At the altar with a sheepish looking Leo, Craig glares into the crowd. Days of Our Lives
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After they’ve dressed for the wedding at Horton House, Abigail and Jennifer agree to keep quiet until they hear from Trask. They don’t want to tip off Gwen, who shows up in her wedding dress.

In the Square, a tuxedo-clad Xander goes over what he should call Jack. Dad? Pops? El Padre? Jack nixes all suggestions. Xander gets a call from Maggie and picks up, assuming it’s about Sarah. Jack frowns. After Xander hangs up, he relays that Maggie just wanted to wish him well. Jack asks about Sarah. Xander sadly says there’s no change. Jack is sorry to hear that. Jennifer joins them, explaining Jack’s daughters are in the lobby getting ready.

After Craig leaves their Salem Inn room for the wedding, Leo makes a panicked call needing to talk to someone.

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Wearing tuxedos, Xander and Jack stand outside the Salem Inn. Xander reaches into his jacket pocket. Days of Our Lives

Back in the Square, Brady asks Justin, who is officiating, to draw things out, as Craig sees Nancy arrive. Touched, he blows her a kiss.

Inside the Inn, Abigail helps Gwen primp in the mirror. Gwen thanks her for being there for her. She looks at today as a fresh start for them. Abigail weakly smiles, as Jack and Chloe arrive. Gwen tears up over the thought of Jack walking her down the aisle.

From his seat, Brady texts Chad that the wedding is about to start. Xander and Craig stand on opposite sides of Justin, as Abigail walks out of the Salem Inn, followed by Gwen and Jack. Xander smiles as Gwen joins him at the front. Chloe is next to walk down the aisle. She kisses her father and sits next to Brady. Leo dramatically bursts out of the double doors, posing for the photographer. Craig hangs his head, grinning.

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In Horton Square, Leo poses for a photographer in a wide brim hat with hanging lace, and a black and white patterned suit. He holds a bouquet of flowers. Days of Our Lives

Justin starts the ceremony and asks if anyone objects. When no one does, Brady motions for Justin to stretch things out. However, Nancy stands and tells Craig they will always be family. She wishes him all the happiness in the world. Craig tears up as he thanks her. Leo glibly thanks her for saying that in the middle of his wedding. Nancy adds she has a date tomorrow and sits down.

Stalling, Justin provides commentary about the guests in attendance and notes Leo has no one there on his behalf. It prompts Leo to realize he should have a best man. He gives a disinterested Brady that honor and urges Justin to get to it. After Gwen insists Leo and Craig go first, Leo gives a lovely speech about how much Craig means to him. Teary-eyed, Craig has a lot to say, but he probably wouldn’t be able to get it out. Therefore, “Ditto will have to suffice.”

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In Horton Square, Justin looks to a tuxedo clad Xander and a wedding dress wearing Gwen. The couple hold hands and stare into each other's eyes. Days of Our Lives

Justin and Brady exchange looks. Justin pretends to start sneezing and then asks, very slowly, if the men take each other to be their lawfully wedded husbands. Chloe can’t believe this is actually happening, but gives her father the rings. As Justin is about to pronounce them husbands, Chad literally runs in. Breathless, he tells his wife she looks great and then announces that Leo is already married. Leo insists Chad is lying, but Chad introduces world-renowned drag queen, and Leo’s spouse, Jackie Cox.

Jackie changes out of drag and confirms they are Darius Rose Cooper, married to Matthew Cooper. Leo explains they only married so Darius, who is Canadian, could stay in the country. Craig isn’t happy he lied to him, but he gets it. Chloe is incensed. Brady points out forgiveness isn’t the point. Leo is already married, so he can’t marry Craig. Leo says it’s better this way anyway. He’d rather they marry in front of people who actually care about them. But, Chad happily says, oh, there’s more.

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Darius announces that Leo is only with Craig because he’s a doctor. Their entire relationship has been “one big flimflam”. In fact, the two of them planned the scam right after Leo met Craig at the conference. Darius is only exposing him now because Leo backstabbed him by signing the prenup, therefore Darius gets nothing. Leo insists to Craig it started out as a scam, but he fell in love with him. Craig asks when that happened. Leo isn’t sure. Maybe when Craig defended him to Chloe or when they discussed their future in bed. Regardless of when, Craig went from being his mark to the man he loved. He asks if they can move past this. Craig storms out.

Later, Chad and Abby thank Darius for coming forward. Darius feels a little guilty for wrecking Leo, but they think telling Craig the truth is worth it. As Darius talks up their next drag show, Abby steps aside to take a call.

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Chloe comes to Craig’s hotel room. She’s so sorry. Craig points out she got what she wanted while making a fool of him in the process. Chloe assures him he’s not a fool and holds him as he cries.

In the Square, Justin asks what Xander and Gwen want to do. Gwen doesn’t think there’s any reason why they can’t still get married. Abigail returns from her call and says, “Actually, there is.”

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In a tux and wedding dress, Xander and Gwen shoot glares off camera. Days of Our Lives

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