Standing in front of the DiMera fireplace, EJ and Belle wraps their arms around each ohter. Belle's eyes are closed as she presses her cheek to his chest.
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After dreaming of Gabi, Jake’s face falls when he realizes he’s in bed with Ava. She’s eager to make him breakfast, but he assures her she doesn’t need to be his personal chef. In fact, he’ll cook for a change. She scoffs, pointing out she has high standards. Jake grins and says he’ll have to work hard to live up to them.

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In bed, a shirtless Jake side-eyes Ava, who touches his chest. Days of Our Lives

As they eat scrambled eggs, Ava wonders if they skipped a couple of steps along the way. She doesn’t regret what happened, but she is going to move out. She can’t repeat the same mistakes she made with Rafe, who was really in love with someone else. Jake tries to insists that’s not the case and offers to take a step back. She thanks him for understanding and straddles him on his chair. She thinks they can slow things down this afternoon… or later tonight. They passionately kiss.

After taking a shower together, Ava sends Jake off to work. She’ll have a lovely dinner waiting for him when he gets home.

After dreaming of Jake, Gabi wakes up to Li. Over a plate of cookies, he tells her last night was one of the most intense and exciting of his life. He’s even thinking of postponing his flight to Hong Kong so they can spend more time together. He’s completely smitten with her, but if she doesn’t feel the same, they’ll forget last night ever happened. She doesn’t want that. In fact, she wants it to happen again. She kisses him and they fall back on the bed.

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As Gabi gets dressed, Li lounges in a robe on the bed. They discuss being discreet at work and with his father. Li relays his father wants him to settle down with a nice girl. Gabi doesn’t think she matches that description. That’s exactly what Li likes about her.

Later, Jake stops by Li’s room to thank him for having his back at DiMera. He wanted to say goodbye before he went to Hong Kong, but Li informs him he’s decided to stay in Salem. Jake scans the disheveled room and deduces why he’s sticking around.

As Gabi talks to Rafe on the phone at work, Ava drops by with documents Jake left at home. Gabi gleefully relays that Rafe and Nicole are engaged. Ava declares she’s thrilled for them. In fact, she’s moved on with someone younger and sexier. Gabi doesn’t care, but Ava thinks she’ll care that she slept with Jake last night.

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In the DiMera Enterprises boardroom, Gabi and Ava smirk at each other

At home, Jan tearfully relays to Shawn her nightmare about Belle trying to keep her from her baby. Shawn promises no one will take her child. If she’s sent back to prison, he’ll bring the baby to visit as much as he can. He might hate the situation, but he won’t rip a baby from its mother.

A hungover Belle joins EJ in the DiMera living room. She came to pick up her car so she can go clean out her office at home. EJ can’t believe she’s giving into Jan’s demands. Belle thinks it’s just easier so she doesn’t have to deal with her. EJ suggests she set up an office at the mansion. In fact, he’ll help her move her stuff over right now.

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Jan leans back on the couch and touches her pregnant belly, as she and Shawn exchange a tense look.

Back home, Shawn brings Jan pastries. She thanks him for taking care of her. She hugs him, as Belle and EJ arrive. Shawn becomes upset learning Belle is moving out and confided in EJ. Belle gets between the men as they step to each other. Jan grins and noshes on a pastry.

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Jan eats a pastry on the couch as she watches Belle break up Shawn and EJ's fight.

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Belle and EJ return to the mansion, where EJ consoles her. She tears up as he holds her. They pull back and he kisses her.

In bed, a dressed Leo tries to wake a shirtless Sonny, but he’s still out cold. Leo gleefully looks through photos of the memorable night they had and then leaves when Sonny stirs. With a pounding head, Sonny jumps out of bed, declaring he’s late.

Sonny finishes dressing downstairs, as Victor enjoys a plate of fruit. Sonny flashes back to Leo’s edible arrangement and orders his Uncle Vic to stop eating. As he recounts Leo’s visit, he suddenly remembers that Leo could have drugged him with the cookies. Victor blames Sonny for poking the bear, or in this case, the weasel. Victor orders his nephew to get a blood test so he can prove Leo drugged him.

Leo visits Gwen in prison. After mentioning Sonny, he asks if Gwen would like to help him get revenge on someone else.

Will shows up at the mansion. Sonny is thrilled to see his husband, but Will says he’s there because of the news alert. He shows Sonny an article about Leo’s wild night with him, complete with photos of them in bed together.

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