Chad and Kate talk on the DiMera couch. Days of Our Lives
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Kate comes to Gabi’s office from breakfast with Will, who took Ari back to Arizona. Gabi knows that. She’s Ari’s mother. And oh yeah, Kate’s fired. Kate thinks she’ll need an ally there considering she’s alienated everyone else. Gabi counters that she has “Johnny.” Kate wonders how long until he turns on her too.

“Johnny” approaches Chad at the DiMera mansion. He tells him what BelleDevil confessed about turning into EJ to kiss Abigail. Chad reels.

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After “Johnny” leaves, Chad can’t believe he helped send his brother to prison for something he didn’t do. Kate shows up and relays she’s been fired. Chad in turn tells her it was the devil, not really EJ, who forced themself on Abigail. Chad needs to make it right and confess to the planted evidence, even if it means he goes to prison himself. Kate suggests they pin it on the devil instead.

At home, Shawn holds Belle's hands and looks at her with concern. Days of Our Lives

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At home, Shawn delicately fills in the blanks for Belle about her exorcism. She tears up hearing how she was possessed — since Christmas. She can’t believe she’s been plotting to steal Ben and Ciara’s baby all this time. Shawn remembers that he’s keeping the report containing the sex of the baby for his sister. He’s puzzled though. Wouldn’t the devil want that information? He pulls the out envelope and finds it’s been opened. Belle’s aghast, but Shawn knows it was the devil and not her. He leaves to fill in Ciara.

In Johnny’s room, JoDevil recalls planting evidence in Belle’s house to make it look like she’s the devil. He then looks in the envelope and learns the sex of Ciara’s baby. He says, “I can work with that.”

Jake visits Ben and Ciara at their apartment. They tell him Susan’s theory about the devil being in Belle, and not Johnny. Jake counters that based on “Johnny”’s recent behavior, the only thing that makes sense is that he’s the devil. He leaves to get to the bottom of it.

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Jake visits Belle at home. He questions her about the day he supposedly had a meeting with Maggie. He thinks if she can prove she was somewhere else at that time, it could prove she wasn’t the one who morphed into him. She looks to her purse to check for her calendar and finds Maggie’s phone. Jake points out he got a message supposedly from Maggie to make it look like they were conspiring behind Gabi’s back. Belle tearfully says, “It was me.” Jake knows this is terribly upsetting to her, but, “You have no idea what this could mean for me and Gabi.” When Jake brings up the petition to steal Gabi’s shares, Belle looks on her laptop. She discovers she created the petition and assumes she forged his signature. Jake is grateful to her because this will clear him with Gabi. He assures her none of this is her fault before he leaves.

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“Johnny” breezes into Gabi’s office. She tells him she fired Kate and asks if she can trust him. “Johnny” assures her he would never stab her in the back. Gabi is leery and asks what he really wants. He doesn’t want anything but her. He thinks they’ve proven they work well together and thinks it’s time to take this relationship to the next level. She asks, “What level is that?”

Jake stops by the Kiriakis mansion with Maggie’s phone, but she’s not there. He writes her a message and then makes a call. Back at the office, “Johnny” leans in to kiss Gabi. She passionately responds, as her phone lights up with Jake’s call.

Susan visits EJ in prison. She tells him Belle was possessed, which means they can overturn his conviction. EJ expresses concern for Belle, but he doesn’t think the “my lawyer was possessed” argument will do him any favors. Clyde enters the room and meets Susan who calls him a bad, bad, bad man. While Clyde uses the payphone, Susan advises her son stay far away from him. She can feel Clyde is hiding something. EJ assures her he’ll be fine. She gives him a suffocating hug before she leaves to go home to Roger.

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Ben and Ciara stand with their arms wrapped around each other in their apartment on Days of Our Lives

At Ben and Ciara’s, Shawn shows up and tells them about Belle. He gives them their test results back and leaves to return to Belle. Ben and Ciara consider learning the sex of their baby, but decide to put the envelope away instead. Susan drops by to say goodbye. She spots the envelope and gets excited. She starts to tell them the sex of the baby, but they stop her. Susan understands and leaves. Ciara tells Ben she loves Susan, but that is not how she wants to find out what they’re having. Ben asks how she does want to find out. She has an idea.

After Clyde gets off the phone in prison, he tells EJ his parole hearing is this afternoon, which means he may have spent his last night in prison. He feels good walking out of there knowing he paid for all his crimes. EJ flashes back to seeing Clyde what he was shot. He scowls as he says, “It was you.”

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In the prison visitors' room, EJ leans forward on the table, pointing at Clyde, who stretches out his legs and leans back in his chair. Days of Our Lives

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