At home, Belle side-eyes Shawn, who reaches out to touch her. Days of Our Lives
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Rafe swings by to see Nicole who immediately pulls him into a hug. She’s glad he was the one at her door as opposed to Ava. Rafe assures her Ava’s threats are of the empty variety and she’ll soon move on to torturing someone else. Over dinner, Nicole fills him in on Allie and Chanel, and he tells her about Sarah thinking she’s Renee. Nicole remarks it’s like they’re like a normal couple. Rafe reaches across the table for her hand and says that’s what they are. Later, they cuddle on the couch and recall how they got to this point. Nicole admits she didn’t want to face her feelings for him because she feared losing her best friend if it didn’t work out. He promises her that she could never lose him. They kiss and she suggests they take it to the bedroom.

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At Jake’s, Gabi demands to know what’s going on when she spots Ava in his bed. He explains he invited her to stay with him, but Gabi knows Ava must have Vitali crime money stashed somewhere she can use for her own place. Ava reminds her, with a smirk, that she’s reformed and gave up that money. Turning back to Jake, Gabi rehashes recent events, leading her to ask for another chance. Ava mocks her. Jake shushes her and tells Gabi he can’t just forget everything she did. Gabi will do anything to fix this, but Jake says they’re done and she should go. Gabi agrees to leave, but only after Ava admits what she did to Rafe. Ava insists Rafe’s at fault for being a cheater. The women square off until Jake breaks them up. Gabi storms out and Jake makes himself a bed on the floor, as Ava curls up in bed.

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A shirtless Ben does bicep curls in front of his kitchen. Days of Our Lives

Ciara enters her and Ben’s new apartment to find her husband shirtless and working out. He pulls her into a hug and she laughs, saying he should get off her because he’s sweaty. “You know you like it,” Ben insists, and she can’t deny it’s true. She asks where Clyde is. “I’m flirting with my wife and she’s asking where my dad is? Really? The honeymoon is definitely over!” He goes on to tell his surprised wife that Clyde has a job. When they start making out, Ciara tells him he needs a shower. He suggests she join him. Despite trying to entice her by kissing her neck, Ciara plans to heat up the food Julie sent her home with after they discussed plans for their gender reveal party. They revel in the excitement of finding out the sex of their baby. Before Ben heads to the shower, he assures her it will all work out with Clyde. After he leaves the room, concern washes over Ciara’s face. She says to herself. “I really hope you’re right, Ben.”

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At home, a shirtless Ben wraps his arms around Ciara's belly from behind. He nuzzles her neck. Days of Our Lives

Kate barges into the pub demanding Roman fire his new employee. Clyde insists he’s seen the error of his ways and he’s a changed man. Who knows, maybe one day he and Kate can give it another go. Kate reveals she and Roman are together. He is happy for them and vows to prove himself at work. After he leaves, Kate tells Roman he’s making a huge mistake in hiring Clyde. Roman just grins at her. He stands and holds out his hand. She joins him and he puts on music. He doesn’t want to talk about Clyde anymore. He just wants to dance the night away with the woman of his dreams.

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At Brady's Pub, a leery Roman looks to Clyde, who makes an emphatic point. Days of Our Lives

At home, an emotional Belle can’t believe Shawn lied to her about having sex with Jan when he thought she was her. He explains he was afraid if he said it out loud, it would be real. He didn’t want to do that to her or to them. He just wanted to forget that it happened. Belle points out they can’t do that now with a baby on the way. She was humiliated when Jan told her. It was like she was on the outside and Jan won. There’s no way Shawn will believe he’s the father of her baby without proof. He will demand a paternity test and if she refuses, that means she’s lying. He’ll go to the prison first thing in the morning. For now, they should go to bed, but Belle won’t share a bed with him tonight. Shawn reminds her that Jan violated him. Belle knows that, but he lied to her about it for months. She leaves for her parents’ place in tears.

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Belle confronts Shawn at home on Days of Our Lives

After spotting a happy couple in the Square, an anguished Gabi sinks to the bench. Meanwhile, Belle cries at John and Marlena’s place, as a sullen Shawn looks at their wedding photo back home. Across town, Nicole pulls off Rafe’s shirt and he leads her to the bedroom. Back at the Pub, Roman and Kate dance as Clyde watches them outside through the window. With a towel wrapped around his waist, a glistening Ben stands in front of Ciara. He drops the towel and passionately kisses her.

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Gabi sits on the bench in Horton Square. She wears a sad expression. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Shawn confronts Jan, while Belle confides in EJ. Plus, Johnny processes all that’s happened.

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