A teary-eyed Lani looks at Abe at the hospital. Days of Our Lives
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In TR’s hotel room, Beth realizes he’s been using. She tries to leave, but he steps in front of her and says that would be a big mistake. He offers her the role of Celeste in Johnny’s movie. After learning about Eli’s shooting, she asks if she’ll end up like him if she says no. He denies shooting him, but says it’s in both their best interests if she signed on for the role. She had hope things were getting better, but slimy jerks like him still run the world. He says his film can make her the star she’s always wanted to be. She counters that might not be all it’s cracked up to be. He leans in menacingly to ask if she’s saying no. She thinks Lani deserves to know the truth about him, but she won’t tell her. TR smiles. He’ll have the paperwork drawn up ASAP.

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In a Salem Inn room, Beth furrows her brow at TR on Days of Our Lives

Maggie calls Jake from home. She leaves a message wondering why Johnny is on the DiMera board and not Victor. Xander enters. He wants Maggie to sign papers having Sarah committed. She wants to talk to her daughter first. She wonders what Xander’s going to do though. He admits he loves both Gwen and Sarah. She points out he’s only ended up with Gwen because he thought Sarah didn’t want him.

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Xander looks curiously at Maggie on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Anna grows agitated when Tony humors Sarah’s belief that she’s Renee. Maggie and Xander arrive. Maggie is thrilled to see Sarah, who says, “Maggie Horton. Wow, you have aged.” She then yells at Alex, a.k.a. Xander for being there. No matter though, she’s too happy over her and Tony getting respective divorces so they can be together. Maggie asks for a pen. She signs Xander’s papers so Sarah can get all the tests and treatment she needs. Anna grins. Sarah shouts and starts to storm out, but runs into Kayla and a police officer. Xander explains they called Kayla on their way over. Maggie hands over the papers and they drag her out. Xander consoles Maggie who cries.

At the hospital, a restrained Sarah lashes out at Maggie and Kayla. When Kayla leaves, Sarah tells Maggie how much she hates her.

Back at the mansion, Anna breezily suggests she and Tony go for lunch. Tony can’t believe how callous she’s being over Sarah, who is mentally ill. Not to mention, he did love Renee once and she was murdered. He’s lost his appetite and won’t be joining her for lunch.

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Abby encounters Gwen in the Square. She accuses her of having something to do with her kidnapping. Gwen denies it. In fact, she turns it on Abigail for leaving the syringe lying around for Kristen to inject Sarah with. Abigail is confident Sarah will survive it just like she did. Gwen assumes Abigail wanted to find Sarah just to get revenge on her. After more bickering, Xander strolls up. He hears Abigail say she knows Gwen had something to do with the island mess and she’ll prove it. Xander blames Abigail for leaving the syringe out in the first place. He just left Sarah and she’s a shell of her former self, so Abigail doesn’t get to stand on her moral high ground this time. After Abby leaves, Gwen thanks him for defending her. Of course, he Xander says. He loves her. She knows seeing Sarah must have been difficult for him. He stutters a bit as he says he’s just glad she’s getting the treatment she needs.

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Abigail confronts Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Abe joins Lani at the hospital after she calls Valerie about Eli. She falls into his arms, crying. She explains how Eli was investigating TR and talked to his ex, Beth. When she breaks down again, Abe assures her Eli is in good hands and has everything in the world to live for. Lani says he didn’t have a pulse when she got to him though. She had to give him CPR. Abe points out she saved his life. She shakes her head, “But what if I didn’t?” She recounts how they always say “I love you” before walking out the door, considering how dangerous their jobs are. But she’s not sure if that’s the last thing she said to him. They didn’t even sleep in the same bed the night before because she got home so late. Plus, the kids were with Abe. What if that was the last chance for them to be a family together? She sobs in Abe’s arms again. “Please just let him live,” she says. Later, Kayla approaches. Eli is out of surgery.

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A teary-eyed Lani looks at Abe at the hospital. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abe meets TR, and Allie opens up to Chanel.

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