In the prison infirmary, Jan smirks at Shawn, while holding her pregnant belly. Days of Our Lives
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Jake has a nightmare about encountering JoDevil in the DiMera office. He jolts awake in bed, next to Ava. She places her hand on his chest and notes his heart is racing. She quickly removes her hand. She didn’t mean to make it weird, but she’s happy to listen if he wants to talk about his nightmare. He doesn’t remember it and hops out of bed to take a shower.

In bed, a shirtless Jake side-eyes Ava, who touches his chest. Days of Our Lives

Nicole bursts into Rafe’s office wondering how the charges against Ava were dropped. He explains Trask steamrolled it through. There was nothing he could do. He suggests they go to the Pub for breakfast. Nicole raises her eyebrows. “The Pub?” she asks. Before she can tell him about Eric, Ava bursts in. They bicker and Ava explains she’s there to see Gwen. Nicole leaves for the Pub as Rafe reluctantly tends to Ava’s request, which Gwen refuses.

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In the interrogation room, Rafe and Nicole confront Ava. Days of Our Lives

Marlena enters Brady’s Pub to see Eric. He feels bad he didn’t stick around after her exorcism. She assures him she’s fine and credits him with saving her soul. She fills him in on Belle’s possession and Jan’s pregnancy, and Eric tells his mother he saw Nicole. He admits his heart skipped a beat when he saw her. She still has that power over him. Nicole walks in.

After Marlena leaves, Nicole tells Eric that Rafe is meeting her there for breakfast. She apologizes for the awkwardness of it all. He assures her he’s happy she found someone who can give her their whole heart. He grabs her hands, as Rafe walks in. Rafe welcomes Eric back and Eric wishes Rafe and Nicole a lot of happiness.

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Gabi glares at EJ in the DiMera office on Days of Our Lives

As Gabi reads news about Ava’s release, EJ enters the DiMera office. She wonders if Trask is just letting everyone out of jail now. He assures her he’s been exonerated, considering the devil used Belle to set him up. Even if the devil is the reason EJ is out as CEO, Gabi relays that Johnny is the one who got her into the chair. She adds that he also tried to get her into his bed. After she updates a surprised EJ on what went down, EJ suggests she step aside and let him have his job back. She passes. He promises it won’t be long before he puts her in her place and reclaims that chair for himself.

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In the DiMera office, Jake stands in front of Gabi's desk. She sits behind it and gives him a concerned look. Days of Our Lives

After EJ leaves, Jake lets himself into Gabi’s office. She’s dismissive, but she’s the only person who can help him. He tells her about his dream of Johnny as the devil and asks if she remembers anything strange from that day. All she remembers is getting her CEO job and losing him. Gabi doesn’t think it’s a surprise he’s having nightmares considering he’s living with Ava Vitali. He smirks and says they’re even sharing a bed. However, he clarifies that it’s completely platonic. Not that it’s any of her business.  After he’s gone, Gabi vows to get Ava out of Jake’s bed if it’s the last thing she does.

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Belle runs into Shawn at the station. He misses her and wants her to come home. She reminds him he didn’t tell her the truth about having sex with Jan when he thought she was Belle. Had he spoken up, she could have gotten a court order to make Jan take the morning after pill considering she assaulted him. He hates that he didn’t tell her, but he doesn’t want it to destroy their marriage. He asks what she wants. What Belle doesn’t want, is for Jan to be part of her life in any shape or form. Shawn doesn’t think it will be a problem because he hasn’t heard from Jan once. His phone rings. It’s Statesville. Belle says, “As you were saying?” Shawn declines the charges, but Belle accepts them when Jan calls again. After Belle storms out, Jan tells Shawn that if he cares about the life of his unborn child, he won’t hang up on her.

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In the prison infirmary, Jan looks wistful, as she holds her pregnant belly. Days of Our Lives

When Shawn arrives in the prison infirmary, Jan turns on the tears. Impatient, Shawn demands to know what she wants. Jan explains she has a medical condition requiring her to be on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. However, she can’t do that in a chaotic prison. So, he needs to get her released for the sake of their baby. After Shawn confirms Jan’s claims with the doctor, Jan tells him she won’t survive if she stays there. However, she could be released on house arrest. “Whose house,” Shawn asks. “Yours,” she says with a grin.

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After EJ texts, Belle meets with him at the DiMera mansion. He needs her help to take back DiMera Enterprises from Gabi. She reminds him she works for Gabi now, but off the record, she suggests he get Johnny to sign over his shares so he can form a new voting block to remove her. When he asks how Belle is, she tears up and vents about Shawn and Jan. He holds her as she wonders how she’s going to cope with all this. EJ believes in her and suggests she believe in herself.

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