A white light shines over Bo at the hospital. He stands next to an IV bag, and looks down with a raised hand. Days of Our Lives
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John and Eric rush out of the church after a possessed Tripp flings himself out the window. Allie comes to and looks to Marlena and Johnny, wondering why she’s at a church. Johnny gently tells her she was possessed. She recalls hearing Tripp’s voice and asks where he is. Marlena shakes her head at Johnny.

Outside, Tripp lies motionless on the ground. Cuts cover his face. He weakly asks John and Eric about Allie. They tell him he saved her and that the devil is gone, thanks to him. Tripp loses consciousness and Eric calls 9-1-1.

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Tripp lies on the ground. Glass shards surround him and bloody cuts cover his face. Days of Our Lives

Steve finds Kayla at the hospital and learns Ciara and Ben named their son Bo. Steve calls that perfect. John rushes up and tells them Tripp’s in the ER. Kayla runs off as Steve calls Ava.

Jake and Ava sit outside in Horton Square. An irritated Ava can’t believe he’s going back to work for the “Queen Viper” herself. He declares DiMera is his birthright and he and Gabi are done. She retorts, “So your relationship is platonic… just like ours.” He assumes she’s not a fan of that last part. They lock eyes, and he suggests they head home. As they’re about to leave, Steve calls Ava about Tripp.

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In Horton Square, Ava looks distressed while talking on the phone. Jake looks on with concern. Days of Our Lives

In their hospital room, Ben and Ciara see Ghost Bo, who explains he’s been watching over the family all along. He assures them the devil is gone and not coming back. One good man sacrificed everything to get rid of him. He explains they’ll find out about that soon enough. He also tells Ben that he needs to let go of his fear about fatherhood. He’s redeemed himself and is a good man. If he works hard, he’ll be a great dad. Now, there’s something he has to take care of. He asks Ciara to tell Hope he loves her and to give little Bo lots of kisses from him. Bo says he’s proud of his Little One and disappears. Ciara cries. She always wanted Ben to meet her dad.

Back at the hospital, Ava rushes into the ER as Kayla tries to revive Tripp. When she can’t, she tearfully turns to Steve and Ava and says he’s gone. Steve holds Ava back as she tears into Kayla. Anguished, Steve tells her to stop it. Their son is gone. Kayla leaves them alone. Ava looks at Tripp’s bloody body and collapses into Steve’s arms.

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At the hospital, Bo walks through a door, awash in bright light. He smiles at Ciara.

Kayla returns to the lobby and tells John they lost Tripp. He holds her, as she cries.

Jake enters Ben and Ciara’s hospital room and meets baby Bo. He wishes he didn’t have to tell them, but Tripp was in an accident. Ciara recalls Bo’s cryptic comment and asks if Tripp is dead. Jake tells him everything he knows.

At the Pub, Kate leaves another message for Lucas. Since no one can find him or Sami, he’s going to have to tell Roman — who walks up. He says, “Tell Roman, what?” Kate busies herself setting tables as she tries to figure out how to tell him. As she begins, Lucas shows up. Kate embraces him and asks why he hasn’t been answering her calls. He needs to know how Allie is first. Roman says they don’t know.

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At Brady's Pub, Kate and Lucas hug. Days of Our Lives

Lucas relays that Sami broke her leg skiing and is in the hospital. She can’t fly, so he came alone. When Roman steps away to call Marlena, Kate asks her son for the real story. Offended, Lucas insists that’s the truth. Roman returns and informs Lucas that Allie is possessed by the devil. Lucas reels. Eric shows up and updates them on the latest development. Lucas runs out.

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At the Pub, Lucas gives Kate and Roman a confused look, as Eric talks. Days of Our Lives

Marlena and Johnny bring Allie home. She changes and checks on Henry. She then demands Marlena and Johnny tell her what she did. Johnny fills her in and the twins embrace. Allie thanks them both and heads to her bedroom. Marlena gets a call from John, who relays the bad news.

Jake returns to John and Kayla and learns Tripp died. He walks off to find Ava.

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Marlena looks on, as Allie and Johnny hug at Allie's place. Days of Our Lives

In Tripp’s room, Steve and Kayla mourn their son. Ava says she didn’t deserve a son like him. Steve breaks down as Ava crawls onto the bed next to Tripp. She sobs while cradling her son. Jake walks in and helps her up. She pulls the blankets over Tripp’s bare chest. Jake tells Steve how sorry he is and helps Ava out of the room.

Steve sobs as he sits with Tripp. Kayla enters and holds her husband. Steve cries, “I want my boy.” Ghost Bo appears and puts his hand on Tripp’s head. Tripp jolts awake. They rush to his side and Steve sees Bo, who dissolves away.

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Near the hospital elevators, John looks on, as Jake holds Ava. Days of Our Lives

Jake holds Ava as they head to the elevator. John offers his condolences and Steve rushes up. Ava returns to a very much alive Tripp.

Ben returns to Ciara and the baby. He relays that Tripp died and came back to life. Ciara knows her dad had something to do with it. He chokes up over what could have happened. He just wants everyone to be as happy as they are right now. She looks to their son and says that’s not possible.

Allie returns to the living room as Jonny wonders how to tell her about Tripp. Before he can, Lucas shows up. She runs to her father’s arms. He’s sorry he wasn’t there for her. Allie says there’s nothing anyone could have done except Tripp. She asks if he died because of her. She cries over not having the chance to tell him she loves him. John stops by and tells Allie that Tripp is alive and will be just fine. She embraces him.

Lucas comforts a crying Allie on Days of Our Lives

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