Brady and Chloe kiss on John and Marlena's couch, on Days of Our Lives
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After picking them up at the airport, Xander brings Jack and Jennifer back to the Horton House. Jennifer gives the former gardner kudos for taking such great care of Gram’s garden before they dish about the wedding. Jack and Jennifer are stunned to learn Craig is marrying Leo.

As they return to the Salem Inn, Leo tells Craig he was right. Signing the prenup was the only way to convince everyone he’s not marrying Craig for money, but because he’s the love of his life. They kiss. Craig breaks away so they can get ready for the ceremony. But first, Leo needs to confess something about the other groom. Namely, that he tried to get him into bed. Craig rolls his eyes as he hears the whole story about “the tall, dark and handsome Scotsman.” Craig appreciates his honesty and they express their love.

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On the Horton Square bench, Craig runs his fingers through a penisve looking Leo's hair. Days of Our Lives

Jack and Xander drop in on the grooms because Jack thought they should all have a drink together. He produces a bottle of single malt. As they sit around and drink, Leo and Craig make toasts about their love. Xander makes one about his bride, who could drink them all under the table, and Jack toasts his good friend Xander who helped him truly see Gwen. They all toast to love.

Later, when they’re alone, Craig tells Leo that Xander isn’t all that. However, he gets flustered when Xander returns in nothing but a towel because he didn’t have any shampoo in the shower. Leo grabs him some and they watch him leave. Craig takes it back — Xander is all that. Definitely.

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Chloe stops by John and Marlena’s and tells Brady that Leo signed the prenup. She wonders if they were wrong about him and he’s actually marrying her father for love. Brady thinks they still have a shot at exposing Leo and tells her about Chad and Sonny seeking out Jackie Cox. Either way, Brady will be there for her at the wedding. She asks if he’s really ready to go public. He is and wants the whole world to know that she’s his girl. Chloe worries about what Rachel will think. Brady relays his daughter knows he and Kristen will never be a couple again and she doesn’t want him to be lonely. He thinks she would approve. They make out until Brady gets a message from Sonny. He and Chad met with Jackie and have something on Leo.

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At the Salem PD, Abigail finds a nervous Gwen outside the interrogation room. Abigail explains she’s there because Ava supposedly had information on her attacker, but she lies that it didn’t pan out. After confirming Ava wasn’t arrested in connection to Abigail’s assault, Gwen asks Abigail back to the house to see Jack and Jennifer. Abby pretends to get a work call and stays behind.

Abigail runs to Ava in the interrogation room. Trask is interested in a deal, but she needs more information. Ava orders Abby to secure the deal first and then she’ll give her everything she needs to bury her sister.

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Jack and Xander talk at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Gwen comes to the Horton House and asks Jack to give her away at the wedding. Jack quips that he feels like he just got her, but he would be honored. Xander notes Jack will be his father-in-law and Gwen feels like everything is so perfect. Xander and Jack head out to get their tuxes, leaving Gwen alone with Jennifer. Gwen apologizes for the things she’s done in the past. She was spiteful because she had no one who loved her. Now, with Jack and Xander, she has a family of her own. Jennifer says family means everything to her and her husband. Both she and Jack are proud of the person she’s become. They hug.

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Abigail walks in and breaks up the moment. After Gwen heads upstairs to get dressed, Abigail tells her mother what she learned about the bride-to-be. Jennifer freaks out, but Abigail wants to wait for the whole truth before exposing her. Gwen returns wondering what she means by that. Abigail says they’re talking about a source for a story. Gwen asks for help with her dress and Abigail shoots Jennifer a look as she follows her sister out.

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In a black top, with red and yellow patterns, a red haired Nancy stands in front of the Kiriakis mantle smiling. Days of Our Lives

Outside the Pub, Nancy stresses to Bonnie on the phone about meeting her date. After getting a pep talk, Nancy reluctantly enters and meets with Clyde. He turns on the charm before telling her he’s an ex-con. She respects his honesty, especially considering what she just went through with her ex. She tells him she was invited to Craig’s wedding, but she doesn’t want to go alone. He surmises she wants him to take her, but he thinks she should go alone and hold her head high. People will see exactly what he sees: a beautiful strong woman who doesn’t need a man to make herself complete. Besides, he doesn’t want to deal with other people on their first date. He wants her all to herself.

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