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In the prison visitors’ room, a piece of paper falls out of the magazine EJ flips through. The message written on it reminds him to keep his mouth shut. EJ says, “Damn you, Clyde.”

Ben wakes Clyde up on the couch to talk about him getting a job because employment is a condition of his parole. Clyde gets a call from Statesville and asks Ben for some privacy. When Ben leaves, Clyde talks with EJ who tells him to call off his dogs, namely, Orpheus. Or else he’ll call upon his own dogs.

Ben returns after EJ hangs up. Clyde offers to take his son out for breakfast to thank him for all he’s doing — but Ben will still have to pay.

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Ben sits shirtless, with a coffee mug on his couch. He looks to Clyde, who holds a coffee mug and looks at his phone. Days of Our Lives

Craig stops by Marlena’s office to fire her. Marlena knows he’s only doing it because Kayla wouldn’t. A newly red-haired Nancy bursts through the door, late for her appointment with Marlena. Craig tells her she looks wonderful. She thanks him and then learns he and Leo are engaged. Aghast, Nancy asks Craig to leave so she can talk to her therapist. Marlena relays she’s been fired. Nancy threatens to drag out the divorce unless Marlena keeps her job.

Chloe wakes up to Brady in his bed. They kiss and he asks if they have any regrets. She thinks they should do it again to find out. They kiss more passionately, but Leo’s presence interrupts them. He assures them John let him in and then takes them to task for trying to break up him and Craig. They order him out, but Leo says they have to learn to get along because they’re going to be family. Chloe reels upon learning Leo is engaged to her father. Leo assures her he’ll be a good step-father. Before he leaves he says they both love her dad, so, for Craig’s sake, maybe they can bury the hatchet.

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In front of the Horton Square plaque, Leo grins and raises his eyebrows at Craig. Days of our LIves

Craig and Leo meet at the plaque in the Square. Leo recounts how he told Chloe that they’re engaged. Now, all they need is Nancy to sign the divorce papers. Craig says she did that, but there’s a catch.

At Brady’s Pub, Kate tells Chad to be patient when it comes to their plan for Belle. When he remains jittery, Kate promises to see what she can do to move it along.

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In Brady's Pub, Chad sits at a table across from Kate, who eats breakfast. Days of Our Lives

Later, Kate meets Belle in the Square. Since she’s DiMera’s legal counsel, Kate asks her to look up the details of her severance package. When Belle looks on her laptop, she finds a folder she’s never seen before. She opens it and says, “Oh, my God. I think I’ve done something horrible.” She rushes off.

Chad enters the prison visitors’ room. He’s there to see Rolf counteract Kristen’s drugging of Sarah, but he needs to atone for his sins, as well. There’s something EJ needs to know. Belle bursts in with her own news. She tells the brothers the so-called proof EJ framed Sami was fabricated by her while she was possessed. She’s the one who framed EJ. She’s so sorry.

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In the prison visitors' room, EJ looks to Belle, with his hands on her shoulders. Days of Our Lives

Chad is sorry EJ had to go through this and leaves. Belle tearfully apologizes to EJ, who knows the devil did it. She says he’s allowed to be angry with her, but he tells her to let it go. She’s going to have a third party handle his case since she’s the one who framed him. He hugs her. Belle finds the threatening message. He dismisses it, but she knows it’s serious. However, he’ll be safe at home soon. He says, “Yeah, totally,” with a tentative smile.

Chad calls Kate from Statesville. Kate wonders if he’s there to confess to EJ. Chad didn’t have to. Whatever Kate said to Belle worked. EJ will never know he and Lucas set him up.

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Back at Brady’s Pub, Roman comes to take Ben and Clyde’s order. Clyde announces he’s a free man, no thanks to the former police commissioner. Now, he has to find a job. What are the chances of Roman hiring him, he asks. Roman reminds him he tried to blow up the whole town. Clyde declares he’s trying to put his life back together and if he can’t find a job he’s going right back to Statesville. Is that fair?

Roman pulls Ben aside. Ben explains how Clyde showed up on his doorstep and apologizes for bringing his dad there. Roman tells him not to worry about it and leaves to make a phone call. Roman returns from checking Clyde’s short-order cook references with the prison. He’s hired. Kate enters to find them shaking hands. Clyde says, “Well, Katie. How wonderful to see you again.”

Lani and TR face each other in front of the coffee tray at the hospital. Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Lani talks on the phone with Paulina, who is watching the twins. TR approaches and Lani hangs up. He thanks her for giving him grandchildren. All they have to do is smile and it makes his day. All they need now is for their daddy to get well. He’s been praying for Eli night and day. He says Lani, Eli and the twins are family and more important than anything else in the world. He asks if she believes him. She’s trying. This ordeal with Eli has taught her life is unpredictable and the most important thing they can all do is be kind and forgiving. All she’s seen in him is a person dedicated to being a decent, caring person. He promises that’s all she’ll ever see. He hugs her.

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In the hospital, TR reaches out to touch Lani's face. Days of Our Lives

Lani thanks TR for his support and comfort. She has to get back to Eli though. He says, “Please let him know your father is praying for him.” She will pass that along. He urges her to take care of herself as well. She will because she has to be strong for her kids. He calls her strong and courageous and he couldn’t be prouder of her. TR watches with a forlorn expression as she returns to Eli.

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