A freaked out Ben slumps in a chair in his apartment. AllieDevil leans over him. Days of Our Lives
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In the crypt, Johnny watches through AllieDevil’s portal as Chanel and Tripp make out at The Bistro. When their server quips they should get a room, Chanel says that’s a good idea. Johnny yells out, “Chanel, don’t!” After the drunk duo are cut off, Chanel asks Tripp, “Your place or mine?”

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In The Bistro, Chanel and Tripp drape across a table toward each other. Days of Our Lives

TR kisses Paulina at her place and asks, “Is this okay?” She confirms and kisses him back. Paulina notes he’s making her feel like that young girl swept off her feet by that handsome boy. He thinks he maybe he could sweep her off her feet again… tonight. He gets up to make her a Manhattan just the way she likes, but she stops him. As much as she would like that… not tonight. Not yet. He assumes it’s because of Abe and urges her not to let him get her down. They rehash their own past and Paulina says she’s glad TR’s sober and that he’s there, but she just wants to take things nice and slow. Out of Paulina’s sight, TR balls his hand into a tight fist and says whenever she’s ready, he’ll be waiting.

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After TR has left, Paulina thinks about both Abe and TR. Her thoughts are interrupted when Chanel and Tripp stumble in. Chanel says they’re going to her room, but Paulina says, “The hell you are.” She assumes they’re both out for revenge and won’t let them face regrets in the morning. She gets up to get Chanel water and to call Tripp a cab. The drunkards decide Paulina is right. Tripp is glad they didn’t do anything to screw things up because he’d like to be friends. Chanel would too. As they giggle over probably not remembering this in the morning, Paulina slams bottles of water on the desk. She tells Tripp his cab is there.

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In Ben's apartment, AllieDevil grins, as Ben takes a sip from a coffee mug. Days of Our Lives

At his apartment, Ben becomes groggy after drinking the tea AllieDevil made him. “Allie” shows him photos of things of Henry’s she plans to bring over for the baby. One photo is of a devil costume. She says their little guy will be the most handsome devil on the block. When Ben grows more groggy he thinks there’s something in the tea. He looks in the cup and notes the tea leaves look like the devil. As “Allie” keeps talking to him, her voice changes and her eyes glow yellow. She confirms that she drugged him and is still after his baby. However, they need Ben out of the way. Ben tries to get up, but passes out on the floor.

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In Brady's Pub, Kate stands behind the bar. She leans in toward Abe, who sits the stool across from her. Days of Our Lives

Abe enters Brady’s Pub and finds Kate working behind the bar. She explains she has some extra time on her hands and is just helping out. He says she’s always welcome back at the mayor’s office and orders a double gin and tonic. She offers to listen to whatever is bothering him. He admits that Paulina’s kiss affected him, but how is he is supposed to trust her again? Kate knows about Paulina’s abusive past, so she understands why Paulina lied. She hopes Abe can give Paulina another chance because they obviously have feelings for each other. Abe worries TR is taking advantage of Paulina’s vulnerability due to Eli’s condition. When Kate asks if he believes TR has changed, Abe responds it doesn’t matter what he thinks, because Paulina believes it. Kate feels it won’t end well if she takes TR back and Paulina will need someone to help her pick up the pieces.

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In Eli’s hospital room, Julie interrupts as Beth is about to tell Lani something. Julie bristles when she learns how Beth knows the family. Things grow tenser when TR arrives. He and Beth exchange intense looks and she leaves. His frown deepens when Lani notes Beth never told her what she came to say. Julie notes Beth became distracted when TR came in. She gathers their relationship didn’t end well. She knows he was a danger to Paulina and Lani in the past. She hopes he’s really changed, but if that’s not the case and he hurts anyone she loves, he’ll have her to deal with. He assures her she has nothing to worry about and leaves.

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After TR texts Paulina he’ll be thinking of her, he knocks on Beth’s door. He glowers at her as she opens the door. He knows she was going to tell Lani the truth about Eli. Thought he could trust her, but if he can’t they’ll have to find another way to make sure she keeps their secret. She tries to shut the door, but he blocks it. He steps inside and slams the door shut. Beth screams.

AllieDevil visits Johnny in the crypt. After he lashes out for being forced to watch Chanel and Tripp get together, AllieDevil declares Ben’s been dealt with and chains him to the crypt wall. When he comes to, AllieDevil says she’s going to keep Ciara company… and their baby of course.

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