In the DiMera office, Lee addresses a stone faced EJ, Chad, Jake, and Gabi.
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From Shawn and Belle’s place, Jan calls Belle to summon her over. After she hangs up, Shawn asks Jan who she’s talking to. She lies that she was ordering a baby outfit for Ciara’s son. She beams, but Shawn’s not impressed. She offers to babysit for baby Bo, but Shawn retorts, “Not a chance in hell.” Jan thinks they could do it together so she can get practice on being a good mother. Shawn agrees to go ask his sister, but assumes it will be a hard no.

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At home, Shawn cocks his head at a pregnant Jan, who spreads her hands to make a point.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny and EJ hug over Johnny signing over his shares. Johnny says it was the least he could do. He still feels guilty, but EJ is just glad he’s healthy and whole. Johnny passes Chad on his way out. Chad and EJ revel in being well on their way to getting rid of Gabi once and for all.

Belle joins the DiMeras to relay she got everyone’s proxies and Peter Blake will be chiming in via video conference. EJ is impressed. He details how he and Chad mended fences and are forging ahead as a united front. Chad guiltily looks away, as EJ talks about JoDevil setting him up. Chad urges them to look forward instead of focusing on regrets.

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At home, Belle leans forward, teeth bared, toward a pregnant Jan.

Upon EJ’s suggestion, Belle goes home to confront Jan. Jan asks her to clear out her home office so she can create a nursery. Belle reminds Jan she’s going to back to prison once the baby is born, but Jan has no intention of going anywhere. Belle declares Jan will not destroy her marriage. She and Shawn are committed to each other forever. Jan points out that Shawn is at Ciara’s right now asking if they can babysit together. Belle shouts at her, as Shawn returns wondering what is going on.

At the DiMera office, Gabi makes plans over the phone for a big celebration. Jake shows up ready for work, but tells her he wants no part of a romantic dinner with her. She scoffs and says the reservations she made aren’t for him, but for Li, who walks in. Li relays the dinner is to celebrate Gabi’s successful closing of a deal. He invites Jake, but Gabi was hoping to spend time alone with Li. Jake raises an eyebrow, as she flirts with Li.

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In the DiMera office, Jake watches, as Gabi smirks at Li.

After he hangs up with Ava, Allie visits Tripp in his hospital room to thank him for saving her life. She wonders why he would sacrifice his life for hers, after everything she’s done. Tripp responds that he can’t deny what’s in his heart. “I still love you, Allie,” he says. He doesn’t expect her to say anything, but she says she still loves him too. He knows it’s possible to love two people at the same time and asks if she still has feelings for Chanel.

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In the hospital, Tripp sits up in a hospital bed, talking on the phone. His head is bandaged, and cuts cover his face.

In Horton Square, an emotional Chanel tries to compose herself, as Johnny taps her on the shoulder. He asks if she’s okay. She explains she was just with her mother at the police station. Johnny pulls her into his arms. As they pull away, they talk about Allie’s ordeal and Tripp saving her life. Johnny knows how it feels to do anything for the person you love. They stare into each other’s eyes and then head out to check on Tripp.

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In the DiMera office, Jake leans over Gabi's shoulder, as she looks at her tablet on her desk.

At DiMera, Li gets a call from Chad about an emergency shareholders meeting to oust Gabi. He thinks it’s a mistake and assures Gabi he’s on her side. After he leaves, Jake and Gabi tally the presumed votes. She thinks she’s toast, but Jake suggests they make calls to see who they can flip. He calls Kate, who promptly hangs up on him. Next, Jake calls Peter and brings him to their side. Gabi calls Johnny, who confirms he’s team EJ.

Back in Tripp’s room, Chanel interrupts, as Tripp asks Allie to confirm her feelings. The women embrace, as Tripp looks on. Johnny joins them and the women separate. Awkward looks are exchanged all around. Johnny and Chanel heap praise on Tripp for being a hero and then leave, holding hands. Tripp asks Allie again if she loves Chanel. Allie’s silence gives Tripp his answer.

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In the hospital lobby, Johnny tells Chanel he wants to support her through everything because he still loves her. Johnny kisses her. Chanel puts her arms around his neck as the kiss deepens.

Later, Li joins Chad, EJ, Jake, and Gabi in the DiMera office. The votes are tallied and Gabi is voted out by one vote. However, there’s a last-minute video conference call. Kristen’s face pops up and says, “Hey kids. You didn’t forget about me, did you?”

In an ornate bedroom, Kristen grins, while sitting at desk, in front of a tablet.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen shakes up the shareholder meeting.

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