Eli talks with Lani at Eli's hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives
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Abe finds Lani praying at Eli’s bedside. She wonders what she’ll do if she loses him. He urges her not to lose hope, but she worries this could go on for a long time. What will she do about child care while she’s with her husband? She talks about hiring a nanny, but Abe assures her everyone is willing to pitch in. She knows taking care of twins is a lot though. Abe thinks Paulina could use some help with that right now.

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At Eli's bedside, Lani embraces Abe on Days of Our Lives

As Paulina watches the twins, TR drops in to see if she needs help. She balks at first, but relents when the babies start fussing. After they’re soothed, TR talks about wanting to be around for his grandbabies. He also wants to prove to Paulina she can trust him. There’s a knock at the door. TR answers it to Abe, who asks to speak to Paulina in private. TR tends to some emails, as Abe tells Paulina having TR there is a big mistake. As they debate it, TR returns to get everything out in the open. When Abe expresses his disdain, TR assures him Paulina has nothing to fear from him. She tells Abe she’ll be fine and he can go. Abe stares down TR and says he’ll check on her later.

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Paulina sits with the baby stroller in Eli and Lani's living room, as Abe looks warily at TR. Days of Our Lives

After Abe leaves, TR assumes the mayor’s jealous. Paulina knows Abe doesn’t trust her, so there’s no hope for the future. TR reiterates that he wants to prove himself to her because he wants to be a part of her life. No matter how long it takes or what he has to do, he’s never giving up on her. Paulina says that’s a lot of pretty words, but the rest of it, she’s not so sure about. He doesn’t blame her, but he hopes over time she’ll see he’s sincere and give him another chance.

Beth meets with Rafe in his office. She’s there to sign her statement, but he wants to go over a few things first. After asking about her meeting with Eli prior to his shooting, he confirms TR never used drugs or was physically abusive to her during their relationship. She says that’s correct and signs the statement.

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Rafe visits Lani in Eli’s hospital room. He vows to get to the bottom of what happened because he thinks there’s more to the story. They speculate over why Eli was in the park, how the shooting happened, and why the drug dealer overdosed right after. They conclude Eli is the only one who knows what happened. Rafe leaves to find out more about the drug dealer.

Later, Rafe visits Paulina. He meets TR and announces he’s just been reinstated as police commissioner. As TR listens in the background with the children, Rafe tells Paulina that the supposed junkie only sold drugs, never did them, which raises the question of how he died of a massive overdose.

“Johnny” bumps into Tripp in the Square. He taunts him about Allie and Chanel, who are a couple now. In fact, they spent the night together, just last night, in the bed Tripp shared with Allie. Scowling, Tripp walks away.

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Tripp and Johnny talk in front of the flower cart in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Nicole comes home to find Chanel and Allie canoodling after Chanel spent the night. When Chanel leaves, Allie tells Nicole they are a couple now. Nicole can see that, but wonders if it’s a rebound. Allie says definitely not. She denied her feelings for Chanel for so long. She comes out to Nicole as bi and worries about going public with her new relationship because Tripp doesn’t know yet. She doesn’t want to hurt him. Nicole muses that if she were Tripp, she’d want to hear it from Allie.

At the hospital, Tripp runs into Chanel, who’s there with flowers for Lani and Eli. He snidely reveals he knows she and Allie are a couple and lashes out at her for going after his girlfriend.

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Allie sits across the kitchen table from Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Nicole bumps into Abe outside the Pub. She gets why seeing TR with the grandkids made him uncomfortable. They discuss TR’s reputation and the fact that his girlfriend claims he never used drugs or hit her. Although TR is doing and saying all the right things, Abe doesn’t trust him. Nicole brings up the fact that her own dad was abusive and says that while he claimed to have changed over and over, it was never true. “It’s rare that guys like that ever do,” she says. Although worried, Abe says he can’t actually bring up his concerns because he’s no longer in Paulina’s life.

Beth pays “Johnny” a visit to introduce herself as his film’s new Celeste. He corrects her, the role isn’t hers yet because he has final say on casting. He says TR knows that, and questions if she traded sexual favors for a role. He can’t risk that kind of scandal, so he’ll have to look for another actress. She vows she only agreed to keep quiet about his past. JoDevil perks up, “What past?” She says she just knows some things that are dead and buried and begs him not to tell TR she revealed that.

After she’s gone, JoDevil tells Stefano’s portrait he can’t wait to find out what TR’s secret is so that he can use it against him, just like he used Allie’s secret against her. Just then, Allie enters, saying, “I know what you did!”

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At the DiMera mansion, JoDevil crosses his arms, as he looks to Beth. Days of Our Lives

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