At Brady's Pub, Eric leans on a table across from Sarah. She crosses her arms and cocks her head at him.
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As her lawyer, Justin visits Paulina in the interrogation room. Her bail was denied because she confessed to killing a man. He asks if she was even being honest when she confessed. On second thought, learning she lied won’t help him get her confession thrown out. He pulls out her signed statement and wonders how she got Lani’s gun out of her holster, considering it was held in place with a snap. Paulina points out that Lani initially had her gun drawn — she probably just didn’t re-snap it in. So, she could have done what she said she did in her statement. Paulina orders Justin to use her past abuse as a defense to get her out of there. He instructs her not to make any more statements and leaves.

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In the interrogation room, Justin rests his briefcase on the table and raises his eyes at Paulina, who sits across from him.

A discharged Eli visits Abe in his hospital room. He brings clothes for Abe for when he’s let go. Abe just wants an update on whether or not Lani shot TR. Eli flashes back to Lani admitting it, but tells Abe she had nothing to do with it. Abe questions hearing Paulina say, “What have you done?” Eli convinces him that his head injury impaired his memory of that night. Abe relents and then vents about TR wreaking havoc on Paulina’s life. Eli notes it sounds like Abe still really cares for her. He admits it. Eli suggests he tell Paulina today.

From his hospital bed, Abe spreads his hands and looks to Eli, who sits frowning, with slumped shoulders.

After getting discharged, Abe visits Paulina at the station. She’s thrilled to see him out of the hospital. However, she wonders why he was at her place when TR shot him. He came to tell her he wants to be with her and that he loves her. She loves him too, but she’s probably going to prison. He says if that happens, it won’t change anything. She’s stuck with him.

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In the interrogation room, Abe reaches across the table to clasp Paulina's hand.

At Brady’s Pub, Sarah answers a call from Xander, only to tell him to stop calling. She has nothing to say to him. She hangs up as Eric approaches. He wonders if that was a good idea. She doesn’t want to discuss Xander, and rattles off all the ways her life is in upheaval right now. He starts to offer advice, but she gently refuses his priestly counsel. He says lucky for her, he’s not one anymore. Her mouth drops. He quips they’re quite a pair. Sarah wonders what he’s going to do now. He has no idea. As for Sarah, she plans to go back to Maggie’s, but he suggests she go to Xander instead. He knows she loves him and Xander worked hard for her forgiveness in the past. He thinks she should consider taking him back.

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In bed, a shirtless Rafe, turns to Nicole, who wears a negligee and looks at the ring on her finger.

In bed, Rafe worries about telling Holly about their engagement. Nicole is confident her daughter will happy about it.

Later, at the kitchen table, the engaged pair tell Holly about their plans. The girl is not surprised because she put the pieces together already. She’s fine with it. In fact, she thinks they should get married right away. Plus, she wants to be the flower girl. When Rafe leaves to get ready for work, Holly asks Nicole if Eric will be sad about her marrying Rafe. Nicole assures her Eric will be happy for her, just like she’s happy he’s fulfilled by being a priest.

Across the table in their kitchen, Nicole reaches for Holly's hand.

In the Square, Lani has a flashback of shooting TR, who used his last breath to say he forgave her. Chanel approaches and notes her sister looks lost. She asks what she was thinking about. Lani admits she was thinking about the shooting. She keeps hearing the last thing that TR said to her. Chanel asks what that was. Lani only cops to TR saying he loved her. When they discuss Paulina’s situation, Chanel cries. She’s not ready to lose her mama. Anguished, Lani has something to tell her.

Before Lani can continue, Xander plops down on the bench with the sisters. He declares he needs to get Sarah back. Chanel wonders what that has to do with her. Well, she’s a woman, she got him to do what she wanted when they got married, and he has no other friends around. So, he was hoping she could help him figure out what to do.

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After Lani leaves to pick up Eli, Xander fills Chanel in on Kristen impersonating Sarah. Plus, she drugged her, which is causing Sarah to hate him again for something she already forgave him for. He needs to know what to do. Chanel is at a loss for words, but eventually comes up with, “Hang in there.” Xander’s unimpressed, but it’s all Chanel’s got. She wishes him luck and leaves.

In Eli’s hospital room, he tells Lani he eased Abe’s fears about her shooting shot TR. However, Lani still feels guilty over what this is doing to Chanel. Eli retorts that Chanel’s grown, but their children aren’t and they need their mother.

Alone in the Square, Xander runs into Sarah, who wants to talk.

Back at the Pub, Nicole enters and promptly tells Eric she and Rafe are engaged. He congratulates her and tells her he’s been kicked out of the priesthood.

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Nicole faces Eric at Brady's Pub and holds up her left hand.

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