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At the DiMera mansion, Marlena yells at Stefano’s portrait for unlocking the gates of hell 25 years ago. John rushes in. She tells him to brace himself — the devil wasn’t vanquished. He just left her soul and went into Belle’s. Marlena blames herself, but John doesn’t think this makes sense. He would have seen the signs in their daughter. He wants to see her for himself. She tells him she’s sedated and “Johnny”’s with her. In fact, he’s the one who knocked her unconscious.

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At the DiMera mansion, Marlena looks worriedly at John. Days of Our Lives

JoDevil taunts an unconscious Belle who is tied to a bed upstairs. However, he wonders what to do when she wakes up… if she wakes up. He puts his hands around her neck, until John shouts from the doorway, “What the hell are you doing?” “Johnny” leaps up and says he was just checking to make sure she was still alive. John brushes him away and leans in to examine his daughter. He thinks they should call Shawn, but Marlena notes he’s had a hard day with Eli getting shot. John thinks he needs to know. “Johnny” backs Marlena up, but John doesn’t have patience for him.

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Belle is tied to a bed at the DiMera mansion. JoDevil sits next to her and leans in, smirking. Days of Our Lives

JoDevil grabs Belle’s hand, as Marlena opens Belle’s eyes. They’re yellow. John’s convinced. He’s been trying to get ahold of Eric, but he hasn’t called back. So, John will have to perform the exorcism. Since love saved Marlena all those years ago, and not a priest, it will have to work again on Belle.

Kayla meets Steve in the Square. She updates him on Eli and then tells him the board wants her to fire Marlena. Craig happens by and asks why they’d want to do that. Steve says it’s a private conversation, but Kayla recognizes him. Leo joins Craig, as he and Kayla catch up. Things get tense when Steve and Kayla bring up Leo’s past transgressions against their family. Craig insists his boyfriend’s changed and asks about Marlena again. Leo makes disparaging comments, which sets Steve and Kayla off even further. Craig smooths things over and they leave for dinner at the Pub.

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Craig looks skeptically at Leo, while eating at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Steve can’t believe Craig would fall for a creep like Leo. Kayla is more worried about Craig falling into old habits and using what he overheard about Marlena to his gain.

At Brady’s Pub, Craig gets a message from a friend at the hospital, who knows he’s getting divorced and why. Craig notes how much everyone at the hospital loves Nancy. His perceived poor treatment of her could freeze him out of important circles. Leo suggests Craig pick up where he left off in Salem. Considering the board might not take too kindly to Kayla sticking by Marlena, Craig could swoop in and take her job.

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Chloe looks pensively at Brady, as they sit on the couch. Days of Our Lives

Chloe comes to see Brady at John and Marlena’s. She bemoans her father not listening to them about Leo. Brady assures her Will and Sonny have a plan. Chloe thanks him for being there for her. He reminds her how she helped him last summer. She’ll always be there for him. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve her coming back into his life. They lock eyes and lean toward each other, but get interrupted by John, who grabs some things and leaves.

Alone again, Brady assures Chloe he wasn’t coming on to her. He knows she’s hung up on Philip. She hopes Philip’s okay, but it’s time to let him go. She doesn’t know where he is or if he’s coming back. She tears up, worried he’s dead. She’s tired of living her life in limbo. She doesn’t want to live her life like her father, denying what she feels… for him. Brady needs to know she’s sure. Chloe thinks it’s always been him. He says, “Hallelujah,” and kisses her.

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Back at the DiMera mansion, JoDevil contemplates strangling an overbearing Marlena, as John returns. He tells his “grandson” to beat it. He doesn’t want the devil to make him his next host. “Johnny” protests, but John and Marlena insist. He relents and leaves. John then asks Marlena to leave as well.

Downstairs, JoDevil paces, worried John and Marlena will discover Belle’s not really possessed. He has to do something to get back in the room. He gets an idea and calls Shawn to tell him something’s happened to “Aunt Belle.”

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Will and Sonny look unsure as they talk to Chad at the Kiriakis mansion. Days of Our Lives

Chad visits Will and Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. They tell him Leo is back in town and dating Chloe’s dad. Chad’s aghast, but Sonny and Will propose a plan. They want Chad to make Leo’s wildest dreams come true. Chad asks how he’s supposed to do that. Sonny says, “By going to bed with him.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: JoDevil targets Shawn, as John and Marlena attempt to drive out the devil.

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