Ben and Ciara face each other on their couch on Days of Our Lives
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Ben rubs Ciara’s feet on the couch at home, as they relish having alone time. Clyde bursts in with blue balloons and the suggestion they name the baby Clyde Benjamin Weston Jr. They pass. Clyde realizes they want to be alone and leaves to find something to keep him busy.

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Clyde holds a bunch of blue balloons in front of Ben and Ciara at home. Days of Our Lives

Lani holds Eli’s hand at the hospital. She cries as she begs her comatose husband to wake up. Tripp enters and hands her a tissue. He gently tells her there’s been no change in Eli’s condition. Lani thanks him for being so kind considering everything that happened with Chanel and Allie. Tripp feels bad for the way he treated Chanel. He knows it’s not her fault. He also urges her not to give up hope that Eli will regain consciousness.

Clyde drops by the DiMera mansion to see EJ. He pours himself a drink and proposes that EJ bankroll his drug operation. EJ makes it clear they’ll never work together. Clyde agrees to still watch his back, as long as he keeps quiet about Clyde putting out a hit out on him. Since Clyde needs to stay out of Ben’s apartment, he sits down with the remote, wondering who the Cubs are playing.

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In the DiMera mansion, Clyde holds a drink, as he talks with EJ, who stands with folded arms. Days of Our Lives

At home, Paulina calls Ray when she can’t get Jules to stop crying. She leaves a message reminding him he said he’d help with the twins. Later, Abe stops by with Jules’ pacifier he found at home. He sings to his granddaughter, which settles her down. After they put her to bed, Paulina says she’s glad Abe came by. They hug, which leads to a kiss. He pulls away. He can’t get his heart broken again. However, she can call him anytime for help with the kids.

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Abe kisses Paulina on Days of Our Lives

After learning Johnny has left town, Beth pounds on his door. A passed-out TR stirs awake. He hides his drug paraphernalia, but she realizes he’s high when she enters, asking about the movie. He tells her not to worry because he can direct the film and even finance it by marrying Paulina. Beth doesn’t think Paulina would allow him to pump all her money into a movie. TR knows he could make that problem go away, just like he did with Eli. Beth realizes he’s the one who shot Lani’s husband. He orders to keep her mouth shut and to leave it all to him. He realizes he’s late to meet Paulina. She tells him to clean up his act or else both their plans will blow up in smoke.

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In his Salem Inn room, TR spreads out a hand, and furrows his brow, as he faces Beth. Days of Our Lives

TR arrives at Paulina’s and lies that he got stuck on a conference call. He notes she looks down. She says she just made a fool of herself with Abe. TR knows what it’s like to try and earn trust back. He vows he’d never hurt her again and asks for another chance. He kisses her.

Abe brings Lani a milkshake and a sandwich at the hospital. He holds her as she cries over how much she wants Eli back. Beth stops by with flowers. After Abe leaves, Lani wonders what Beth is doing there. Beth says she can’t stop thinking about her and Eli. There’s something she wants to tell her.

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Johnny's biceps bulge, as his hands are shackled overhead in the DiMera crypt. Days of Our Lives

As Johnny weakly calls out for help in the crypt, Chanel runs in. He asks her to help get him out of the chains, but she morphs into AllieDevil and says, “Gotcha.” AllieDevil puts Johnny’s gag on and calls Chanel with his phone. Over speakerphone, Johnny hears his voice taunt Chanel about their divorce and Allie dumping her. Chanel can’t believe she ever loved him and hangs up. AllieDevil reminds Johnny the last time he broke Chanel’s heart she slept with Allie. Who knows what she’ll do this time.

For now, though, the devil’s off to get Ciara’s baby. To keep him entertained, the devil waves a hand, allowing Johnny to observe Chanel and Tripp at the hospital. He watches as they make amends and Tripp invites her out for a drink. AllieDevil has a feeling Johnny won’t like this next part.

After AllieDevil leaves, Johnny watches as Chanel and Tripp get drunk at The Bistro. Johnny yanks at his chains as Tripp and Chanel kiss.

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At a table in The Bistro, Tripp and Chanel lean in close to each other. Days of Our Lives

Back at their apartment, Ben and Ciara seriously talk baby names. They agree to name the baby after Ciara’s father. They wish Ben had met Bo, but Ciara can feel her father protecting their baby. “Allie” knocks on the door. She feels bad about their gender reveal cake and wants to make it up to them. Knowing how hard it is to sleep during the last trimester, she gives Ciara tea to help her relax. The tea works and Ben helps Ciara to bed. AllieDevil puts drops in another cup of tea and gives it to Ben when he returns. “You’re going to love how this makes you feel,” AllieDevil says.

Next on Days of Our Lives: AllieDevil clues Ben in, while Beth prepares to tell Lani the truth about TR.

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