A somber Gwen and Xander face each other in their Salem Inn room. Days of Our Lives
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In the Square, Gwen bumps into Gabi, who declares she caught Ava in Jake’s bed. Gabi rushes off as Xander returns from seeing Rolf. He confronted him about why his antidote didn’t work, but the mad scientist insisted it should have. Xander further explains that Sarah now thinks she’s a little girl. Gwen mutters that’s not something she saw coming. However, now, Xander can move forward and marry her. Xander doesn’t appreciate her callousness and says he needs to find out if the situation is temporary. Gwen says she understands and sends him off. After he leaves, she says, “Don’t hold your breath.”

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In the Square, Xander reaches across a table to clasp Gwen's hands. Days of Our Lives

Sarah eats pudding in her hospital room, as Tony enters thinking she’s still Renee. She giggles. He knows who she is because he’s her daddy. Maggie enters and fills in a very confused Tony. After Sarah calls him Mickey, Maggie declares this is all Anna’s fault.

Gabi busts into the interrogation room and drags Rafe away from Anna. She tells him Ava moved in with Jake and Rafe needs to arrest her. Rafe points out that’s not a crime, but Gabi counters planting evidence on him is. He doesn’t have proof of that, but Gabi guarantees she can find some. He just needs to give her the case file. Rafe can’t do that, but… his lawyer has a copy of everything the police had. He can wave his attorney/client privilege and get her a copy. She giddily declares she will make Ava pay for what she did to him. Rafe warns her to be careful. She doesn’t know what Ava’s capable of.

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Tony sits with Anna in the interrogation room. He updates her on Sarah’s condition and warns Maggie is furious. She wants to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. Anna calls that outrageous, but Tony calls her actions outrageous. Anna sincerely tried to help Sarah, but Tony says there’s no one to blame except her.

After Tony’s left, Rafe returns to Anna who wonders if she’s going to prison.

In the Square, Gabi goes through Rafe’s file. She says, “Watch out Ava Vitali. I’m coming for you.”

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As Ava talks to Tripp on the phone at the studio, Jake exits the bathroom hunched over. He moans his back is killing him after sleeping on the floor. Ava says she has magic hands, so he lies down on the bed. As Jake relishes Ava’s massage, Gwen approaches the door in the hallway. She hears his moans and says she’ll wait.

After he’s done, Jake leaves to get an air mattress, allowing Gwen to slip inside. She doesn’t believe Ava when she says she was just giving him a massage, but no matter. She needs to talk about Xander. Despite her history, Ava is aghast upon hearing what Gwen did to Sarah. She accuses Gwen of doing anything it takes to get what she wants. Gwen says, “A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.”

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Maggie tears up as she talks to Xander near the hospital coffee cart on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Maggie tells Xander Sarah now thinks she’s a child and the scans show her brain is more damaged than before. Xander relays how sorry he is and asks if he can see her. Maggie doesn’t think it could hurt. Maggie tears up over the nightmare Sarah’s life has become.

Xander enters Sarah’s room as she draws and talks about marrying Eric someday. She asks what his name is. He tells her he’s Xander and they loved each other very much. They were even going to get married. He asks her to try and remember. She can’t marry him because she’s going to marry Eric. Xander tells her she married Eric’s brother Rex, but Sarah only wants to marry Eric and have his baby. Under his breath, Xander says she had his baby, but then stops. Crestfallen, he tells her he’s making up silly stories and assures her she doesn’t have to marry him.

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When Gwen returns to the Salem Inn, Xander updates her on Sarah’s condition. He tells Gwen he got his answer. Sarah will never recover from this. That part of his life is truly over. “But ours isn’t,” he says. “Ours is just beginning. So, let’s get married.”

Sonny finds Victor in the Kiriakis living room. Victor announces he’s making him CEO of Titan. Sonny reminds him he has a family and a life in Phoenix. Victor tells him to move Will and Ari into the mansion. Then, Gabi would be with Ari and waxes poetic on the sacred mother/daughter bond. Sonny scoffs. He knows how manipulative Victor would be if were to take this job. Vic then tries the father angle: Justin needs him at home. Sonny calls him incorrigible. He’d be a fool to say yes. Victor knows he’s tempted though. Sonny has to talk to Will. If he has any objection, then the answer is no.

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Maggie returns to the mansion and announces Sarah is worse. Now, Anna will pay. Sonny gets Maggie tea and leaves her alone with Victor, who vows to do everything in his power to keep Sarah happy should she not come out of this.

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