In the interrogation room, Jack leans in, wide-eyed at Gwen, who sits with an anguished expression. Xander stands next to Jack with a furrowed brow. Days of Our Lives
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At the DiMera mansion, Chad details Leo’s epic wedding humiliation to Sonny over breakfast. Leo shows up and lashes out at them. He accuses Sonny of trashing his wedding because he wants him back. Sonny erupts in laughter, before declaring how happy he is he stopped Leo from doing to Craig what he did to him. Leo reminds Sonny he was paid to be with him and declares he faked it during sex, much to Sonny’s chagrin. Leo insists he is truly in love with Craig. So, now it’s his turn for revenge. When Chad chuckles, Leo vows he will rue the day he screwed Matthew Cooper, a.k.a. Leo Stark.

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After Leo leaves, Sonny dismisses Leo’s threats, but Chad worries over what he’ll do next. A news alert pops up on Chad’s tablet. They see an article with an accompanying photo of Chad in drag with the headline, “Chad DiMera’s Secret Life.”

In his hotel room, Craig changes his online relationship status to single. Nancy knocks on the door. He assumes she’s there for her “I told you so” moment. She’s not. She’s there because she knows what it’s like to love someone so much that you ignore all the warning signs. It happened to her and now it’s happened to her best friend. She knows he’s been through a lot, but he deserves to be happy. She wonders if he’s really done with Leo, suggesting Leo could love him for real.

There’s a knock at the door. Craig opens it to Leo, who asks for a moment alone. Nancy leaves after Craig assures her it’s fine. Once she’s gone, Craig spits, “What the hell do you want?”

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xander talks to maggie who's having unsettled memories days of our lives

Xander visits Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. She tells him Sarah is settling in at the clinic, but there’s no change. Isn’t he supposed to be on his honeymoon, though? Xander tells her there was no wedding and fills her in on what Gwen did. After reminding Xander he left Sarah behind as soon as he realized she wouldn’t immediately recover, Maggie realizes the antidote could still work on her daughter. Xander already talked to Kayla about it and asked Chad to reach out to Rolf, but he is in solitary confinement. However, Xander has an idea.

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In the interrogation room, Jack stands, glowering at Gwen. She sits in a chair, averting her eyes. Days of Our Lives

In the interrogation room, Jack visits Gwen who is handcuffed to a chair. Jack points out he forgave her over and over, but what she did to Sarah is unfathomable. She starts to tell him the reason she did those things, but he interrupts. “What,” he scoffs. “The devil made you do it?” She responds, “In a way… yes.” She did everything to get what she wanted, but now she has nothing she wants. She realized all the things she did were sort of like her mother doing drugs — doing something over and over again to ensure they stay the same miserable human being. She tried to blame Kristen for blackmailing her into it, but Kristen was just like her mother’s drug dealer, and, just like her mother, “I put the spike in my own arm.”

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Gwen’s mouth drops as Xander walks in. He isn’t there to let her have it or hear excuses, he says. He just wants to know where the real antidote is. She admits she still has it. He asks what it will take to get her to talk. Jack implores his daughter to tell him, but Gwen is stuck on Xander assuming she wouldn’t do the right thing. “You don’t think there’s one good bone in my body do you?” she asks, before confirming there’s not. So, what she wants, then, is Xander back. “Deal?” she asks through tears. When he says no, she tells him she will always love him and she will do whatever she can to help him.

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Abigail and Jennifer talk at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Xander returns to Maggie with the antidote that Gwen stashed in the hotel room. He says, “Maybe we can save Sarah, yet.”

At the Horton House, Jennifer talks with Shawn on the phone about Ciara. She hangs up and fills Abigail in on all the devil drama. Abigail then tells her mother Gwen confessed to killing Laura on purpose, but she doesn’t know if she’s telling the truth or not. Jennifer says there’s only one way to find out.

As Gwen tells Jack she truly hopes the antidote helps Sarah, Jennifer and Abigail enter accusing her of murdering Laura.

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