In the crypt, Andre holds out a necktie to Ben, who clenches his jaw. Days of Our Lives
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Belle reels at home upon learning Jan has moved in. Shawn attempts to explain the situation, but it only make things worse. She can’t believe he didn’t consult her first, but he reminds her she hasn’t been living there. Belle declares she was planning to come back. However, she won’t stick around to play “Three’s Company” and storms out.

Later, Shawn leaves a message for Belle to call him back so they can work this out. Jan suggests he give his wife some space. He spits that she’s not allowed to weigh in on his marriage. She shrugs and gives him her food order.

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At home, Belle turns from Shawn, to glare at Jan. Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls Johnny. He leaves a message about signing his DiMera shares back to him. He also misses him. Next, EJ chews out the head of DiMera security over the phone for not tracking down his son. Susan shows up as he hangs up. She urgently relays that Johnny’s in danger. He shows her the note Johnny supposedly left saying he went off to Italy. Susan looks at it and declares Johnny didn’t write that. The vibrations tell her someone with dark energy did. Someone like Andre. The devil must have brought him back. EJ insists Johnny is fine and tells his mother to go upstairs to rest. She reluctantly obliges.

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In the DiMera mansion, EJ stands, with his hands cupped around Susan's face. Days of Our Lives

Susan walks into Johnny’s room and finds his red suit. She holds it as she lies on the bed and closes her eyes. She recalls seeing Johnny turn into JoDevil. She bolts upright and says, “Oh, sweet dear baby Jesus.”

Downstairs, EJ calls Tony about Andre. Belle enters and pours herself a drink. When EJ hangs up, Belle tells him that crazy bitch, Jan moved into her house. EJ is sympathetic, but understands a father’s need to protect their child. He’d do anything to know that Johnny was safe and sound.

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Susan sits on a bed in the DiMera mansion. She holds Johnny's red devil suit. Days of Our Lives

Johnny’s hopes for a rescue in the crypt are dashed when Andre is the one who walks through the door. After getting filled in on the devil summoning the dead DiMera, Ben pleads with him. He will do anything to save his wife and child. Andre’s happy to hear it and asks him to kill Johnny. Ben refuses, but Andre states that’s the deal and the terms are non-negotiable. Johnny wonders why the devil wants him dead. Andre explains the devil likes to clean up after himself and he’s sooo over Johnny.

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Jake and Ciara talk on her couch. Days of Our Lives

Ciara worries about Ben at home. Jake stops by and Ciara shares her concerns about Ben’s disappearance. She calls Rafe, who agrees to get the cops on the case. She then gets Jake to reveal why he came by. He shares his theory that they were right and Johnny really is possessed by the devil. As Ciara continues to fret about Ben, they wonder if he could be in a session with Marlena. She leaves to check while Jake stays behind in case Ben comes home.

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In the prison visitors' room, AllieDevil sits across the table from Evan on Days of Our Lives

In the prison visitors’ room, “Allie” tells Evan she thinks Ben will be a bad influence on his child so she needs him removed from the picture. Evan says, “To be clear, you’re asking me to kill Ben Weston.” What she wants is to trick Ciara into thinking Ben is dead, like Evan tried to do before. This time though, he’ll have a partner. When he asks who she is, the devil says they go by many names and are more powerful than he could ever imagine. AllieDevil snaps their fingers to make the lights go out and flashes yellow eyes.

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In the crypt, Johnny's hands are chained over his head. Ben holds a necktie to his throat. Days of Our Lives

Back in the crypt, Ben says he won’t be a murderer again, but Andre unlocks his chains and hands him a necktie. Ben declares he is not that person anymore. He won’t kill Johnny. Andre tells him Ciara’s life depends on it. Johnny pleads with an anguished Ben not to do this. In tears, Ben tightens the tie around his hands and puts it against Johnny’s throat… and then backs off. He can’t do this because of his love for Ciara. Andre locks him up again. Since Ben didn’t end Johnny’s life, Andre will have to end his.

As Jake gets himself a beer out of Ben and Ciara’s refrigerator, Evan knocks on the door. He walks inside declaring he and Ciara are old friends. Jake recognizes him as the “punk who kept Ciara locked up.” He wonders how he got out of prison. Evan says a new friend helped him. Jake asks, “What friend?” AllieDevil knocks him out. Evan says, “That friend.” AllieDevil says Jake wasn’t part of the plan, but since he’s there, he might as well make himself useful.

Ciara returns home to find Evan, who says he was just catching up with an old friend. He steps aside to reveal “Ben” lying motionless on the floor.

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Ben lies passed out on his apartment floor on Days of Our Lives

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