At Paulina's apartment, Lani aims a gun at TR, who turns in surprise. Days of Our Lives
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At the Pub, Roman tells Kate that John, Marlena, and Eric are still looking for Allie. Also, Sami and Lucas are missing. Since no one’s heard from them, he contacted Shane, who relayed it’s like they dropped off the face of the earth. He worries Satan has them. When Kate tries to reassure him, he points out they didn’t know Sami was being held against her will the last time she left town. Kate asks if he thinks EJ took both of them this time. Roman reminds her EJ was exonerated for kidnapping Sami. Plus, it never sit right with him that EJ was the culprit. Kate tries to keep suspicion on EJ, as Roman continues to fret.

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EJ and Chad face each other, while holding drinks in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, EJ relays to Chad that he finally convinced Susan and Johnny to rest before continuing their psychic search for Allie. He then apologizes for his adversarial reaction to Johnny favoring Chad over him. Chad is understanding, but EJ knows all of it was selfish and it cost him his son, and DiMera. Chad knows Johnny will be fine with their help and, as far as DiMera is concerned, Chad doesn’t want Gabi running it any more than he does. EJ suggests they join forces to take back what’s theirs. When he mentions Belle’s on board to help, EJ elaborates on how the devil made it look like Belle set him up while possessed.

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When EJ leaves to talk to Johnny about signing over his shares, a guilt-ridden Chad calls Kate. He wants to make things right with EJ, but Kate points out he isn’t exactly the forgiving type. Kate hangs up when Roman returns to her. However, he’s ready to turn in so he can be fresh to re-join the search in the morning. Once he’s gone, Kate leaves a message for Lucas, warning him Roman is asking questions. If she doesn’t hear from him in 24 hours, she’s telling Roman everything.

Back at the mansion, EJ returns to Chad. Johnny signed over his shares, but he has no memory of the devil setting him up. EJ says they’ll never know what happened. Chad has something to tell him…  but all he says is he’s sorry for everything that’s happened between them, as well. He wants to be brothers again.

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At home, Steve and Kayla open the door to Seth on Days of Our Lives

After a long day of listening to Susan’s ramblings, Steve comes home to Kayla. He’ll re-start his search for Allie tomorrow. She grabs her purse to go check on Ciara, lamenting Ciara not having a doctor who really knows her. “If not for that jackass Seth Burns,” she begins, as there’s a knock at the door. Steve opens it and says, “Oh, look. It’s the jackass now.” Steve dresses Seth down, but Seth is there to offer Kayla her job back.

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As Kayla invites Seth in, Steve gets a call from a panicked Julie, who urges him to go to Paulina’s right now. It’s an emergency. After Steve leaves, Seth tells Kayla that Craig has left Salem, which puts him in a desperate position. He’s there to beg her to come back as Chief of Staff. Kayla would love to have her job back, but she won’t fire Marlena. He relays that Marlena’s possession is old news and her popularity among the staff rivals only Kayla’s. She asks when he wants her to start. Seth asks, “How about tonight?”

Abe lies motionless on the floor of Paulina's apartment. Days of Our Lives

At Paulina’s, Lani sees Abe lying in a pool of blood and TR raising his hand to Paulina. TR says he can explain, but Lani shoots him in the chest. TR goes down and Lani drops her gun. She hears Abe stir and rushes to his side. “He’s alive,” she sighs. “I’m not so sure about Ray,” Paulina retorts.

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Paulina calls an ambulance as TR jolts awake. He grabs Lani’s hand and says, “I love you.” She wonders how he can say that after all he’s done. He says she’s his daughter and he loves her. “I forgive you,” he says before taking one last breath. Lani feels for a pulse and turns to Paulina. “He’s dead,” she says. When Paulina asks what she’s done, Lani explains that Ray is the one who shot Eli and that he had been abusing Beth. She then panics over shooting TR instead of just arresting him.

A stonefaced Lani aims her gun on Days of Our Lives

Steve shows up and sees Ray on the floor. He asks, “What happened here?” Paulina blurts out, “I shot him.” As Steve tends to Abe, Lani asks Paulina why she confessed. Paulina orders her daughter to check on Abe, assuring her she knows what she’s doing. Paulina puts her fingerprints on the gun before the paramedics arrive to take Abe to the hospital.

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Kayla enters Eli’s hospital room, as Julie tries to prevent her grandson from getting up to find Lani. Kayla gets a call that paramedics are en route from Paulina’s, but she doesn’t know who the victim is. She leaves, as Julie and Eli fret.

Kayla checks on Abe in his hospital room. She asks if he remembers what happened before or after the attack. Abe looks off and recalls hearing a panicked Paulina ask, “What have you done?”

Back at Paulina’s, cops show up and arrest her. Later, Steve notes the cops bagging a police-issued service weapon as evidence, as they take away TR’s body.

Lani returns to Eli and tells him Ray is dead. He asks what happened. She recalls pulling the trigger, but says, “Paulina says she shot him.”

At the station, Paulina is fingerprinted and photographed.

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