Outside Brady's Pub, Nicole slaps Ava. In the background, Jake lounges toward them. Days of Our Lives
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When she’s not feeling well, Gabi comes home early from work. She finds Jake grabbing the last of his things. He hopes he sees her never and walks to the door. She stops him, “Are we really going to end things like this?” She apologizes for hurting him, but, you know, the devil. He’s mostly just furious over how she handled everything. It made him realize their biggest problem is that all he’ll ever be to her is a pale imitation of his brother, Stefan. She denies it, but he declares they’re broken and there’s no fixing them. He leaves to stay at his old place over the garage because it’s cheap. Thanks to her, it’s all he can afford.

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Gabi and Jake face each other in Rafe's kitchen on Days of Our Lives

Later, Sonny stops by with a bracelet Ari made Gabi before leaving for Phoenix. Gabi cries. Not just because she misses her daughter, but because of Jake. She thought she really fell in love with him, but maybe she didn’t and has been waiting for him to let her down. Also, Kate told her she was doomed to be alone. Sonny advises she never listen to Kate, but also, she’s not alone. She has a ton of people in her life, including him.

Outside Brady’s Pub, Ava overhears Nicole leaving a message for Rafe, ending with “I love you.” They bicker and Ava slaps her. Nicole responds with her own slap. Jake runs up and breaks them apart. They argue some more before Nicole stalks off. Ava fills Jake in on what happened with Rafe and Nicole. He’s sorry and relays he and Gabi broke up as well. He suggests they go into the Pub to get her some ice for her cheek. They can swap war stories over a drink as well.

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Outside Brady's Pub, Nicole slaps Ava. In the background, Jake lounges toward them. Days of Our Lives

In the Pub, Ava ices her face and tells Jake Rafe believes she set him up. Jake slyly asks if she did. She smirks. She’d never make him an accessory after the fact by admitting that. They note they’ve both been trying to turn their lives around. They raise their beers to former business associates trying to walk the straight and narrow. He offers for her to say with him while she figures things out. Since she doesn’t have many other options, they toast to that as well.

Nicole visits Rafe at the police station and tells him about her interaction with Ava. He tells her to call him next time he sees her. She says she did. He apologizes, but he’s been working on Eli’s case.

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At Brady's Pub, Jake sits across from Ava at a table. She holds a white cloth to her cheek. Days of Our Lives

At Eli and Lani’s, TR tries to keep suspicion on the drug dealer, as Rafe details all the reasons the case doesn’t sit right with him. Paulina asks Rafe if he thinks someone other than the dealer is Eli’s shooter. Rafe isn’t suggesting that, but something doesn’t feel right. He mentions he questioned Beth about her conversation with Eli beforehand, but she didn’t have insight into why Eli was at the park. TR’s face darkens as Rafe leaves.

TR gets a text and says he has to put a fire out with the movie. He tells Paulina to call him anytime if he needs help with their grandchildren. He likes spending time with them and with her. He leans in for a hug, but she balks. He says he’d never touch her without her permission. She says she’s a hugger and he embraces her.

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In Eli’s hospital room, Chanel asks Lani how she can help. Lani thanks her, but they have it covered. She says everyone has been supportive, even TR. Chanel notes everyone thought he was the devil just a few weeks ago. Lani was skeptical of him at first, but he really seems to have changed. Chanel concurs and then tells her sister she and Allie are a couple. Lani’s surprised to hear it because she thought Allie was straight. Chanel explains she’s bi and fills in the rest of the story. Lani asks if she’s totally over Johnny. Chanel loved him, but he’s not the guy she thought she married.

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After TR contacts her, Beth stops by TR’s hotel room. He needs to make sure she keeps her mouth shut with the police. She warns that “Johnny” was asking a lot of questions about her casting in the movie. She promises she didn’t say anything about him. TR hopes she’s telling the truth because if Paulina learns he’s not as reformed as he said, then this whole movie could go to hell. When he mentions money problems, she realizes he’s trying to get back with Paulina to get his hands on her money.

Lani comes home to Paulina, who tells her TR and Abe were there at the same time. Paulina really believes TR has changed.

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Allie faces JoDevil in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Allie yells at “Johnny” for telling Tripp about her and Chanel before she could. She feels like he’s enjoying watching her life fall apart. What happened to the brother she’s loved her whole life? JoDevil internally hears Johnny yell, “I’m here, Allie! I’m here, but he won’t let me out.” The devil struggles with Johnny who keeps yelling out to Allie. She senses something is wrong with “Johnny,” but the more she tries to help, the more agitated JoDevil becomes. He flashes his yellow eyes and yells for Allie to leave him alone. Allie gapes.

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