Leo opens his Salem Inn door to Chad on Days of Our Lives
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In Rafe’s kitchen, he and Nicole kiss, as Ava strolls in. Rafe relays he’s been reinstated as police commissioner, and it looks like his first act is to place her under arrest. Ava reminds him she was never arrested. Just brought in for questioning. She adds that she came to pack her things, but she’ll send them her forwarding address instead. Unless he’s really planning on arresting her. Rafe glares at her. She didn’t think so. She tells them to have a nice life while it lasts and leaves.

Alone, Rafe pours champagne, but Nicole is worried Ava will retaliate. Rafe’s not worried about her, but Nicole is afraid she’s out for blood. Rafe declares Ava set up the wrong guy. He vows to get to the bottom of Abigail’s kidnaping and Ava’s involvement in it. For now, the two of them have a lot of catching up to do, and invites her to take a bath with him. He pulls her to her feet and they kiss.

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Rafe and Nicole kiss in his kitchen on Days of Our Lives

Sonny drops by the mansion to see Chad after taking Will and Ari at the airport. He hopes Chad is still in on board with setting up Leo. Chad is confident he and Abigail hooked them with their fake fight, but you never know with Leo.

Abigail joins the guys and explains Chad can seduce Leo any day but tomorrow because they’re going to see Rolf about an antidote for Sarah. Sonny tries to convince Chad to let Abigail go alone, but Chad points out Abigail is his life and he needs to be there for her. Sonny relents, worried he’s becoming obsessed. Maybe he should just give up on avenging Leo. Abigail counters, they could just do it tonight. After Sonny calls Chloe to enlist her help, Abigail says, “Well, I guess it’s time for me to trash our marriage. Wish me luck guys.”

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After Abigail leaves, Sonny nervously pours them a drink. Chad wonders if they’re doing the right thing, comparing it to what he went through with Gwen. Sonny again grows upset. When he calms down he says they’ll just lay the bait for Leo, what happens next is up to him.

In their hotel room, Craig reveals to Leo that the hospital offered him a staff position. Leo’s outraged it’s not chief of staff. Craig looks forward to working with patients again, but Leo thinks his talents will be wasted. He pushes him to call board member Seth Burns and refuse his offer unless it’s chief of staff. Craig calls and leaves a message.

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Marlena talks with Kayla in the latter’s office when Seth enters. He tells Kayla to fire Marlena immediately. Kayla refuses, but Seth calls it an untenable situation considering her daughter was also supposedly possessed. Marlena interjects that she’ll resign. Kayla won’t stand for that. Seth offers retirement. When Kayla continues to push back, he recommends she reconsider and leaves. Alone, Marlena tells Kayla she doesn’t want her to lose her job over this, but Kayla thinks it’s a matter of principle.

After hearing back from Seth, Craig and Leo meet him in the Square. After catching up, Craig tells him he’s interested in the chief of staff position, should it be open. Seth says he hasn’t fired Kayla yet, prompting Leo to rattle off all Craig’s accomplishments.

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Back at the hotel, Leo opens the door to Abigail. She wants to know what really happened in Phoenix between him and Chad. Leo says there was that one time they ended up in bed together, but it was a misunderstanding. Abigail goes on about how Chad’s changed since his visit to Arizona. He’s dressed in women’s clothing, he’s talked about Leo, and she could see Chad is attracted to him. She begs him not to sleep with her husband, no matter how much Chad might want him to. Leo assures her she has nothing to worry about because he’s very happy in his relationship. Abigail pretends to be appreciative and leaves. In the hallway, Abigail makes a call and says she laid the groundwork. “You’re on,” she says.

Abigail returns to Sonny who downs his drink. He thanks Abigail for being a good sport.

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Steve finds Tripp at the hospital. He relays that he tracked Ava to a motel in the area, but now she’s gone. He has a feeling she’ll be back though. Tripp thinks she’s changed and can’t understand why she’d be involved with Abigail’s kidnapping. Steve thinks she’s involved in more shady things like setting Rafe up for sneaking around with Nicole. Tripp understands how that betrayal feels. Steve is sorry he and Allie didn’t work out. Tripp misses her and Henry a lot. Steve is there for him.

When Ava walks up, Steve questions her about Abigail, but she knows she’s under no obligation to answer them. She invites Tripp to dinner and they leave. Steve calls to put a tail on Ava.

In the Square, Tripp tells Ava about Allie and Chanel. He gives her the ring back because he won’t be needing it anymore. Ava says she’ll hold on to it until he meets the right woman. She’s out there somewhere and she’ll be so lucky when she finds him.

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Seth returns to Kayla’s office. While the board can’t fire Marlena because her case must be reviewed at a hearing first, he can remove the chief of staff for cause. Her hospital privileges are also suspended, pending review. She needs to clear out her office so Dr. Wesley can start as soon as possible.

As Marlena tells Steve his wife was fired, Kayla lashes out at a smug Craig in her office. She assumes he’s going to fire Marlena. Craig will do what has to be done. After she storms out, Craig calls Leo. He thanks him for believing in him, but warns he might not see much of him for the next couple of weeks because he’ll be busy. Leo thinks it will be worth it.

Leo’s room service is interrupted by pounding on the door. He opens it to Chad who appears drunk and wants to come in.

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