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At the hospital, Lani is overjoyed as Eli opens his eyes and nods when she asks if he can hear her. He touches her hand, and she takes it and kisses it. She tells him not to try and talk and rushes out to find a doctor.

In the waiting room, TR asks Paulina if they can go someplace more private, like his room. Paulina suggests they go to her place, so they head out. Lani sees Paulina leaving with TR, but then spots Tripp and tells him that Eli is awake.

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Back in Eli’s room, Tripp takes him off the ventilator, and he asks why he’s in the hospital. Lani explains he’s been in a coma since March, and it’s May. She reveals that he was shot, but he doesn’t remember. Tripp notes that’s completely normal.

After giving him an exam, Tripp offers to call the family for Lani to tell them about Eli. He leaves, and Eli asks about her and the kids. Lani says the kids are fine, but she was a mess. Fortunately, she had so much help from the family, including TR. Eli doesn’t want that man near their kids. Lani assures her that he was never left alone with them, and a lot has changed. She admits even Paulina is beginning to think he’s a changed man. The last thing Eli remembers is having the ISA check him out, but there was something else. He spoke to someone who knew him. Lani tells him that was his ex-girlfriend, Beth. Eli remembers her, and Lani reveals Beth told him he was sober and never abused her. Eli doesn’t remember that.

Eli asks about the shooting, so Lani fills him in on being shot by Frank a local drug dealer. She explains she and Shawn found him already shot, and the dealer had already OD’d and Eli’s gun was in his hand. He asks if she has a picture of Frank, and she shows him one. Eli doesn’t recognize him. Suddenly Eli begins having flashes of the fight over the gun and then remembers trying to arrest TR. He tells Lani, “It wasn’t Frank who shot me, it was TR.”

At Ben’s place, Susan pushes Johnny to try and make that special connection to Allie and help her fight off the devil. She tells him to focus on a photo of his sister and concentrate on what is happening with Allie right now. Johnny tries but says his head is hurting him too much. Ben begs Johnny to try again. Johnny tries and says, “Allie, you need to think about Henry and how much he needs you.” Suddenly Johnny can see Ciara from Allie’s point of view.

At the cabin, Ciara tells AllieDevil to get out of her way as she’s going to the docks and making the cops take her to Ben. As she opens the door, her water breaks. Ciara panics that she needs Ben and can’t do this without him. AllieDevil assures her that she can do this, and she has no choice but to have her baby right here.

Ciara continues to cry she needs Ben. AllieDevil says, “Sorry girlfriend but I’m all you got.” She promises Ciara that she’s in good hands. Ciara takes a birthing position on the floor and grabs a photo of Ben out of her purse so he can be there.

Back at Ben and Ciara’s place, Johnny can see Ciara through Allie’s eyes, and that she’s in labor. At the cabin, AllieDevil begins to hear Johnny’s voice and says, “Get out, get out of here!” Ciara is confused.

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At Ben’s, Johnny falls to the floor and says the devil pushed him out. He thinks though that they were at a cabin. Ben assumes it’s his cabin and races out. Johnny tries again to reach Allie.

At the cabin, Ciara gives birth to her baby. AllieDevil tells her that he’s perfect. Ciara asks to hold her baby, but AllieDevil just holds him and smiles.

At Ben’s, Johnny can see that Ciara had the baby and Allie is holding him. Back at the cabin, Allie hears Johnny’s voice again and tells him to get out! She forces Johnny back out, but Johnny knows from seeing a ferry ticket on the floor that they are on Smith Island. He realizes Ben went to the wrong cabin. Susan tries to call Ben, but all she gets is his voicemail. She leaves him a message that he’s gone to the wrong cabin.

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Back at the cabin, AllieDevil washes the baby as Ciara begs to be given him. AllieDevil tells her that this is her baby, and she has big plans for him. Ciara says, “Damnit Allie, give him to me!” In the devil’s voice, AllieDevil says, “Sorry. I’m not Allie.” Ciara says this can’t be as he was in Johnny. AllieDevil explains in her business one needs to learn to pivot. Suddenly Allie’s voice appears in her own head and says she won’t let the devil do this.

Later, Ben arrives at the cabin and tells Ciara she’s okay. He can’t believe he almost went to the wrong place. Ciara cries Allie is the devil now, and they’ve taken their baby. Meanwhile, Johnny calls Rafe to fill him in on what’s happened.

Abe stops by the Horton house to pick up the twins and tells Julie that he is so sorry to hear about Allie and Ciara. Julie pours them some tea and asks about Lani and Eli. He says Lani is hanging in, but there is no change with Eli.  He reveals things got tense between him and TR because he and Paulina recently kissed. TR told him off for hurting Paulina’s feelings when he pushed her away.

Julie can’t understand why Paulina let him back in her life. Abe feels there is something romantic between them, which seems like a bad idea. Julia calls it a stupid idea and says Abe needs to do something about this. She sees that Abe still loves Paulina, so it’s time he wins her back. Abe says the problem is he can’t trust Paulina. Julia notes that at this point she doesn’t have anything left to lie about. Julie says Paulina loves him and asks if he really wants a woman like her to slip away. He doesn’t and will tell her that he loves her. Julie tells him to go do it now, and the kids will be fine with her.

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At Paulina’s place, TR tells her that these past few months have meant the world to him. He’s loved meeting his daughter and grandchildren, and he’s grateful that she’s given him another chance. He realizes Paulina is the love of his life. He takes her hand and asks her to marry him. Paulina asks if he’s lost his damn mind. He knows he’s moving fast, which she calls a massive understatement. TR suggests they go away for a romantic weekend then, and after making an argument for it, she finally agrees. TR hugs her and says she’s made him so happy.

Paulina grabs her phone to call Lani, but TR says he’ll call her and she should go pack. Paulina heads to her room, and TR vows to get that money. Paulina’s phone rings and TR answers it. It’s Tripp looking for Paulina and he relays to TR that Eli just woke up. TR asks if he’s said anything about what happened, and Tripp says he doesn’t remember, but his memory could return. TR thanks him and will tell Paulina right away. Paulina peeks out from the bedroom and asks if that was Lani. He says it was, and she wants them to go away and have a good time.  Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and TR answers it to find Abe standing there.

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