At Brady's Pub, Xander appeals to Eric on Days of Our Lives
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At Brady’s Pub, Xander tells Eric that Sarah’s memory is back, but she doesn’t know their baby died. When she asked about Mickey, he panicked and told her the baby was with him. He didn’t want her to go through the pain of learning her baby died all over again. Eric thinks he just doesn’t want her to hate him again. They argue about Xander’s motives, with Eric demanding he tell Sarah the truth today. Xander spots Eric’s bag and suggests he just tell Sarah that Eric and Nicole have taken the baby on holiday. He gets a call from Maggie and learns Sarah’s gone. He races out of there fearing she’s looking for Mickey.

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At the apartment, Sarah asks a confused Nicole to see Mickey. She assumes Eric is there and is shocked to see Rafe walk out in just a towel. More confusion ensues, leading Nicole to tell her Mickey isn’t there because… she and Eric split up. Sarah worries they broke up because of her and rushes out before Nicole can explain more.

Later, a disheveled Xander bangs on Nicole’s door. She tells him Sarah left to find her baby. “Care to explain what that’s about,” she asks. He dismisses her, suggesting she pretend to go on vacation with Eric. Nicole says it won’t help. The longer he tries to keep it a secret the worse things will be. If he tells her now, he can make sure she hears the truth in a loving, sensitive way.

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Sarah enters Brady’s Pub and sees Eric. She’s desperate to hold their little girl and asks him to go get her. Eric gently sits her down. There’s something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy to hear.

Later, Xander rushes back to the Pub and finds Sarah crying in Eric’s arms. She shoots daggers at him and says, “How could you?” She runs upstairs.

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In the interrogation room, Lani refuses to let Paulina take the rap for something she did. Paulina thinks the jury will believe she was acting in self-defense. Besides, she might not have pulled the trigger, but she’s responsible for letting TR back into their lives. Lani doesn’t think she can live with the cover-up. She needs to tell Rafe the truth, right now. When Chanel joins them, Paulina encourages Lani to go be with her husband. Lani reluctantly leaves.

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Chanel hands Paulina a chocolate croissant from Sweet Bits. As Paulina gushes over it, Chanel orders her to stop talking about the damn pastry. She wants her mother to take this seriously, but Paulina assures her the lawyers are taking care of everything. She’ll just get a slap on the wrist. Chanel tears up, expressing how scared she is. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her. Paulina is confident that won’t happen, but if the worst does occur, Chanel won’t be alone. She has a lot of family around. Chanel loves them, but they’re not her mama. Paulina hugs a crying Chanel. She’s got her and that will never change.

In Abe’s hospital room, he and Eli wonder if Paulina is covering for Lani. Eli needs to talk to his wife and it can’t wait.

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When she discovers he’s not in his room, Julie finds her grandson with Abe. He kisses her on the cheek and rushes out. Alone with Abe, Julie says Paulina is a hero for protecting her family from TR. She encourages him to tell Paulina how he feels about her. He doesn’t think it’s the right time, but Julie thinks it could give Paulina something to hang on to.

Back in his room, Eli dresses as Lani returns. He tells his wife he’s not so sure Paulina is guilty. He proposes that Paulina is covering for her. When Lani grows defensive, Eli assures her he’s on her side no matter what, but he needs to know what’s going on. Whatever it is, they’ll get through it together. He asks who really shot TR. She turns to him and says, “It was me.”

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They sit as Lani explains she found TR about to hit Paulina and her father lying on the floor bleeding. She wanted to be the one to stop TR, so she did. She killed her own father. Eli corrects her, Abe is her father and she saved his life. She explains that she was in shock and went along with Paulina, but she can’t let her mother take the blame. She thinks maybe Eli can help convince Paulina to recant. Eli can’t let Lani go to prison. He needs her. Their kids need her. If it wasn’t a clean shooting, Lani’s looking at hard time. He thinks it would be better for everyone if she let Paulina take the fall.

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