In Horton Square, Leo holds his suitcase handle, as he faces Brady and Sonny. Days of Our Lives
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In Craig’s hotel room, Leo tells his former fiancé there’s only one thing he wants, and that’s him. Craig doesn’t think there’s any reason to believe him. Leo lists all the little ways he has shown he loves him. But also, for the first time in his life, he admitted he did something wrong and apologized. What he’s not sorry for though is that he fell in love with him. Their time together has been the best of his life. Leo asks if Craig can forgive him. “Can we please start over?” he asks. Craig would like to take him in his arms and never let him go, but he doesn’t trust him. They’re done. Leo asks if he hates him. Craig doesn’t. Because of him, he can be himself. “Goodbye, kiddo,” he says and kisses his cheek. Despite what happened, he doesn’t regret loving him. Leo leaves.

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Sonny holds his phone out to Chad, as they sit on the DiMera couch. Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chad reads the interview Leo gave about them ending up in bed together, Chad showing up drunk on his hotel doorstep, and Abigail admitting that Chad is obsessed with him. Chad snarks at Sonny for encouraging them to do all that and then pulls out his phone to call his lawyer. Sonny points out he can’t sue Leo because everything he said is technically true. Chad suggests he give his own interview, but Sonny thinks it would only add fuel to the fire. Chad thinks it’s easy for Sonny to say, considering he wasn’t mentioned in the article. Chad narrows his eyes wondering why that is. Is Leo right about Sonny wanting him? Sonny insists he’s not, but he has a sickening feeling Leo is going after all of them.

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In Horton Square, Nancy glares up at Clyde on Days of Our Lives

Nancy bumps into Clyde in the Square. She tries to stalk off, but Clyde stops her. He explains he stood her up because Ben and Ciara were kidnapped by the devil. Nancy chuckles. Clyde insists it’s the truth and shows her an article about it on his phone. She hugs him, assuming he must be worried sick about Ciara. Clyde appreciates that. Since the cops are looking for his daughter-in-law and Ben would rather be alone right now, he asks her to lunch at the Pub.

As they head out, they run into Chloe and Brady. Chloe asks, “What the hell are you doing with this guy?” Nancy responds that they’re about to go on their first date. Chloe says, “Over my dead body.” Nancy assures Chloe she knows all about Clyde’s past, but men can change. Nancy and Clyde leave for lunch. Chloe can’t believe she has to go through this with her mother now. Brady assures her he’ll be there for her.

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Later, Sonny runs into Brady in the Square. They wonder why Leo went after Chad instead of them. Leo appears to promise they are next. He and Craig may be over, but he’s not going anywhere. “Hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned,” Leo warns. “I’m coming for you. I’m coming for all of you.”

When Chloe comes to Craig’s room he tells her he resigned from the hospital and is moving back to New York. He’s sorry for how much he hurt her and her mother. She tears up. She hopes that he meets a man worthy of him. They hug as Craig declares that no man has had a better daughter.

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In Brady's Pub, Nancy sits across a table from Clyde and smiles. Days of Our Lives

At the Pub, Clyde tells Nancy he likes her, but he’d understand if she’d like to back out because of her daughter. Nancy says her days of pleasing other people are over. She deserves her happy ending now.

In the interrogation room, Abigail tells Jack that Gwen gloated over killing Laura on purpose. Jack asks if that’s true. Gwen says of course not, but Abigail recites her exact wording. Jack turns to his daughter and sternly asks, “Did you kill Laura?” Gwen insists Laura’s death was an accident. She only said she did it to hurt Abigail. After Jennifer and Abigail rail at her, Gwen asks for a moment alone with her father. Before they leave, Jennifer tells Jack she will support whatever he decides, but she will never trust Gwen to be part of their family ever again.

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In the interrogation room, Jack stands, glowering at Gwen. She sits in a chair, averting her eyes. Days of Our Lives

Alone, Gwen asks Jack if anything can change his mind about her. Jack declares he will always be her father, but after what she did to Sarah and Abigail, he doesn’t know what kind of family they could be. He walks out.

Abigail returns to Gwen, demanding the truth. Gwen knows it’s killing her not knowing, which is precisely why she’ll never tell her what really happened to her sweet little granny. She’ll never know. “Pay back’s a bitch, isn’t it?”

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