In a church, AllieDevil holds a lit candle, as Tripp and Johnny face them. Days of Our Lives
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At the station, Shawn updates John about Evan and the devil’s plan to take over the baby’s soul. Shawn gets a message about Jan’s ankle monitor going off. John says he’ll deal with Jan, so Shawn can look for the baby.

At the Pub, Eric and Belle talk about Ciara’s baby, and her rocky marriage. He urges her not to let Jan get the best of her, but Belle doesn’t know what else to do. Belle gets a message from John about Jan’s ankle monitor going off. She worries what that psycho could do if she’s on the loose.

Eric and Belle talk at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

John enters Shawn and Belle’s place, as Jan comes out in a red negligee and robe. John is sorry to disappoint her, but Shawn’s not there. She covers up. They bicker about Belle, and Jan declares she will end up with Shawn. John reminds her Shawn and Belle always find a way back to each other.

Tripp calls Marlena, who tells him the devil is still possessing Allie. She’s waiting to hear from Johnny, who went to the cemetery. Tripp’s going out there himself. He loves her granddaughter and will do whatever he can to get Allie out of this nightmare.

At Shawn and Belle's place, John side-eyes Jan on Days of Our Lives

At the cemetery, Ben and Ciara roll up on their bikes and order AllieDevil away from their son. Ben enters the devil’s pentagram, but a jolt of red light knocks him out. Charlie chuckles, as he says they wasted their time coming there. His boss already won this battle. A red light casts over AllieDevil, who raises their arms to the sky. After confirming Ben still has a pulse, Ciara declares she won’t let the devil take her baby.

In the woods, AllieDevil kneels in a pentagram with baby Bo in a basket. A red lights casts down, as AllieDevil raises their arms to the sky. Days of Our Lives

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A white light casts over Ciara and she thrusts her arms toward AllieDevil. Johnny comes to, as AllieDevil realizes Ciara is fighting back. AllieDevil yells, “Be gone,” but Ciara’s light pushes AllieDevil out of the pentagram. Ciara picks up her baby and white light glows over them. AllieDevil is blinded by the light and takes off, leaving a frustrated Charlie to shout at Ciara, “I was supposed to raise that baby!” If he doesn’t get to raise the baby, then neither does Ben. He stomps over to Ben’s motionless body with a knife.

Just as Charlie is about to stab Ben, Tripp knocks him to dust with a baseball bat. Tripp then runs off to find AllieDevil.

In the woods, Ciara is cast in white light, as she thrusts her hands at AllieDevil, in red light. Days of Our Lives

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AllieDevil runs into a church and says, “After twenty-five years, we’ve come full circle.” They recall a possessed Marlena setting a fire outside St. Luke’s. “What a fitting place for the grand finale,” AllieDevil says and heads up a winding staircase.

When Ben comes to in the cemetery, he holds his son. “Hey Bo,” he says. “I’m your dad.” The new parents marvel over how beautiful he is and Ben remarks that Ciara saved him. Ciara says the three of them are a family now and they’re going to protect each other forever.

MarDevil raises their arms as flames engulf a church. Days of Our Lives

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After hearing from John that Jan isn’t on the loose, Belle and Eric get a message that Johnny followed AllieDevil to the church. Belle wants to go with her brother, but he thinks it’s best if the devil has one less option for a host body.

Tripp runs into the church and finds Johnny, who texts his family for backup. They race upstairs to find AllieDevil standing in a pool of gasoline and holding a lit candle. The devil says they are going out in a blaze of glory and taking little Alice Caroline Horton with them. Johnny yells, “Allie! Stop!” The men try to get through to Allie, who starts to fight back when Henry’s name is invoked.

At the hospital, Ben holds the baby, as he and Ciara loving look at him. Kayla watches. Days of Our Lives

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Belle walks out of Brady’s Pub and runs into Shawn. He tells her Ben, Ciara, and the baby are headed to the hospital to get checked out. She asks if she can go with him. He smiles and says, of course.

At the hospital, Kayla fusses over Ben and Ciara’s baby and learns they named him Bo. Kayla thinks Ciara’s dad would be so proud. They ask her to check him out and she leads them away.

In a church, Eric and Tripp flank Marlena, who yells at AllieDevil. Days of Our Lives

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As AllieDevil is about to drop the flame to burn up Allie’s body, Tripp, and Johnny, the candle goes out. Father Eric, Marlena, and John arrive. After Marlena declares the town’s love is too great for the devil to overcome, John orders Satan out of his granddaughter’s body. AllieDevil will oblige, but only after Allie dies.

Belle and Shawn enter the hospital room, as Kayla tells Ben and Ciara baby Bo is perfect. Shawn holds his nephew and vows to tell him all about his grandpa in heaven when he gets older. Belle remembers when Claire was that little, and they reminisce. The moment’s ruined when Jan calls Shawn with a request for food.

At the hospital, Belle looks over Shawn's shoulder, as he holds baby Bo. Days of Our Lives

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At the church, everyone holds hands and forms a circle around AllieDevil. They pray as Marlena urges Allie to fight. Weakened, AllieDevil falls to their knees and threatens to snap Allie’s neck. Tripp rushes forward and screams, “Take me instead!” Allie taunts Tripp about Allie cheating on him, but Tripp still loves her and he always will. He yells at the devil to come into him, so Allie can live and raise Henry. Allie’s body limply falls back and Tripp’s eyes glow yellow.

Dressed in all white, Bo emerges from a bright light. Days of Our Lives

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Alone with Ben and the baby at the hospital, Ciara tells her husband about the white glow of light. She says it was like a presence. Suddenly, she sees a bright glow and says, “Dad?” Bo walks through the light and says, “Hey there little one.” She asks Ben if she’s seeing things. Ben says, “If you are, then I am too.” Bo confirms he was at the cemetery and Ciara says he saved her son’s life. She tells him they named him Bo. “Thank you for that,” he says with a smile.

At the church, TrippDevil tells everyone Allie is still going to die… and by Tripp’s own hands. The devil grips a passed out Allie’s throat, but Tripp fights back. He gets control of his body and jumps through the window. He falls and lies motionless on the ground.

At a church, Tripp smirks and his eyes glow yellow. Days of Our Lives

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