AllieDevil holds a baby in the DiMera crypt on Days of Our Lives
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In his hospital room, Eli tells Lani that her biological father tried to kill him. Lani thinks he’s confused, but Eli remembers finding TR with drugs and that he had been abusing Beth. Lani reels. She wanted so badly to believe that TR had pulled his life together. Eli is sorry, but her father is the same woman-beating addict who abused Paulina all those years ago. Lani can’t believe she fell for his act, which almost cost Eli his life. Eli says they’ll deal with him. Lani responds, “You’re damn right I am going to deal with him.”

Eli implores Lani to call Rafe and let the department handle it. He asks if she knows where TR is. Lani recalls seeing TR leave the hospital with Paulina and calls her mother. When Paulina doesn’t pick up, Lani leaves a voice message about how dangerous TR still is. Ignoring Eli’s pleas to wait for backup, Lani rushes out to arrest her biodad herself.

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At Paulina's apartment, TR raises a bat, while standing behind Abe. Days of Our Lives

At Paulina’s, TR tries to put Abe off when he asks to see his ex. When he persists, TR wonders what’s so important. Abe says, “I’m here to tell the woman I love, I want her back.” TR retorts Abe’s too late because he and Paulina are back together. The men argue and TR tries to shut the door on him. Abe blocks it and then gets a call from Tripp who says Eli is awake. As Abe shoves past TR to tell Paulina the news, TR knocks him out with a baseball bat.

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At the hospital, Lani urgently talks to Julie on Days of Our Lives

Lani rushes to the hospital elevator as Julie steps off it. Julie informs her she was just with Abe who has gone to get Paulina back. Panicked, Lani boards the elevator, leaving Julie confused.

Julie visits with Eli and lets him know the twins can’t wait to see him. She then notes Lani’s weird behavior at the elevator, leading Eli to fill her in about TR. Julie worries she’s just put Paulina and Abe in harm’s way. Panic washes over Eli, who adds that Lani is on her way there right now.

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Abe lies motionless on the floor of Paulina's apartment. Days of Our Lives

TR drags Abe behind the sofa, as Paulina returns to the living room. TR tries to rush her out the door for their trip, but Paulina hears Abe moaning. She looks behind the sofa to find Abe in a pool of blood. She finds her phone to call 9-1-1, but TR rips it out of her hand. As they argue, TR raises his hand to her. Lani arrives, gun drawn, and sees Abe on the floor. TR turns and says he can explain. Stone-faced, Lani fires her gun.

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A stonefaced Lani aims her gun on Days of Our Lives

At the cabin, Ciara tearfully tells Ben that AllieDevil has their baby. A tear falls down Ben’s cheek, as he marvels over what she just went through. Ciara sobs, wondering if she’ll ever get to hold her son. She tries to stand from the sofa, but Ben says she’s in no condition to go after the devil right now. He’ll go after AllieDevil himself. Ciara won’t let him do that alone and heads to the door. She opens it to Rafe and embraces him.

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At the Horton Cabin, Ben looks with concern at an anguished Ciara. Days of Our Lives

Rafe explains he thought AllieDevil was going to be there, but assures her he has people looking everywhere for the devil and the baby. He agrees that Ben should take Ciara to the hospital. Rafe vows not to stop until he brings her son back to her.

AllieDevil carries baby Bo to the crypt. “We are going to do great things together,” the devil says. Evan enters, shocked to find “Allie” with glowing devil eyes and a baby. Evan demands to know who “Allie” really is. AllieDevil says, “People call me all kinds of names, but you probably know me as the devil incarnate.”

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In the DiMera crypt, AllieDevil holds a baby, while facing Evan. Days of Our Lives

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At the hospital, Ben tells a panicked Ciara the best thing she can do right now is to take care of herself. Bo will need a healthy mom when he comes home. She cries over how beautiful, but tiny and fragile, their son is. He holds her as she repeats how scared she is. Ben assures her they will hold their son soon. She believes him, but right now she needs him to join the search party and find him.

As Evan processes AllieDevil’s story, he realizes the baby is Ben and Ciara’s. He asks what the devil is planning to do with the boy. AllieDevil is so tired of that question, but is ready to tell someone the answer. The devil declares they will take over the baby’s body because his soul is too new to fight back, like Allie, Johnny, and Marlena did before him. Bo will be the devil’s earthly do over. They’ll get a whole lifetime together. Evan wonders if the devil plans to have Ben and Ciara raise them. AllieDevil says the parents’ part in all of this is over. In fact, they want Evan to kill Ben and Ciara.

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