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As we get into Salem, Abigail’s working on a few stories at the DiMera mansion when EJ surprises her and walks in, announcing he’s free. His conviction has been overturned. Abigail welcomes him home, saying she’s genuine now that she knows he’d been framed by the devil. EJ asks to see Johnny, but Abby hasn’t seen him for a few days, hardly surprising seeing as how busy he’s been with the DiMera coup with Gabi. EJ promises he knew nothing about the takeover, and he and his son have a lot to talk about.

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Over at Shawn and Belle’s the two get into it over Jan some more. He’s going to see Jan to confront her and get the truth. Shawn rehashes that he thought he was sleeping with Belle, but she tells him that’s not the issue. He lied to her for months. “It’s kind of embarrassing to me too, she adds, “you couldn’t tell the difference between me and the worst person on the planet.” Shawn, though, says he’s still holding onto the chance that the baby isn’t her. Belle’s praying for that, but it doesn’t change a thing. “This baby may disappear, but you lying to me, that’s never going away.” Shawn walks out.

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Jan thinks back to her and Shawn’s night of passion, wholly satisfied with what she’s done. “It all worked out even better than I had hoped,” she muses. Shawn is pissed, and Jan acts like he’s mad because she didn’t tell him about the baby sooner. No, he’s upset with her stunt. He doesn’t believe he’s the father. She’s getting a paternity test he demands. “Absolutely not.” She won’t subject her child to an invasive test like that and looks panicked when Shawn says there are non-invasive ways to test. Fine, she agrees. She has nothing to hide, causing Shawn to look panicked.

Back at Belle’s, EJ wanders in, surprising a delighted Belle, thanking her for getting him exonerated. She still feels guilty, but he insists she wasn’t to blame. He can’t help but notice how frazzled his lawyer is, and Belle admits that she’s upset that “a lunatic is having my husband’s baby.” She fills him in on the Jan saga, and EJ tries to convince her that Shawn was a victim. The problem’s still the lying, though, and EJ says he knows exactly how that feels. They bond some more and EJ tells her to focus on her own wellbeing and not worry about her DiMera work. They hug as Shawn returns.

Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Dan Feuerriegel, shawn, ej, belle, jpi, days

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Across town, Ciara wakes up to find Clyde in the kitchen asking what she wants for breakfast. She’s apprehensive, but he insists that he’s going to show his “one and only daughter-in-law” that he’s changed. She agrees to let him make her scrambled eggs, then says she’s not hungry. Clyde wants them to start getting along. He knows Ciara doesn’t want him there, and the two talk about how much Clyde and Ben mean to each other. He’s going to be a doting granddad, mark his words.

“I almost preferred when the devil was fixated on my baby,” Ciara mutters to herself. Talk then turns to her explaining what a gender reveal party is, at which point Clyde asks where his invite was to his grandbaby’s. He promises to behave, and she gives in and invites him.

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Over at Nicole’s, Chanel shows up to announce she’s picking up Allie so they can get started on Ben and Ciara’s cake for the party tonight. Nicole, though, says she hadn’t seen Allie since yesterday. She never came home. They both got texts saying that Allie would be spending the night at the other’s. Something was wrong. Nicole volunteers to call Tripp, but Chanel has a bad feeling, suggesting Allie might have gone see “her punk ass brother.”

She runs over to Abigail, who confirms that Allie was there looking for Johnny, but she seemed a bit off. Then she disappeared. Chanel runs back over to Nicole, who says it’s time to fill Rafe in. But they’ll find her. Back at the DiMera mansion, Abigail remembers that Allie might have gone out the back, then spots footprints outside and goes to investigate.

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Johnny wakes up in the DiMera crypt, chained to the devil’s favorite post when his sister walks in. “Allie,” Johnny gasps. “Oh my God, what happened to you?” The devil shows off the “new bod. Cute, huh?” Johnny thought he’d been exorcised at Christmas, which is when the devil breaks the news that he’s been hiding out in Johnny for months. Horrified, Allie’s twin demands to know what he was forced to do. “Nothing that you were happy about,” the devil taunts. “And boy did you let me know, you fought me harder than anyone.

When Johnny suggests that his wife was going to come looking for him, AllDevil informs him that “Johnny” put an end to that. Too bad. After, Satan taunts his former host, Allie and Chanel hooked up. And that means he can add Allie and Tripp “to the long list of couples that I have destroyed.” But enough talk, it’s time to get back to Ciara and Ben’s baby. Johnny tries to figure out what the point is, but AllDevil won’t bite. She needs to focus her energy on the baby, and that means Chanel needs to go next.

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In the show’s last few minutes, Shawn tells Belle that Jan agreed to the test. Bad news, Belle scoffs, that means she knows he’s the baby daddy. After some more verbal sparring over Jan, Shawn gets the call. The baby is his. EJ shows up at Ben and Ciara’s to announce his freedom to Clyde. “You and I have some unfinished business,” he informs his old cellmate. Allie shows up at home to a relieved Chanel, and Abigail follows the footprints to the DiMera crypt.

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