Jake sits on his bed, as Ava faces off with Rafe, who holds handcuffs. Gabi stands behind him with her arms crossed. Days of Our Lives
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Sonny visits Chad at the DiMera mansion, leading Chad to assume he took Victor’s offer to be CEO. Sonny explains he still hasn’t talked to Will about it. Plus, he needs to stay in Salem and make Leo pay. Chad won’t help him go after Leo again, but Sonny leaps up to share that Jackie Cox could be the key to making Craig see the light. Sonny Googles Jackie and they discover she’s based in New York. Sonny tells Chad they can use the corporate jet and can be there in no time. Chad accuses him of obsessing. Besides, if Craig wants to screw up his life, it’s none of their business. Sonny counters that it’s all of their business. Sonny grows emotional, as he tells Chad he doesn’t have to help him. Chad relents and says, “Let’s go find ourselves a drag queen.”

Sonny holds his phone out to Chad, as they sit on the DiMera couch. Days of Our Lives

Xander comes out of his bathroom to learn from Gwen that “Matty” booked the entire Horton Square for their wedding —tonight. She says after getting married in the Horton “holy of holies” they can start living their lives happily ever after. Xander doesn’t think they can possibly pull it off that quickly, but Gwen assures him she’s handled all the details, including Jack coming to town. Gwen wonders if this is really about Sarah though. Xander knows Sarah is getting the best treatment in the world. This is their time now.

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In Horton Square, Abigail gapes at a smirking Leo on Days of Our Lives

After hanging up with Gwen, Leo runs into Abby in the Square. They need to set some ground rules since they’ll be living in the same town. As they verbally spar, Leo relays that he’s having a double wedding with his BFF, Gwen. After disparaging her sister, Abigail relays that she’s the matron of honor.

Xander glares at Leo in Horton Square. Gwen hangs on Xander's shoulder, and gives Leo a worried look. Days of Our Lives
Gwen shows up, followed by Xander who wonders what “this sneaky little bastard is doing back here”. Leo is jealous that Gwen is marrying the man he had such a huge crush on. Xander won’t agree to the wedding. Leo reminds him he’s not exactly innocent, but he forgives him for everything that went down between them. Gwen suggests if Leo can put the past in the past, then Xander can do it too… for her. Xander asks if this is really her idea of a dream wedding. She looks to Leo and says it is, because Leo is the only other person, aside from Xander, who knows her and likes her. If it’s really what she wants, Xander says, “Let’s do it.” They hug, and Leo joins in.

After Gwen and Xander have left, a messenger hands Leo an envelope. Leo opens it and discovers, to his horror, a prenup.

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In Horton Square, Leo reads a paper that's been pulled out of a manila envelope. Days of Our Lives

Abigail returns home to learn Chad and Sonny are going to New York to find Jackie Cox. She in turn tells them she’s standing up in Gwen’s double wedding with Leo and Craig, and it’s tonight. Sonny notes the clock is really ticking.

Nicole wakes up in Rafe’s bed in a panic after a nightmare about Ava barging in with a gun. Rafe holds her as the door bursts open. Rafe pulls his gun, as Gabi shouts, “Don’t shoot!” She sits on the bed and plays the recording of Ava ordering Rafe to be set up.

After getting dressed, Rafe calls for a warrant to arrest Ava. Nicole worries the tape won’t be admissible in court and then Ava will come after them. Rafe knows if they don’t do this, Ava will continue to make threats and cause more nightmares. Rafe won’t let her ruin what they’ve waited so long to find.

Jake wakes up on his air mattress, but struggles to get up. He notes Ava’s bed is empty and winces at his back pain. Ava returns after grocery shopping. He tells her he needs help out of bed because he can’t move. She helps him up and makes them breakfast. They banter over her suggestion of doing yoga to help his back, as Jake continues to writhe in pain.

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A shirtless Jake lies face down on his bed. Ava straddles him, and presses her hands into his back. Days of Our Lives

Ava helps him to the bed and straddles him, as she presses on his back. Gabi barges in. She just wanted to tell them she’s not interfering with them anymore. Jake asks what the catch is, as Rafe pounds on the door. Gabi lets him in and Rafe arrests Ava for framing him. After Rafe takes Ava away, Jake warns that Gabi better watch her back when Ava beats the charges.

Gabi gloats with champagne at The Bistro over taking down the mob princess once and for all. Meanwhile, Ava calls Abigail with the information she might find interesting.

Nicole walks into Brady’s Pub and looks at her phone as she orders a double espresso. “Coming right up,” she hears a voice say. She looks up to see Eric.

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