Gabi has a tense conversation with a tall bald man. Days of Our Lives
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Gabi calls Rafe and tells him she tracked down one of the guys who testified against him. In fact, she’s standing right outside his apartment. Rafe warns her to be careful because you never know when Ava’s going to pop up. He turns and sees her outside the Pub. Rafe hangs up and exchanges heated words with Ava, who brings up Nicole. Rafe warns her to stay away from Nicole or else he’ll come after her and he won’t need police resources to do it, because he knows exactly where she lives. That leads Ava to make digs about Gabi and Jake before sauntering off.

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Back at the apartment building, Gabi knocks on Hutchins’ door and tells him she’s the Assistant DA. He tries to shut the door on her but she tells him they are arresting Ava and need his testimony to strengthen their case. If he cooperates, her office will drop the charges against him. Despite Gabi’s best efforts to convince him, he declines. However, he gives her a tape recorder which he calls a little insurance policy he took out. Gabi thanks him and says they’ll be in touch. She hightails it out of there and plays the recording in the hallway. She hears Ava instruct Hutchins to say Rafe had him plant evidence. Plus, she has two other guys doing the same thing. Since they don’t know each other, no one will ever know about this. “No one except me,” Gabi says.

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Nancy frowns at Craig, as they sit at a table in Brady's Pub with clear drinks. Days of Our Lives

Inside the Pub, Craig asks Nancy to have one last drink with him. She hesitates and sits. “What the hell,” she says. He gets them peach schnapps, which was the first drink they shared after he swiped the bottle from her parents’ house. After they reminisce about other good times, Craig tells her their life, love, and family were real. The memories are just as meaningful now as they ever were. Nancy agrees, but she wanted them to last forever. Craig knows his relationship with Leo is sudden, but he really loves him. Nancy is happy for him, then. Or at least she’s trying to be. He asks if she’ll come to the wedding. Stunned, Nancy doesn’t know, but agrees to think about it.

After Craig has left, Nancy tearfully takes off her diamond ring and places it on the table.

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At a Brady's Pub table, a weepy Nancy look down at her wedding ring. Days of Our Lives

Nicole enters The Bistro to meet Rafe, but finds Jake drinking alone. After they exchange barbs about Ava, Nicole warns Jake if Ava goes down, she’s taking him with her. Rafe shows up after Jake leaves. He tells Nicole that Gabi is working on a lead to take down Ava.

Jake returns home to find Ava eating takeout. He relays his conversation with Nicole, but assures her he didn’t buy into her warnings. Later, Ava reveals she inflated Jake’s air mattress and picked up new sheets and pillows. She’ll sleep there and he can have the bed. He won’t hear of it, though, because he’s chivalrous

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From his hotel room, Xander calls Jack in Boston. He says he’s finally ready to marry his daughter, so he is in need of a best mate. A subdued Jack is happy for them, but asks, “What about Sarah?” After hearing the whole story, Jack asks if Xander is marrying Gwen for the right reasons. Xander assures him Gwen isn’t a consolation prize. He’s marrying her for the right reasons and will make her as happy as she makes him. When Xander again asks if he’ll stand up for him, Jack says of course. He wouldn’t miss his little girl’s big day… or his best mate’s.

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Gwen and Leo excitedly reach out for each other in Horton Square. Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Gwen and Matty Cooper, a.k.a. Leo Stark, delight in running into each other. They reminisce about their wild clubbing days when she was with Jake. But now, she has a new man. Leo does too and tells her they’re getting married. They clink glasses leading him to spot her engagement ring. She confirms her own engagement but bemoans they’re too broke for a glorious wedding. Leo mentions how loaded his groom is and gets an idea.

Gwen returns to Xander in their room and learns Jack is coming to the wedding. When he talks about how expensive things are, she tells him she has a proposition for him, just as Leo does the same with Craig: a double wedding. Craig agrees because Leo’s kind and giving heart is one of the things he loves about him. Meanwhile, a more cautious Xander asks who Gwen’s friend even is. She says his name is Matty and he’ll love him.

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