In the DiMera living room, EJ and Belle look wide eyed at Susan. Days of Our Lives
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In Johnny’s room, Susan remembers JoDevil wiping her memory after she learned he possessed Johnny.

Downstairs, EJ shares with Belle Susan’s theory about Johnny and Andre. Belle wonders if it could be true. EJ thinks his mother just needs a good night’s rest. Belle asks if he’s talked with Johnny recently. EJ gets defensive. He apologizes and explains his son feels like a stranger to him. He won’t give up though.

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Belle and EJ sit on the couch in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

A frantic Susan runs downstairs and shouts, “Our Johnny is the devil himself!” Also, the devil set Belle up. EJ is skeptical of his mother’s claims, but Belle thinks it all adds up. After they put more pieces together, Susan suggests Johnny’s being held in the crypt, just like she and John Black were. Susan races out, as EJ remains in place. He sighs. An exasperated Susan returns. Belle convinces EJ to go with Susan, while she stays behind. She’ll call Eric in case they need an exorcism.

In the crypt, Andre threatens to end Ben’s life. Johnny suggests serial killer Ben could be of great use to him. The Salem Slasher and the Necktie Killer together? That’s gold. Andre isn’t interested and wraps a tie around Ben’s neck. Johnny tries to feed into his ego, with claims of him being remembered for his legendary crimes, especially with Ben at his side.

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With Johnny shackled in the crypt, Andre holds a necktie while facing Ben. Days of Our Lives

As Andre turns the necktie on Johnny, EJ bursts in. Andre backs off, claiming he’s a possessed Tony. Susan appears behind him and stabs him. He dissolves into ash. EJ unlocks Johnny’s chains. Johnny crumples to the floor as Susan frees Ben. The captives declare the devil’s possessed Allie. Ben dashes off to get to Ciara and EJ leads Johnny out so they can go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Susan returns to Belle and tells her Allie is now possessed.

In the Square, Tripp and Chanel eat ham and cheese croissants. They decide it’s time for their misery over Allie to stop. As Tripp’s about to go to the gym to work off Chanel’s sandwiches, Rafe calls. Allie’s busy and they need someone to watch Henry. Tripp reluctantly agrees and marvels with Chanel over Allie neglecting her son.

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Chanel and Tripp sit at a table in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

At Allie and Nicole’s place, Tripp and Chanel put Henry to bed. They recap all that’s happened and agree they’re glad they didn’t sleep together or else they wouldn’t be friends. Nicole calls. She’s on her way home with Holly. Chanel asks Tripp to take her to the hospital with him so she can see Lani.

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In her apartment, Ciara's eyes widen, as she faces a smirking Evan. Days of Our Lives

Ciara comes home to find Evan standing over a lifeless “Ben”. He says, “I killed your husband.” She runs to his side in tears and tries to wake him up. Evan tells her it’s no use. He grabs a knife and says Ben’s dead… and she’s next. “Allie” knocks Evan out and kneels down next to Ciara. She tells Ciara “Ben” doesn’t have a pulse. He’s gone. Ciara sobs. When Evan stirs, “Allie” tells Ciara they need to go. Ciara reluctantly leaves with her crying out, “Ben, I love you!”

Evan wakes up and feels cheated out of killing Ben and Ciara himself. He leaves before the cops can get there, as “Ben” turns back into Jake and stirs on the ground. When Rafe arrives, a groggy Jake tells him Evan was there, but someone else knocked him out. Ben rushes in breathless. He declares the devil is back and wants his and Ciara’s baby.

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“Allie” drives with a distraught Ciara, who thinks they should go to the police station. “Allie” offers to call Rafe. She holds her hand over the phone which glows. She puts it on speakerphone as the phone connects with “Rafe.” The voice confirms that Ben is dead and suggests “Allie” take Ciara to the Horton cabin. As Ciara tearfully looks out the window, “Allie” hums and strokes her hair. Ciara asks her to stop doing that. With Ciara’s head still turned, AllieDevil flashes her yellow eyes and says she’s going to take such good care of her. Ciara tells “Allie” to turn around. She wants to go home. “Allie” pulls over as Ciara expresses her need to be with her husband. “Allie” reminds her they made vows to be together until death do they part. Sadly, tragically, death has done just that, she says.

At the hospital, Tripp and Chanel again rehash their Allie debacle. Chanel knows Tripp will meet the right woman soon and she’ll be lucky to have a guy like him. She hugs him, as EJ leads Johnny off the elevator. Johnny stops and looks at them in an embrace.

At the hospital, EJ leads Johnny off the elevator, as Chanel hugs Tripp. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben and Jake turn to Marlena for help, while Rafe gives EJ advice.

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