Gwen glares at Abby in the Square on Days of Our Lives
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At Brady’s Pub, Nicole is shocked to see Eric behind the bar. He confirms he’s still a priest, but returned because he missed his family, friends, and her. As they catch up, Nicole blurts out that she’s seeing Rafe. Surprised, Eric asks how that happened, Nicole says it’s a long story, as Clyde walks out in an apron. They question how he’s working there, considering he kidnapped Roman’s grandchild. Clyde thinks Eric of all people should understand the power of redemption. He vows to prove he’s a better man than he was and returns to work.

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Eric looks wide-eyed at Nicole from behind the Brady's Pub bar. Days of Our Lives

Nicole can’t believe Clyde expects anyone to believe he’s changed. Eric says it’s about working harder and moving forward. He asks about Rafe again. Nicole knows she can tell him anything because he knows the worst of her. And he still cares about her, he adds. She recounts the whole story, ending with Ava’s arrest. Eric says there’s nothing to stop her and Rafe from living happily ever after then, right? Nicole guesses so. She’s skeptical of that particular phrase though — for obvious reasons. Eric is too. He asks if she’s happy. She says she is. That’s all he wants for her. They lock eyes before she leaves for work.

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On the Kiriakis living room couch, Bonnie tilts her head and purses her lips, as she shows Nancy her phone. Days of Our Lives

Nancy races into the Kiriakis mansion needing advice from Bonnie. She tells her Craig invited her to his wedding. She’s touched by the gesture and still cares about Craig, but what should she do? Bonnie’s advice is to just say no, but Nancy has more empathy for her ex-husband now. She just doesn’t want people to pity her for being there all alone. Bonnie gets an idea and helps her set up a dating app profile. They look through prospective matches and Bonnie stops on an attractive man who loves to cook and is family-oriented. A nervous Nancy swipes right and then panics that the man will swipe left. As Bonnie tries to bolster her confidence, they get an alert that he swiped right.

Outside Brady’s Pub, Clyde looks at Nancy’s profile on his phone. A slow grin spreads over his face.

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In the Square, Craig gives Leo a quizzical look. Leo holds a manila envelope. Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Leo reels as he reads the prenup he got — on his wedding day no less. Craig bounces up to an angry Leo, who shoves the papers at him. Craig has never seen them before. Leo asks who they came from then. Chloe walks up and says, “From me.” Leo glares as Chloe holds out a pen for him to sign, considering he’s marrying for love. Craig shakes his head. As Leo rants at Chloe, Craig tells him to sign it because it would put a stop to everyone’s suspicions. He asks Leo to do it for him. After Leo reads it, and learns he receives nothing if they divorce, he signs. Leo hopes this proves to a stunned Chloe that his love for Craig is real. She relents. If Leo makes her father happy then she’s happy. They have her blessing. Craig hugs her. This means more to him than she knows. She rolls her eyes as she hugs Leo and leaves to drop the papers off to Justin.

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Chloe rolls her eyes as she hugs Leo in the Square on Days of Our Lives

At The Bistro, Gwen gushes to Gabi over her impending double wedding. Gabi’s happy for her, but disparages Leo when she learns who the other couple is. She’s then shocked to learn Abigail is her matron of honor. No matter though, she’s too impressed with herself for getting Ava arrested. Gwen’s face falls, as Gabi gloats over how desperate Ava must feel. Gwen flashes back to Ava warning that she’d sacrifice her in a heartbeat to save herself.

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At the Bistro, Gabi purses her lips, and juts out her chin at Gwen, who huches over the table. Days of Our Lives

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After Ava calls, Abigail enters the interrogation room. Ava wants Abigail to get her a deal with Trask. In return, Ava will reveal who attacked Abby the night she was shipped to the DiMera island.

Later, Abigail returns after talking with Trask. The D.A. won’t hear of dealing, considering Ava framed the police commissioner. Ava’s a bigger fish than just someone who assaulted her. Ava mentions the person committed other crimes since assaulting Abby — and what this person has done makes them a bigger fish than her. Ava won’t give her a name until she gets a deal. Abigail says they’re at a standoff then and gets up to leave. Before she reaches the door, Ava declares it was Gwen. Abby stops and turns back, demanding more details. Ava needs an immunity deal first. Abigail rushes out.

Gwen walks into the Salem PD in a long coat and floppy hat. She nears the interrogation room, but stops when a stone-faced Abigail calls out to her.

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Ava makes a call from the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

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