Andre eyes a shackled Johnny in the crypt on Days of Our Lives
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Ciara tells Ben she’s not thrilled with the idea of his dad being part of their lives, let alone that of their baby. Acknowledging that his dad is trying way, way too hard, Ben promises that he’ll get him to back off

Still reeling from the news that Shawn really did father Jan’s baby, Belle insists her husband not touch her. Shawn wants to try and work things out, but Belle says they have nothing to talk about and she’s going to go back to John and Marlena’s place. They rehash recent events, with him reiterating that he kept silent because he was horrified by what he’d done with Jan.

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Belle confronts Shawn at home on Days of Our Lives

However, Shawn says that when he slept with Jan, he thought he was with his wife. Belle, on the other hand, knew she was sleeping with Philip when they wound up between the sheets years ago. He quickly apologizes. He only brought up Philip in order to point out that he forgave his wife for that transgression.

Belle says that she’s not sure she can live with the fact that Jan’s baby will tie her to Shawn for the rest of their lives. Ciara enters, giving Belle the perfect opportunity to exit. Shawn fills Ciara in on the fact that she’s not the only one who’s going to be welcoming a new baby. After filling her in about Jan, he worries about who Belle is confiding in.

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Johnny's biceps bulge, as his hands are shackled overhead in the DiMera crypt. Days of Our Lives

Inside the crypt, Johnny reflects on happier times with Chanel and worries about what the devil might do while in Allie. As he’s trying to escape, Andre appears. “You’re dead!” insists Johnny. Andre explains that over his lifetime, he made some unfortunate choices. So, after Abby killed him, he wound up “the indentured servant to Mephistopheles himself!”

Andre explains he returned to tie up loose ends where Johnny’s concerned. He drafted a farewell to Salem letter explaining the young DiMera’s disappearance. Johnny refuses to sign it, pointing out the handwriting doesn’t even look like his. No one will believe he’s returned to Italy. Andre stabs him with a pen and signs it with his blood to authenticate it.

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In the crypt, Andre holds a letter, as Johnny glares. His hands shackled above his head. Days of Our Lives

As Abby prepares to enter the DiMera crypt, Chad approaches, scaring the crap out of his wife. She catches him up on the fact that Allie’s missing. At the main house, they discuss EJ. Chad successfully dodges Abigail’s questions regarding his twitchy behavior. He suddenly spots an envelope on the mantel under Stefano’s portrait. Chad opens it and tells Abigail it’s from Johnny.

Andre returns to Johnny after delivering his letter. Now, no one will come looking for him. Andre tells Johnny they’ll meet again. Either there, or in hell.

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Outside the DiMera crypt, Chad hunches his shoulders, and holds up his hands at Abby, who puts one hand to her chest, and the other to her gaping mouth. Days of Our Lives

At the apartment, Chanel hugs Allie, relieved she’s come home but wants to know where she’s been. After she explains she was with Johnny, “Allie” tells Chanel she’s decided they are mistake. Seeing Johnny made her realize she rushed into this. Chanel says it sounds like the same speech she heard from her brother. She feels like she’s talking to the same person. “Allie” says she needs time to be alone. Also, she’s done with the bakery. After Chanel leaves in tears, AllieDevil hopes she doesn’t have to play out that scene again because she needs to focus on Ben and Ciara’s baby.

EJ tells Clyde that the deal they worked out at Statesville is no longer in effect and they need to renegotiate the terms. Clyde offers to scramble up some eggs for EJ, but he’s not there for the blue plate special. Instead, he says that one of them has to get outta Dodge. “I left town last time,” points out EJ. “It’s your turn this time.” He reaches into his pocket and Clyde asks if EJ’s going to shoot him. “My methods are far more civilized than yours,” says DiMera smoothly, pulling out a checkbook. “I’ll see that you have the funds to start a new life, as long as that new life is nowhere near mine.”

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In Ben and Ciara's apartment, Clyde spreads out his hands, as he looks to EJ, who reaches into his jacket's pocket. Days of Our Lives

Before they can come to an arrangement, Ben enters, having overheard just enough to be suspicious. EJ covers by saying he was offering Clyde a job. Clyde says he has to reject the “job offer” because leaving town would violate the terms of his parole. Plus, he wants to be around for his grandbaby.

After EJ leaves, Ben question Clyde’s interest in his baby. When Clyde acts offended, Ben explains they already have enough unwanted attention on it… by the devil. After seeing how Ciara fought for Ben, Clyde knows the devil’s in for a hell of a fight… and his money’s on Ciara.

EJ finds Belle drinking at Brady’s Pub and joins her. He’s confident Belle will put the devil behind her just like he did. They toast.

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In his apartment, Ben points his hand at Clyde's chest, as the men look tensely at each other. Days of Our Lives

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