propped up in bed, sharing an emotional look

Outside the Pub, EJ calls Lucas a loser. They bicker and get into a shoving match. Johnny and Allie rush up. Johnny pulls EJ off Lucas, who punches him. After Johnny leads EJ away, Allie asks what that was about. In mock outrage, Lucas exclaims EJ believes he kidnapped Sami. Can you believe that? He asks his daughter.

At home, EJ brushes off what just happened and asks his son when the wedding is. Johnny explains Chanel needs space. EJ urges him not to lose out on the woman he loves out of some misguided loyalty. Belle enters. After Johnny leaves, Belle asks EJ if she can stay the night. Of course, she can, he says. I would love to have you.

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In the DiMera mansion, Johnny watches EJ hold a glass of ice to his eye

Back at Shawn’s, Jan tells her baby she and Shawn are getting closer. Once Marlena gives her a clean bill of health, who knows what could happen.

Xander and Sarah exit the Salem Inn and run into Chanel. Xander shrinks when Chanel introduces herself as his ex-wife. Sarah tersely remarks that Xander didn’t say a word about that.

Outside the Salem Inn, Sarah smiles at Chanel, who gets a wary look from Xander

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