Shirtless in bed together, Leo and and Chad raise their eyebrows, as they look offscreen. Days of Our Lives
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Rafe leads Nicole to the bathroom where a bubble bath is prepared. They start kissing and he unzips her dress. Later, they drink champagne in the tub. Rafe says he could do this every night. Nicole remarks he can now that Ava is gone. They toast to Rafe’s freedom and discuss their long road to this moment, including the Duke shenanigans.

After their bath, they wrap themselves in towels. Nicole tells Rafe, “I really love you.” He responds, “I really love you too.” They kiss.

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Submerged in bubbles, Rafe and Nicole sit on opporsite ends of a bathtub. He tolds a champagne bottle, and she raises a full glass. Days of Our Lives

EJ encounters Orpheus in the prison visitors’ room. Orpheus knows EJ remembered Clyde was responsible for his shooting. He’s there to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. EJ is unfazed by Orpheus’ threats, but assures him he knows it’s best for him to keep mum, whether he’s in prison or not. EJ declares Clyde has nothing to fear from him. Orpheus hopes not — for EJ’s sake. EJ’s face hardens as he leaves.

As Ciara tells Ben she doesn’t like that his father is staying with him, Clyde walks out to the living room. He offers to leave if she has a problem with him. She says she does in fact have a problem. Even if he is reformed, she’s worried his enemies could come after him there. Clyde says most of his enemies are long gone, but, also, he plans to walk the straight and narrow so he can be around his grandbaby. He just wants a chance like the one Ciara gave Ben. Ben tells Ciara how Clyde helped when he was desperate to get to her. He urges her to let his father stay. Ciara agrees, but only for a little while.

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Clyde crosses his arms over his chest, as he faces Ben and Ciara in their kitchen. Days of Our Lives

Later, Clyde preps the couch to sleep on and thanks his son for going to bat for him. Ben says the baby is his priority, so if he screws up, he’s out of there. Clyde understands. Ciara joins them and Clyde goes to wash up. Ciara hopes for Ben’s sake his father has changed his ways. Ben couldn’t love her more for understanding. They kiss and smile, but her face falls as they hug.

After Ben and Ciara go to bed, Clyde gets a call from Orpheus, who is worried about EJ. They might have to eliminate him. Clyde gives his blessing to do what he has to.

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In Craig's new office, Chloe leans forward, as she talks with him across the desk. Days of Our Lives

Craig works in his new office at the hospital as Chloe drops by. She heard from Steve and Kayla he took the latter’s job. She wonders if it was his or Leo’s idea. They bicker, leading Craig to shout at his daughter to stop trying to sabotage his relationship. He knows his coming out has hurt her and Nancy, but he needs her support. If she can’t give it then she needs to let him live his life with no interference. Chloe tears up, as Craig gets called away by Seth Burns.

Chloe wipes her tears and calls Brady. She worries their plan is a bad idea and they should call it off. She wonders if Leo could really love her father. But also, what if Craig finds out she’s behind it?

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Leo furrows his brow at Chad, who leans against the open hotel doorway. Days of Our Lives

A “drunk” Chad drapes himself along the doorframe of Leo’s hotel room. He wants to talk privately and asks to come in. Leo looks skeptical, but widens the door for him. Chad grabs a couple of mini liquor bottles, as Leo says he knows Chad’s been calling out his name in his sleep. Chad plays coy. Leo inquires if he’s having naughty thoughts about him. With his back turned to Leo, Chad grimaces. He faces Leo and “admits” he’s been thinking about him since Phoenix. All the attention and looks he lavished on him was intoxicating. He leans in and declares, when someone wants you so much, it almost makes you want them back. Leo reels at Chad’s admission, but declares he’s in a committed relationship. He’s interested, but it would hurt Craig, who would never forgive him. Chad starts to leave, but Leo stops him. He says Craig would never forgive him… if he found out. Chad smirks. He won’t tell if Leo won’t.

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At the Salem Inn, Chad drinks from a mini bottle, as Leo lounges on the bed. Days of Our Lives

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Leo grins as he goes to slip into something more comfortable. Chad makes a call to Abigail to say it’s a go. He hopes Craig is on his way. Abigail then interrupts Brady’s conversation with Chloe with instructions to get Craig to the hotel now.

When Craig returns to his office, Chloe promises to try and accept Leo in his life. She then encourages him to go home to Leo instead of staying to work.

Back in the hotel room, Chad sikes himself up. He downs a mini bottle and starts undressing. Leo exits the bathroom in a robe and asks to see Chad’s ass. Chad reluctantly pulls down his briefs. Leo stares and says, “Even better than I imagined.” He takes off his robe and joins Chad under the sheets. Chad tries to stall as Leo moves in close… just as Craig enters.

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Craig stands in the Salem Inn hotel doorway. He looks to Leo and Chad, who are shirtless in bed together. Days of Our Lives

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