In Horton Square, a scowling Sonny points his finger in a stoic Leo's face.
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After Tripp gets off the phone with Stephanie and Joey, Chanel comes to his hospital room with “real” food from Sweet Bits. She thanks him for saving Allie, which leads them to rehash their messy situation. Tripp knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with Allie, but he also knows Chanel is the love of her life. He assures Chanel he’s in her corner if Allie is who she wants. Chanel doesn’t know who to be with. Tripp encourages her to take her time. She appreciates his friendship, which he assures will always be there — as long as she keeps feeding him.

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Allie opens her apartment door to Will.

Will stops by the apartment to check on Allie, who feels terrible about all the things she did while possessed. She’s specifically worried about Chanel, who she’s come to realize she’s in love with. Will thinks it’s great, but Allie points out their brother is in love with her too. Allie doesn’t even know if Chanel knows how she feels. Will suggests she tell her, but Allie counters she could just let her go. Will encourages her not to give up.

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In Allie's apartment, she and Will embrace.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny finds EJ working in the living room. He came down to write because the noise upstairs made it hard to concentrate. EJ asks, what noise? “You don’t want to know,” he deadpans, as Chad and Abigail fall back on their bed after having sex. EJ and Johnny share a laugh over the couple’s marathon sex, before EJ asks what his son is working on. Johnny responds that his next story is about fraternal twins in love with the same girl. When EJ questions him, Johnny explains that EJ’s step-daughter is bi-sexual, and he has no idea if Chanel will choose Allie or him. When Johnny notes he told Chanel to take all the time she needs, EJ encourages him not to live with the same regret he does over not fighting for the woman he loves.

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Wrapped in sheets, Chad and Abby smile at each other in bed.

Back upstairs, Chad and Abby take a baby making break. Chad’s repaired relationship with EJ comes up, and he notes he did some things he’s not proud of. When Abby questions him, Chad panics, but just brings up wrongly testifying against EJ for Sami’s kidnapping. Abby wonders who did kidnap Sami. A guilty look washes over his face, as Chad says they’ll never know. Abby lights up. She thinks finding out is her next investigative report. Chad tries to dampen her enthusiasm for the story, but Abigail won’t be deterred. When she questions why he so against this, Chad says he’s worried for her safety. Abigail assures him she knows how to handle herself, but for a story as big as this, she’ll have take some risks. Chad asks, “Even if it turns out you could be pregnant?” She says she’s probably not. He’s ready to try again and kisses her.

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In bed, Abby holds Chad's face as they kiss.

Lucas meets with Kate at the Pub and pontificates over being closer than ever to Sami. She even still thinks EJ is guilty as hell for kidnapping her, because all the evidence points to him. Kate reminds her son that Chad knows he planted the phony evidence, and the guilt is weighing on him. For now, though, Lucas is in the clear, but she wonders if he can keep this secret from a nosy woman like Sami. Stressed, Lucas heads outside for air — and runs into EJ.

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In the Square, Leo gets a tip from Gwen over the phone, and then encounters a furious Sonny. Sonny lashes out over Leo drugging him and taking photos of him in bed. Leo taunts him about enjoying their night together while insisting the laced cookies were from Will. Sonny warns he got a blood test to prove he was drugged.

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In Horton Square, Sonny grabs Leo by his jacket.

Kayla calls Sonny, who stammers in disappointment and asks if she’s sure. Leo smirks, as Sonny hangs up. Sonny assumes Leo gave him drugs that left quickly his system. Leo points out he doesn’t have any proof. When Leo mocks Sonny for disappointing his husband and daughter, Sonny grabs him and threatens to roll him up in a rug again. He’ll end him if he ever comes near him or his family again. Leo’s assures Sonny his attentions are already focused elsewhere.

Once home, Sonny relays to Will that there’s no proof that Leo drugged him. He also notes Leo is focusing his energy elsewhere, which worries him.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Will studies a stressed Sonny in front of the bar cart.

Leo sneaks through the tunnels into a now empty DiMera living room. He sees a cute photo of Chad and Abigail laughing. He picks it up and says, “Guess what? Uncle Leo has a big surprise for the two of you.”

As Chanel passes through the Square, she runs into Allie who wants to get back together. Johnny walks up, clearing his throat. Chanel’s brow creases as she looks between the siblings.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Lucas and EJ face off, and Chanel’s asked to choose.

Leo’s been a thorn in “WilSon’s” side for a long time, but he’s not the only obstacle they’ve encountered. Relive all the drama Will and Sonny have endured over the years in our photo gallery below.  

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