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From the bakery, Chanel calls Allie, who is at home. She asks if there is any news on her aunt Belle, and Allie relays her grandma has her sedated. Allie asks her to keep this on the down-low for now. Chanel assures her she has no desire to talk about Johnny and what went down. Paulina appears and asks what that little creep did now? Chanel ends her call with Allie and tells Paulina that Johnny agreed to let her out of the movie if she dropped her lawsuit. However later she ran into Ray, and he agreed to let her and Allie out as a favor to Paulina. Chanel indicates Ray seems like a decent guy, but she still doesn’t trust him. Paulina promises her daughter that her eyes are open to Ray, and she told him that forgiveness must be earned. Given the entire town forgave her for what she did, Paulina feels she would be a hypocrite not to give Ray a chance.

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In TR’s hotel room, he asks Beth to keep quiet about their past in exchange for a part in his new movie. She can’t believe it but takes his deal. He hands her a script and says this could be her big break. She notes he always gets his way, which TR claims is just luck. Beth doubts it was luck that got Eli shot and killed seeing he’s the one person she about TR. TR assures her he had nothing to do with what happened but is relieved Eli took his secret to the grave.

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Back in Horton Square, Chanel tells her mom that Johnny still has the final say on releasing her and Allie, but she thinks it can’t be that hard for Ray to find someone to play Celeste. Beth appears and reveals Ray has, and she’s playing the part. Chanel is relieved. Beth wonders if she should be worried about working with her ex-husband. Chanel tells her not at all, he is a great director. Beth would love to pick her brain about the role. Chanel tells her they are at her bakery, so they can talk now. Paulina departs as they sit to chat.

Shawn stops by the Horton house and tells Julie that he has bad news.

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Lani and Abe pace the hospital waiting room. Kayla approaches them and reveals Eli is out of surgery. Valerie arrives just as Kayla tells them the bullet was removed without complications and Eli is in stable condition. However, the next 24 to 48 hours are critical. They ask to see him, and Kayla asks them to keep it to two at a time.

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In his hospital bed, an unconscious Eli plays over the fight with TR in his mind. He mumbles, “Ray.” Kayla brings Lani and Valerie in to see him. Eli tries to speak, but only mumbles. Lani tells him to relax and assures him they are there for him. As Eli keeps reliving the shooting, he becomes agitated and suddenly seizes.

Shawn brings Julie to the hospital, and they run into Abe. Abe asks Shawn why Eli was at the park. Shawn only knows that he was questioning a woman at the station about TR when he suddenly left the meeting. Shawn decides to head out to follow up on some leads.

Abe calls up Paulina to give her the news about Eli, and that they are all at the hospital. Paulina tells him that she’ll be right there.

Back in TR’s hotel room, he wishes he still had some of his stash instead of wasting it on Frank, but he must keep a clear head. He looks on his tablet for news of Eli’s death, only to learn he’s still alive.

TR arrives at the hospital and finds Paulina with Julie and Abe. He asks about Eli, and Abe wonders who he is. He introduces himself as Lani’s father, shocking Julie and Abe. Paulina introduces Julie and Abe to TR. TR appreciates Abe looking after his little girl, but Abe doesn’t want his thanks. Abe will always protect Lani and asks TR to leave. TR swears he is not the man Paulina told him about anymore, and he only wants a chance to prove that and be there for his daughter.

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In Eli’s room, Kayla orders Lani to step out and give her and the doctors room to work. Valerie takes Lani out but then returns to the room. Lani finds Julie, TR and the others. She tells them she was with Eli and talking, and then… TR cuts her off and says, “I can explain!” Puzzled, Lani asks, “Explain what?” TR says he just meant why he’s there. He heard about Eli and he wanted to come and show his support if that is okay with her. Lani says it’s fine and then tells them about Eli murmuring in his sleep and then having a seizure.

In Eli’s room, Kayla and Valerie, along with a nurse, work to save Eli. Later, Kayla comes out to the waiting room and explains Eli did have a seizure, which they got under control. Unfortunately, he is now in a coma. Kayla says it’s impossible to predict when he will come out, and they have to let Eli’s body heal itself.

Back at the bakery, Chanel fills Beth in on Celeste being a psychic from New Orleans and has a creole accent. Chanel also fills Beth in on the fact that TR used to date her mother and they have a child together. She admits TR did bad stuff to her in the past, and her mom isn’t sure she can trust him. Chanel doesn’t think men like him can change. Beth is about to tell Chanel something important when her phone rings. Shawn is on the other end and asks her to come down to the station.

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At Allie’s place, she leaves a message for Tripp. She got his text and put all his belongings in a box and she can drop it off whenever convenient. Chanel arrives later with good news. She tells Allie that TR gave another actress the part of Celeste. Allie thinks that is great and hopes they are both off the hook. Allie informs her about catching up with her cousin Will and that talked about their relationship. She needed his help in trying to figure out if she is gay and says Will believes she may be bisexual. Allie thinks he’s right. She knows Chanel isn’t big on labels, and that’s okay too. However, she finally feels good and at peace. She just wishes she figured this out before hurting Tripp. Channel notes they are in the same boat. Part of her still loves Johnny, but Chanel doubts there is a future for them. Allie tells Chanel that she never could have seen a relationship with her before now, but maybe this is their chance to see if they have a future. Chanel loves the idea, and they kiss.

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At the station, Beth meets with Shawn, who fills her in on Eli’s shooting. Beth is stunned to learn Eli is still alive. Shawn knows she was the last person to see him and asks if she knows why he went to the park. Beth says all he said was he had to take care of something and never came back. Shawn asks about her meeting with Eli about TR and wants her to tell him everything they talked about.

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Shawn returns to the hospital and learns Lani is in with Eli, who has fallen into a coma. After learning who TR is, he reveals he just interviewed his ex-girlfriend, Beth. Paulina is stunned as she just met Beth. TR says they dated a year ago and it’s been over for a while. Shawn says Beth was the last person to talk to Eli. Paulina assumes the worst and fumes that TR swore he got clean and never hurt another woman again. Shawn reveals Beth confirmed TR was sober and never hurt her the entire time they were together, and she didn’t know why Eli went to the park. Abe says they won’t have a full picture of what happened until he wakes up. Shawn suggests to Julie they go to the chapel and say a prayer for Eli. TR hopes Paulina knows now that he’s a changed man. He intends to earn her trust, but for now, they must be there for Lani. Paulina cries that Eli and those babies are Lani’s entire world. TR comforts Paulina as Abe watches suspiciously.

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Back in Eli’s room, Valerie begs Eli to come back to her. Lani is brought in by Kayla, and she comforts Valerie who is in tears. Lani tells Eli how much she loves him, and that she and the kids will be fine. She knows he will be fine too.

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